You Just Keep Me Hanging On

Hello world. It’s me Pugsley. It’s been a few weeks since I posted my thoughts because I’ve been very busy tipping my food bin, gnawing at the latch until it opened and then chowing down until….well, you know. But more about that another time.

Today I’m singing. Mom has been stomping around the house removing all sharp objects from her vicinity and yelling about the Supremes. What about the Supremes? I LOVE them. Baby Love, Stop! In the Name of Love, My World is Empty Without You….there are way too many to list here. I tried to ask, but I was afraid mom would stomp on me.

And then she left the computer screen on this post. NOW I get it! The Pennsylvania Supremes. The highest judicial body in the Commonwealth. The ones in which we place our faith to uphold freedom, justice, baseball, apple pie and Pup-Peroni. We were in the Red Zone, 4th & goal and they PUNTED! I STILL can’t get a photo ID (as handsome as I am), and no one else who can’t get one knows if they’re going to be able to vote in November. PUNTED! Who punts on 4th & goal? And why? It’s not like there were hanging chads to count.  A body that is supposed to deliberate, deliberately didn’t want to deal with Voter ID. I ponder more over which snacks to pull off the kitchen counter, but I darn sure don’t remand the issue back to my mom who said I couldn’t have any snacks to begin with. So now it’s back in Judge Simpson’s court, which reminds me of another Supremes song………


Hi friends. While I was in my looooong timeout, Pennsylvania passed a Voter ID law. I don’t have a driver’s license so I guess I need to get a non-driver photo ID from PennDOT. The problem is…..I looked on the League of Women Voters of Philadelphia’s website to see how I get one and I don’t have a birth certificate. My mom adopted me and we don’t have it. SO WHAT DO I DO????

I REALLY don’t think this law is fair for people like me who can’t get all of the documents that are needed.


Well, just because I can’t vote doesn’t mean “real” people shouldn’t be able to vote. Please check out the LWV Philadelphia’s website or the PA Voter ID Coalition to learn what you need to do.