Hi world. I’m back. It’s been quite busy around here. Tuesday Judge Simpson halted implementation of Pennsylvania’s Voter ID Law for the November 6 election, saying “voter disenfranchisement could happen because the state hadn’t made it possible for voters to easily get photo IDs before the election.” Tell me about it!

So now I could be asked to show my photo ID, but pollworkers can’t stop me from voting on the machine even if I don’t have one. Score one for the side of the angels and people like my mom who have been working 24/7 since April to make sure Pennsylvanians, especially seniors, have a valid ID so they can vote.

I’m so excited to vote. I’m going to love pushing the flashing buttons. <Note to self: Pollworkers frown upon kids chewing on the curtain>

I’m going to have to bring a step stool because I may not be able to reach the screen. And snacks in case the lines are long. Maybe my cell phone so I can keep in touch with my peeps while I wait. I just asked mom to make sure she packs all my stuff and takes it with us to the polls.

…….Darn, mom just told me that if I can’t reach the screen, I can’t vote. First I needed a photo ID and now there’s a height requirement to vote? That sounds a bit unconstitutional to me. It’s not Disney World! Mom said I couldn’t go to Disney World last year when she went with cousin Sammy because I wouldn’t be tall enough to ride Space Mountain or any of the other big kid rides. Is the voting booth like Space Mountain? I know there are flashing lights, but I don’t think there are long cars with seatbelts so that you don’t fall out. I guess it depends on who the candidates are. Mom says sometimes the choices make her feel dizzy and she would appreciate a seatbelt.

Mom said she asked the Election Board and they told her the rules. I’ll have to ask my cousin Oliver about that. He knows lots of stuff. Mom said that since I can’t vote, the president-elect will send home a present for me. Hmmm, last year she said Mickey Mouse was so upset that I couldn’t come play that he sent home a present for me. I think I smell a rat. No offense Mickey.

Mickey's Present

Moral of the story: Know the rules; your mom may not always tell you the correct information (but you will love her anyway). Check for yourself what you need to know for Election Day.  Most of all, make sure you vote!



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