Hi friends. I’m a little late posting my Thanksgiving wish to all of you. The tryptophan from our turkey really did a number on me. After dinner with her cousins, mom came home to pick me up to go see Aunt Kelly, Maya and all our friends. I’m not sure I want to go to Aunt Kelly’s house anymore. Every time I do, I end up with a funny hat on my head and I keep telling everyone my head isn’t made for hats. (Thanks Aunt Kate for taking my picture.)

This is Aunt Deb’s “Before” turkey hat. It kind of looks like it’s eating me, doesn’t it?

Here I am with Aunt Kate’s “After” turkey hat. This one isn’t so scary.

Aunt Andee was there. She was showing us photos of her greyhounds. They’re beautiful animals – if you like those long-legged sleek kinds of dogs.

Here’s a photo of a greyhound.

You can see how slim their waists are. Cousin Craig and I wonder where they put their organs. There’s hardly any room in there. Maybe Aunt Andee can answer our question. I don’t have to worry about that. I’m pudgy with plenty of room so my organs aren’t squished.

The best is our group shot. I’m sitting in the front with the other kids…..I don’t know why I’m the only one who has to sit on his mom’s lap.

So I guess that’s all there is for now.

Until we meet again….I’m Pugsley signing off.

Thanksgiving is best spent with family and friends


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