Too Young For Wrinkles

Well I’ve indulged quite a bit over the holidays. In fact, my mommy’s been calling me Hoover cause I’ve sucked up every crumb that hasn’t been swept up before I could zero in on it.

Mom was indulging quite a bit herself. She was looking haggard and her skin was kind of dull from all the holiday stress so I “encouraged” her to make an appointment to get her face handled. Mom went to Deme a few days ago to see Jane Marie, mom’s nationally certified medical aesthetic specialist. Wow, that’s a fancy title. But look at Jane Marie’s photo (click on her name above and scroll down the page if you haven’t already)……there’s not a line or pore visible on her face. And mom says she looks better in person.

Mom came home glowing and with the softest skin – just like baby skin. I can’t stop rubbing my cheek against hers and touching it with my paw.

Noooooo, wait mom. I’m not finished writing yet. I don’t want to move over…………


Mom has her version; I have mine. I hate it when she reads over my shoulder while I’m writing. Next she’ll tell you the scratches all over her face are my fault too.

So anyway, I walked by the mirror this morning and took a good look at my face. Jane Marie, I spotted some fine lines under my eyes and on my forehead. They’re hardly noticeable, right? Sigh – I feel like everyone can see them. I think they make me look sad. Maybe even a little mean and grumpy. IMG_0712 Better

Do you think I need to come in for a peel? Or maybe some Botox? I don’t want to wait until I get full blown wrinkles. How embarrassing would that be? So please let me know. I’ll make my appointment and have my driver – I mean my mom – take me.

I better moisturize and get my beauty sleep. Good night everyone.



Merry Christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho!

               Ho! Ho! Ho!

My Aunt Teresa sent this photo from Dallas. Notice anything unusual?

Christmas in Dallas: Notice anything unusual?

How did they have a white Christmas and we only had a white Christmas Eve for an hour? I’ll have to ask Santa Claus next year! Maybe you have to tell him you want a white Christmas. Other than snow, I hope you got all the things you wished for this Christmas.

Love, Pugsley

A Beautiful Princess Needs a Forever Home

Dear friends,

Look at this face and tell me it doesn’t make your heart melt.

I'm Princess and I'm wishing for a loving forever home this Christmas

I’m Princess and I’m wishing for a loving forever home this Christmas

Princess is a 2 year-old Pit Bull/Boxer mix and is the sweetest girl. She reminds me of Marmaduke….big, playful and funny. She’s being fostered by my Aunt Jody and Uncle Chuck and we’re all looking for a loving home for her. Mommy almost adopted her because I had expressed an interest one day while we were in Pet Smart that I might want a pet. I was thinking of a fish or maybe a parakeet. We don’t have a yard and I don’t think I could walk Princess because she’s so much bigger than I am. And she might try to eat my food or play with my toys. I guess I could learn to share my toys, but I made up my mind when I realized that I would have to share my suite with her when I go to the resort. I’m an only child and I’m used to my privacy and having all the belly rubs for myself.

So we’re trying to find her a good home with loving pet parents. If you know about anyone looking for a large dog who loves to snuggle, play and give kisses, would you let me know? You can write to me here. I’ll be conducting interviews with all of the applicants.

Love and Pug Hugs,


Sweet snuggly Princess

Sweet snuggly Princess




On the Ninth Night of Hanukkah……

My mommy gave……………

What mom?

Whaddya mean there’s no ninth night of Hanukkah?

Since when?

Whaddya mean since always? What’s that about oil and a temple?

My list of things to ask the Rabbi is getting REALLY long.

Yesterday mom took me to visit Aunt Jody, Uncle Chuck and cousins/girlfriends/wife Alfie, Georgie, Chubbs, Wookie, Dingle, Berry, Ebony, Ivory and Princess. That was a big surprise so of course I thought it was for the ninth day of Hanukkah. Maybe it was an early Christmas present. Or maybe it was just because…..

The little ones yapped when I walked in and it’s always a bit scary at first. I thought I heard Dingle tell everyone to bite my calves like he does with people. I sat down so he couldn’t get to them. Chubbs and Alfie snapped at me, which really was not very nice, especially since I think Alfie and I got married during my week at camp last December. No one will confirm it, but the picture kind of says it all, don’t you think?

Did we get married?

And then Berry snuggled up with me one night, which created a huge problem for me with Alfie.

It’s not easy being a chick magnet

So yesterday everyone pretended they didn’t know me. Chubbs is usually my best friend at camp too. Maybe they forgot me since I don’t visit very often and I wasn’t staying overnight this time. I wonder if they treat all the campers that way. I stayed close to my mom where it was safe. She doesn’t yap….much. (Uh oh – I said that out loud!)

I met Princess yesterday. She’s a beautiful 2 year-old Pit Bull/Boxer mix who Aunt Jody and Uncle Chuck are fostering. Mom considered adopting her as my sister. She snuggled up to mom and gave her so many kisses. Mom’s clothes had paw prints all over them and her face was soggy from all the kisses. I was a bit skeptical, especially since she’s so much bigger than I am. Hell, her tongue is almost bigger than I am. And double hell, she’s bigger than mommy! Frankly, I’m not the kind of kid who likes to share, but I was open to the idea. We walked together for a while with Aunt Jody, Uncle Chuck and mom. Princess almost gave me a concussion because her tail was wagging so much and it kept hitting me in the head. I’m telling you – the ladies love me. It’s a gift….and a curse!

I’m Pugsley signing off for now……….

Princess and Mommy

Princess and Mommy




On the Eighth Night of Hanukkah……….


My mommy gave to me……..

A s*%$load of cotton fiber from the sofa cushion she replaced. Yippeeee……I love to play in it and tear it to shreds. It’s HOURS of fun, especially when it gets really shredded! Mom knows me so well.


And Aunt Teresa, Cousin Isabella and Cousin Giovanni sent me a squeaky Gefilte Fish toy. It says, “Oy Vey!” and makes bubble noises when you squeeze it. It doesn’t have a carrot hat though. I thought all Gefilte Fish had carrot hats. Another thing to ask the rabbi.

For some reason my computer won’t let me insert the video.


Mom just started laughing. I usually know more than she does. It may be time to call Cousins Sammy and Jarred. I’m so sad that I can’t show you the video.

Oh well…………..and mom gave me a bag of pizza treats from the Butt Wigglin Good Pet Bakery. YUMMY! I’m so totally off my diet. And I don’t care. I’ll start again in January. I can always take my clothes to Mary, my tailor. She can let out a few inches from the waist. Although, when I go to see Mary, she loads me up with animal crackers and string cheese. I LOVE visiting her so she’ll probably have to put elastic in my clothes too. It’s sooooo worth it. Here we are during our last visit.


Mary and me during a visit to Mary’s Tailoring Shop in Narberth, PA.

What a great Hanukkah this has been…..

Pugsley’s mommy interrupts this blog to tell all his friends what Pugsley gave to me this Hanukkah… many hugs, kisses, cuddles, laughs and fun. I think I am the one who hit the adoption jackpot when Pugsley joined the family.

Awwwwww thanks mom. I woof you too.

I’m Pugsley signing off. When mom’s in her gushing mode I’m bound to get a treat or two.

Until next time, I’m sending pugs and kisses to everyone….

On the Seventh Night of Hanukkah…..


Mom and I decided that after the tragedy today in Connecticut, it didn’t feel right to exchange presents. Toys don’t matter today. I gave mommy cuddles and kisses and she gave me a big hug as we watched the news unfold. Twenty innocent children were killed for no reason. It’s so sad. As our Menorah shines bright, our hearts are heavy.

Hold your kids, including your fur kids, tight tonight and be grateful for one another.

Love, Pugsley