My Visit With Santa

I was so excited Saturday. Mom got me dressed up to go see Santa Claus at Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow in Narberth, PA. All proceeds from the photos go to People/Animals = Companions Together’s (PACT) Military Foster Program to place the dogs, cats and birds of deployed military men and women into loving foster homes. 

I tried to be a good boy so that I don’t end up on the Naughty List. Well, I wasn’t so good. I lifted my leg all over the store (not on Santa naturally…..that would be VERY naughty). Some lady ratted me out to mom who was looking the other way, picking out gifts for my dog and cat cousins. Mom and I both looked at the woman and guess who it was……Aunt Loraine from Clear Channel. BUSTED! By my friend!

I thought we were peeps Aunt Loraine. I just wanted the other kids to know that Pugsley was in the house.

Mom cleaned up after me (she’s good at that because I give her so much practice). I’m totally gonna get coal in my stocking again this year. It was worth the embarrassment to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what I want for Christmas. However, I don’t think I’m going to get a baby brother or sister this year. Allegedly, I’m two handfuls of pug trouble and mom can only handle one of me. I got sick on the carpet and broke a glass all in one day yesterday. I can’t help it if I’m excitable and get into one pug predicament after another. Mom should wear skates when I’m around.

So I promise to be better. I still have 20 days left before Christmas. If I’m a very good boy, maybe I’ll get a shiny new toy.

What’s that mom? What do you mean Hanukkah starts in THREE days?

Uh oh! I’m totally screwed! There’s always next year!



3 thoughts on “My Visit With Santa

  1. Iam glad to see you in the holliday spirit mode.
    Well today is the 2nd day (night)of the celebration lights, did mommy explain to you the meaning of this very old and beautiful tradition ,have you been working on your blessings of the 8 candles

    • Hi Uncle Drew. I’m on vacation and snuck out of my suite and onto the computer. I’m going to write about that tomorrow when I get home. So NO, mom didn’t even tell me it was Hanukkah…probably because I’m away. I didn’t see a Menorah at the resort. I would have brought mine had I known, however, mom doesn’t let me play with matches.

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