Santa’s Wingdog

Getting ready to see Santa ClausHello friends…….I’m writing from my vacation at Family Pet Resort. I’m not sure I’m allowed to be on the computer since I had my nighttime treat and belly rub and was tucked into bed hours ago. I arrived Friday for some much-needed R & R. I wrote the other day that mom took me to see Santa Claus. He was at Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow. Then I went to Pet Smart and he was there too. So here I am and guess who was also here this weekend??? Yup – Santa. This can’t be a coincidence. Everywhere I go, he’s there too! I thought he had to get ready to deliver toys to all the good boys and girls. I can’t wait for him to come to my house with lots of toys because I’ve been good all year! Okay, well maybe not all year. Most of the year….hmmmmm, maybe not most of the year either. I’m going to ask the concierge how many days there are in a year….Uh oh – that many?

So……I’ve been good a couple of days!!!!!!!!

Now I know why Santa’s stalking me….he just asked me, Sir Pugsley -King of Cuteness, to be his wingdog on Christmas Eve. I asked Comet and Prancer if it was okay. They deferred to Blitzen. He said it was cool as long as I look the part. I’m off with Santa for my flying lesson. I’m a little nervous; I hope my aeroacrophobia isn’t a problem….

More later!

Love, Pugsley

Who's the cutest Santa dog EVER???
Who’s the cutest Santa dog EVER???

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