On The Fifth Night of Hanukkah……

I will not be naught during Hanukkah! I will not be naught during Hanukkah! I will not.....

I will not be naughty during Hanukkah! I will not be naughty during Hanukkah! I will not…..

My mommy gave to me…….A SACK OF COAL! Maybe it has treats inside too. Yum! Let me tear it apart….

Like my mom, I’m really bad at math. I thought Hanukkah was over. I was counting the days on my paw and I guess I messed up.

Hanukkah is a very bad time to try to chew mom’s smartphone, especially since this is the 3rd one on which I’ve left teeth marks. I don’t like it when my mom talks on it, emails, texts or plays games when she should be giving me belly rubs. I showed her….while she was talking this morning, I chewed the heel on her shoe. And she showed me…..I got a ginormously long timeout. Mom keeps telling me that the money it costs to replace her things is coming out of my toy fund. If mom really deducted all the money I’ve cost her by destroying her stuff, I would never play again.

I mentioned in a previous blog that I was expecting Santa to put coal in my Christmas stocking, but I didn’t know coal for Hanukkah was even allowed. I thought only Santa could give kids coal and it had to be placed in a stocking. Since I don’t have a Hanukkah stocking, I thought I was home free.

I’m on the hunt for mom’s phone….it’s time to call the rabbi for clarification.

I’m lucky I’m so cuddly and handsome. I’ll sneak up next to my mommy and rest my head on her cheek. In a few minutes she’ll forget all about how naughty I’ve been today. She will still read me a bedtime story and tuck me into bed. If I fall asleep and snore while my head is resting on her, she’ll crack up. Better yet, this calls for a full body snuggle and snore. Yep – that’s the plan…..make mom laugh and melt her heart by jumping on her and looking at her with my big googly eyes. If I wrinkle my forehead and give her a couple of pug kisses too before I fall asleep she’ll totally forget I’ve been a badass.

Note to self: Counted on other paw. Three more nights of Hanukkah. Be on best behavior until Saturday night.

Here’s hoping your Menorah is shining brightly!

Love, Pugsley

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