On the Eighth Night of Hanukkah……….


My mommy gave to me……..

A s*%$load of cotton fiber from the sofa cushion she replaced. Yippeeee……I love to play in it and tear it to shreds. It’s HOURS of fun, especially when it gets really shredded! Mom knows me so well.


And Aunt Teresa, Cousin Isabella and Cousin Giovanni sent me a squeaky Gefilte Fish toy. It says, “Oy Vey!” and makes bubble noises when you squeeze it. It doesn’t have a carrot hat though. I thought all Gefilte Fish had carrot hats. Another thing to ask the rabbi.

For some reason my computer won’t let me insert the video.


Mom just started laughing. I usually know more than she does. It may be time to call Cousins Sammy and Jarred. I’m so sad that I can’t show you the video.

Oh well…………..and mom gave me a bag of pizza treats from the Butt Wigglin Good Pet Bakery. YUMMY! I’m so totally off my diet. And I don’t care. I’ll start again in January. I can always take my clothes to Mary, my tailor. She can let out a few inches from the waist. Although, when I go to see Mary, she loads me up with animal crackers and string cheese. I LOVE visiting her so she’ll probably have to put elastic in my clothes too. It’s sooooo worth it. Here we are during our last visit.


Mary and me during a visit to Mary’s Tailoring Shop in Narberth, PA.

What a great Hanukkah this has been…..

Pugsley’s mommy interrupts this blog to tell all his friends what Pugsley gave to me this Hanukkah…..so many hugs, kisses, cuddles, laughs and fun. I think I am the one who hit the adoption jackpot when Pugsley joined the family.

Awwwwww thanks mom. I woof you too.

I’m Pugsley signing off. When mom’s in her gushing mode I’m bound to get a treat or two.

Until next time, I’m sending pugs and kisses to everyone….

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