On the Ninth Night of Hanukkah……

My mommy gave……………

What mom?

Whaddya mean there’s no ninth night of Hanukkah?

Since when?

Whaddya mean since always? What’s that about oil and a temple?

My list of things to ask the Rabbi is getting REALLY long.

Yesterday mom took me to visit Aunt Jody, Uncle Chuck and cousins/girlfriends/wife Alfie, Georgie, Chubbs, Wookie, Dingle, Berry, Ebony, Ivory and Princess. That was a big surprise so of course I thought it was for the ninth day of Hanukkah. Maybe it was an early Christmas present. Or maybe it was just because…..

The little ones yapped when I walked in and it’s always a bit scary at first. I thought I heard Dingle tell everyone to bite my calves like he does with people. I sat down so he couldn’t get to them. Chubbs and Alfie snapped at me, which really was not very nice, especially since I think Alfie and I got married during my week at camp last December. No one will confirm it, but the picture kind of says it all, don’t you think?

Did we get married?

And then Berry snuggled up with me one night, which created a huge problem for me with Alfie.

It’s not easy being a chick magnet

So yesterday everyone pretended they didn’t know me. Chubbs is usually my best friend at camp too. Maybe they forgot me since I don’t visit very often and I wasn’t staying overnight this time. I wonder if they treat all the campers that way. I stayed close to my mom where it was safe. She doesn’t yap….much. (Uh oh – I said that out loud!)

I met Princess yesterday. She’s a beautiful 2 year-old Pit Bull/Boxer mix who Aunt Jody and Uncle Chuck are fostering. Mom considered adopting her as my sister. She snuggled up to mom and gave her so many kisses. Mom’s clothes had paw prints all over them and her face was soggy from all the kisses. I was a bit skeptical, especially since she’s so much bigger than I am. Hell, her tongue is almost bigger than I am. And double hell, she’s bigger than mommy! Frankly, I’m not the kind of kid who likes to share, but I was open to the idea. We walked together for a while with Aunt Jody, Uncle Chuck and mom. Princess almost gave me a concussion because her tail was wagging so much and it kept hitting me in the head. I’m telling you – the ladies love me. It’s a gift….and a curse!

I’m Pugsley signing off for now……….

Princess and Mommy

Princess and Mommy




4 thoughts on “On the Ninth Night of Hanukkah……

  1. Hey Pugsley:

    That was a GREAT blog! Is your mom going to get you a sister? That would be SO cool. I recently got a brother for my cat, Pogo. I love watching them play!

    Thanks so much for you email. I look forward to chatting with you soon.

    Love your photos in this blog. You are way too handsome!!

    xoxo Aunt Lisette

    • Dear Aunt Lisette, I’ve been on a diet so thank you for saying I’m handsome. And thanks for reading my blog. I love to write and I hope I’m making my friends laugh. As Oscar Wilde said, “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” Love, Pugsley

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