On The Fifth Night of Hanukkah……

I will not be naught during Hanukkah! I will not be naught during Hanukkah! I will not.....

I will not be naughty during Hanukkah! I will not be naughty during Hanukkah! I will not…..

My mommy gave to me…….A SACK OF COAL! Maybe it has treats inside too. Yum! Let me tear it apart….

Like my mom, I’m really bad at math. I thought Hanukkah was over. I was counting the days on my paw and I guess I messed up.

Hanukkah is a very bad time to try to chew mom’s smartphone, especially since this is the 3rd one on which I’ve left teeth marks. I don’t like it when my mom talks on it, emails, texts or plays games when she should be giving me belly rubs. I showed her….while she was talking this morning, I chewed the heel on her shoe. And she showed me…..I got a ginormously long timeout. Mom keeps telling me that the money it costs to replace her things is coming out of my toy fund. If mom really deducted all the money I’ve cost her by destroying her stuff, I would never play again.

I mentioned in a previous blog that I was expecting Santa to put coal in my Christmas stocking, but I didn’t know coal for Hanukkah was even allowed. I thought only Santa could give kids coal and it had to be placed in a stocking. Since I don’t have a Hanukkah stocking, I thought I was home free.

I’m on the hunt for mom’s phone….it’s time to call the rabbi for clarification.

I’m lucky I’m so cuddly and handsome. I’ll sneak up next to my mommy and rest my head on her cheek. In a few minutes she’ll forget all about how naughty I’ve been today. She will still read me a bedtime story and tuck me into bed. If I fall asleep and snore while my head is resting on her, she’ll crack up. Better yet, this calls for a full body snuggle and snore. Yep – that’s the plan…..make mom laugh and melt her heart by jumping on her and looking at her with my big googly eyes. If I wrinkle my forehead and give her a couple of pug kisses too before I fall asleep she’ll totally forget I’ve been a badass.

Note to self: Counted on other paw. Three more nights of Hanukkah. Be on best behavior until Saturday night.

Here’s hoping your Menorah is shining brightly!

Love, Pugsley


On the Fourth Night of Hanukkah……

My mommy gave to me………

A new book called Cats are Supermodels by Philadelphia Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky. Cats-Are-SupermodelsIt’s a scream!!! Laugh out loud funny!!!

And now for a plug for my friend…

Cats are Supermodels can be purchased on the website using PayPal or make a check or money order in the amount of $12.95 payable to Stu Bykofsky and send it to:

Stu-niversity Press
Suite 2804
1326 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, Pa. 19107

Cats Are Supermodels is also available for $10.95 at PAWS, 2nd & Arch Streets, Philadelphia, PA., and Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow, 701 Montgomery Ave., Narberth, PA.

Now back to our blog…..

I snuggled in bed with mom while she read it to me. Stu’s cat Ashes reminds me a lot of my cousin Oreo. I’m not allowed to play with Oreo….In fact, I’m not even allowed to meet Oreo. He’s vicious and makes a screeching noise like a chimpanzee on crack (or so mom tells me) if you look at him or get too close. Whereas, I, Sir Pugsley, love to cuddle with everyone. The funniest chapter in Stu’s book is about Ashes.

Stu writes, “At 8, he is mature, physically fit and so ornery that visiting the vet means bringing him in early so the vet can gas him in his carrier to knock him out before the exam.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha snort ha ha…..gas him in his carrier….snort ha ha ha snort. My visits to the vet are fun. I get to sniff other kids’ butts and get treats from my doctor. One time I got a blood test and came back with a camouflage bandage on my arm. The other kids thought I was so cool.

Stu is 100 percent responsible for me hitting the adoption jackpot. He referred mom to PAWS, Philadelphia’s largest no-kill shelter dedicated to saving Philadelphia’s homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals. The people at PAWS found me and contacted my mom, who then dashed to the shelter to meet me. I was scared and just wanted to be loved so I was on my best behavior. I didn’t realize that being adopted would require surgery – and you know which one I mean – the boy kind. Sure, I ended up in a cone for a few weeks, but it’s all good now. I love my mom and she loves me even when I get into mischief or like Ashes, claw and chew stuff. I especially love to chew on my mom’s fingers and elbows. I have little chiclet teeth so it doesn’t really hurt her. Stu wrote that Ashes’ vet uses oven mitts when he has his checkups. I hope mom forgets that paragraph so I still have access to my human Busy Bone. Mom’s fingers and elbows better remain a “no oven mitt zone.” When she’s sleeping I’ll chew that page out of the book.

So check out Cats are Supermodels. We loved it! Apparently mom read some of it in public before she read it to me and then the people around her started slowly moving away. Stu, if you’re reading this, you should have put a tear out sticker in the book that reads, “Not a lunatic! Just reading a REALLY FUNNY book!”

Tail wags to all my friends….Love, Pugsley

On The Third Night of Hanukkah……..

My mommy gave to me………

A snowman squeaky toy!!!!

IMG_1933I’m home from my vacation. The concierge came into my suite this morning to get me ready to go home. I didn’t know that included a bath and a blow dry. I got my nails trimmed and my ears cleaned, had breakfast, got another belly rub, went for a walk and then packed my suitcase. When I got to the lobby, my mommy was waiting for me. I got so excited that I knocked her over and gave her tons of kisses. I had fun at the resort and I’m glad to be home too. I missed my mom and my own bed.

Mom just gave me another present that cousins Miriam, Craig and Hershey gave her for me last night. DREIDEL PAJAMAS! And not just plain dreidel pajamas…..they have my name on them. I’m the coolest kid on the block. Look…..

IMG_1932Uh oh….the PJs are a bit snug. I think they’re Yorkie size. No worries, I can wear them as a bandana.

Mom also showed me another article about her Vets Journey Home weekend. This one is from the Reading Eagle:

Veterans Find Acceptance and Peace of Mind

Becca Y. Gregg

Before a room of supporters at the Jesuit Center in Wernersville on Sunday, Harry Schlegel had a milestone to mark.

“Last night,” he announced, “was the first time I slept in over a year without taking a full dose of my sleeping medication. I took half of the dose.”

To some, it might not sound like much. But for Schlegel, a former Marine who served in Vietnam, it was the first step in healing the pain he’d held onto since a combat injury ended his service in September 1968.

“This weekend gave me piece of mind,” the Reading resident said during a graduation ceremony for the Vets Journey Home, a weekendlong retreat aimed  at putting veterans on the road to emotional healing of their war wounds.

From Friday evening through Sunday, Schlegel and five other Vietnam veterans stayed at the Jesuit Center for therapy and fellowship led by program founder Gene McMahon and other volunteers, both veterans and civilians.

“A lot of vets tell us that they were ready to kill themselves, that this was their last shot,” McMahon of Mount Airy, Md., said of the now   nationwide program, which he began after serving two tours of duty in   Vietnam. “We’ll find out a year later that their whole life has changed.   And it’s not just them that it affects. It’s the ripple effect. It affects their spouses and then their kids.”

For more than 30 years, Larry Menkes carried with him the doubt that he was even a veteran.

“This has been a miraculous weekend for me,”  said the Warminster, Bucks County, resident, a former Merchant Marine who delivered supplies to troops in Vietnam. “As I got older, I started to think maybe I was a veteran and I should stop denying it.”

According to McMahon, for many of the veterans, the program provides the comfort and safety to tell their stories for the first time.

“Then we do what we call some work around that, using different   techniques to help with that (pain) they’ve been feeling, sometimes for   decades,” he said.

His voice shaking and his eyes tearing, Army veteran Bob Fisher of Villas, N.J., said what he would most take away from the weekend was “acceptance from my peers.”

Across the country, McMahon is set to lead upwards of 17 such retreats next year. All are free for veterans to attend, with the program even covering the cost of airfare for some.

“As a young man, I did what I was called to do, and I thank God he   allowed me to do what I had to do and come home honorably,” Army veteran Larry Lattimore of New York City said. “It just blesses my heart to look at young vets and see that they’ve become a better person because of programs like this.”


You really have to see the photos to appreciate what the program means to the veterans: http://readingeagle.com/article.aspx?id=434206 Here’s one photo:

Honoring the colors and our veterans

Honoring the colors and our veterans

Happy Hanukkah! I’m Pugsley, signing off to go play!

On the First Two Nights of Hanukkah……..

My mommy gave to me………..

A vacation at Family Pet Resort while she staffed another successful Vets Journey Home weekend.

Veterans group receives honorary citation

Written by  Eric Mayes, Philadelphia Tribune

Friday, 07 December 2012 14:59

City Hall Resolution

Councilman David Oh, left, Gene McMahon, founder of Vets Journey Home; Wanda Pate Dennis, the city’s veteran coordinator; and Lloyd Knight, instructor of the Air Force Junior ROTC at Abraham Lincoln High School participated in a special ceremony recognizing Vets Journey Home.– ABDUL R. SULAYMAN/TRIBUNE CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER

A group that is sponsoring a weekend retreat designed to help veterans heal the emotional wounds of combat was lauded this week by city council. Vets Journey Home received an honorary citation from council and special recognition from Councilman David Oh.

“To those who come back, to those who do not come back, to those who come back with injuries, do we not all, who have benefitted from the sacrifices of the few, have much to consider, much to give back and much to remember,” said Oh, in remarks as a special ceremony Thursday afternoon at city hall. “They ask for so little.”

Oh presented a citation from the city to the group’s founder Gene McMahon, who thanked council and urged the entire city to stand behind veterans.

“It takes an entire community to help heal the vets,” he said. “It takes a community to welcome them home and welcome them back into their hearts.”

Vets Journey Home is sponsoring a free weekend retreat in Wernersville, Berks County this weekend for eight combat veterans. It will include six veterans from Philadelphia, one from New York and one from Reading. It operates programs in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Wisconsin, Michigan, California and Texas. McMahon explained that the retreats are limited to 10 participants because of the intensive nature of the program. It is specifically tailored to assist returning veterans deal with the emotional scars of combat.

“We provide a safe, nonjudgmental environment, staffed by military and civilian volunteers … where veterans can share their experiences with one another and know they are no alone,” he said.

Society is generally more understanding of veterans with physical wounds but often war leaves invisible scars.

“A lot of vets come back and they’re carrying wounds deep in their heart and deep in their soul,” McMahon said. “They’re having a hard time when they come back. They’re in turmoil.”

That turmoil often leads to behavior that makes resuming a regular life difficult – anger that can lead to fighting, divorce, estrangement from children, family and friends and even trouble with the law.

“They spiral down,” said McMahon, noting that 18 veterans commit suicide every day. “That’s a national tragedy.”

This weekend’s retreat will be capped by a public ceremony at 4 p.m. Dec. 9 at the Jesuit Center chapel, 501 N. Church St., Wernersville, Pa. 19165.

“This is an opportunity for the community to honor and welcome home … these veterans, to truly honor their service,” he said.

Santa’s Wingdog

Getting ready to see Santa ClausHello friends…….I’m writing from my vacation at Family Pet Resort. I’m not sure I’m allowed to be on the computer since I had my nighttime treat and belly rub and was tucked into bed hours ago. I arrived Friday for some much-needed R & R. I wrote the other day that mom took me to see Santa Claus. He was at Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow. Then I went to Pet Smart and he was there too. So here I am and guess who was also here this weekend??? Yup – Santa. This can’t be a coincidence. Everywhere I go, he’s there too! I thought he had to get ready to deliver toys to all the good boys and girls. I can’t wait for him to come to my house with lots of toys because I’ve been good all year! Okay, well maybe not all year. Most of the year….hmmmmm, maybe not most of the year either. I’m going to ask the concierge how many days there are in a year….Uh oh – that many?

So……I’ve been good a couple of days!!!!!!!!

Now I know why Santa’s stalking me….he just asked me, Sir Pugsley -King of Cuteness, to be his wingdog on Christmas Eve. I asked Comet and Prancer if it was okay. They deferred to Blitzen. He said it was cool as long as I look the part. I’m off with Santa for my flying lesson. I’m a little nervous; I hope my aeroacrophobia isn’t a problem….

More later!

Love, Pugsley

Who's the cutest Santa dog EVER???
Who’s the cutest Santa dog EVER???

My Visit With Santa

I was so excited Saturday. Mom got me dressed up to go see Santa Claus at Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow in Narberth, PA. All proceeds from the photos go to People/Animals = Companions Together’s (PACT) Military Foster Program to place the dogs, cats and birds of deployed military men and women into loving foster homes. 

I tried to be a good boy so that I don’t end up on the Naughty List. Well, I wasn’t so good. I lifted my leg all over the store (not on Santa naturally…..that would be VERY naughty). Some lady ratted me out to mom who was looking the other way, picking out gifts for my dog and cat cousins. Mom and I both looked at the woman and guess who it was……Aunt Loraine from Clear Channel. BUSTED! By my friend!

I thought we were peeps Aunt Loraine. I just wanted the other kids to know that Pugsley was in the house.

Mom cleaned up after me (she’s good at that because I give her so much practice). I’m totally gonna get coal in my stocking again this year. It was worth the embarrassment to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what I want for Christmas. However, I don’t think I’m going to get a baby brother or sister this year. Allegedly, I’m two handfuls of pug trouble and mom can only handle one of me. I got sick on the carpet and broke a glass all in one day yesterday. I can’t help it if I’m excitable and get into one pug predicament after another. Mom should wear skates when I’m around.

So I promise to be better. I still have 20 days left before Christmas. If I’m a very good boy, maybe I’ll get a shiny new toy.

What’s that mom? What do you mean Hanukkah starts in THREE days?

Uh oh! I’m totally screwed! There’s always next year!