Warning: Cable Guys and Playing Too Hard Can Be Hazardous to Your Chi

Dear Friends,

It started last week. First the cable guy came to fix our wiring and I barked for an hour and a half straight and gave myself a sore throat. Mom had to hold me the whole time and I’m pretty strong for a little guy. He was nice enough and admittedly he was there to fix our TV (which mom knew better have been fixed in time for the Puppy Bowl yesterday), yet for some reason I wanted to tear him to shreds. Mom said I should have been holding her since she’s the one who pays the bill.

The next day I went on a playdate with Aunt Alyson, baby John and Daisy Ricketts. I had never been to their house and I was sooooo excited. Maybe I was a little too excited. I ran so fast all over the house that I wiped out a few times and slid clear across the dining room. (Note to mom: get my nails trimmed please!) Needless to say, my date with Miss Daisy didn’t go well. I offered to drive her around (hahahaha – get it?), but she hid from me. Aunt Alyson gave me some belly rubs while baby John was napping. I couldn’t wait to play with him. He’s nine months old and doesn’t do much except giggle and gurgle, but he’s so incredibly cute. He’s little and squishy like I am. When he came downstairs, I stole his little baby sock right off of his little baby foot and nibbled on his little baby toes. He giggled at me. I wuff him!

I was what some might call a naughty houseguest. No one told me that I couldn’t mark my favorite spots in the house. Mom threatened to duct tape my knees shut. When I tried to tip Aunt Alyson’s trashcan to see what goodies were in there, mom gave me that “mom look” and I knew I was in trouble again. I thought I heard Daisy mocking me from the stairway where she was hiding.

I must have thrown my Chi out of whack when I wiped out because the next day mom called Uncle Jonathan Cohen’s friend Elly Sullivan who does healing touch on two and four-legged people. Even though I’ve never met Uncle Jonathan, he emails me all the time. He’s mom’s brilliant psychologist friend who has helped her open her heart even when it hurts. Mom trusts Uncle Jonathan to connect us to the best people. I love his emails because we get to chat privately. There are some things a little boy doesn’t want to share with his mother.

I read about Elly’s work. Healing touch is an energy therapy that facilitates self-healing, creates a sense of well-being and reduces trauma and anxiety by clearing, balancing and energizing the energy system. Calm and balance are good.

I hope Elly works on my doggie chakras too. My Solar Plexis Chakra has felt a bit blocked lately. Maybe she’ll bring her massage table so that I can get a good rubdown. I personally like Shiatsu. Elly worked on mom once before. This will be my first time. I love when mom and I can do things together. I keep asking for a pedicure with reflexology. Mom hasn’t done it at home or taken me to the nail salon yet so maybe that’s why my Chi is twisted. I’ll have to try that line on mom later. She’ll feel guilty and I’ll get my feet pumiced. Do you think mom will massage me between my toes?

So here we are on our playdate last week.

Until next time, sit quietly and take deep calming breaths!

Love, Pugsley

Pugsley, your mom and Daisy ruined the photo

Pugsley, your mom and Daisy ruined the photo

Little Kids Only!

         Little Kids Only!


Everybody Smile!

What an AWESOME playgroup!

4 thoughts on “Warning: Cable Guys and Playing Too Hard Can Be Hazardous to Your Chi

    • I wuff you Aunt Lisette. I try to be a cute boy, especially since I’m always getting into mischief. If not, I would probably be grounded for life.

      Mommy just finished reading your book to me so I’m about to review it for my friends. Stay tuned! xo, Pugsley

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