Those We Love Most

So you’re probably thinking that this blog is about my mom because I love her most. I really do, but it’s the name of the book mom and I just finished reading.

I don’t think Oprah should be the only one with a Book Club. I’ve reviewed some of my favorite books on this site and Pugsley’s Book Club has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

I hope mom keeps reading regularly because you all know that I can’t actually read, right? But mom’s getting busier with her new career and Downton Abbey is REALLY good. Oh and so is Scandal. Wow…..POTUS is having an affair. That would never happen in real life. The House of Representatives would impeach him. Then there would be depositions, a long and costly trial at which point Congress would do nothing else, and they would look so bad that the president’s approval ratings would skyrocket……Nah! It could never happen.

Oh wow, I think I need some Ginko Biloba to keep me focused. Now where was I???

Oh right, I outlined in a previous post all the benefits of reading to your kids. Bedtime is my favorite time of day – well, after meal time, snack time, play time and my walks with mom. Bedtime is cuddle time!!! Mom brushes my teeth……I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU’RE LAUGHING……YOU MAKE YOUR KIDS BRUSH THEIR TEETH BEFORE BED, DON’T YOU?

So anyway, Those We Love Most thosewelovemost2was written by New York Times bestselling author Lee Woodruff. Lee’s first book, In an Instant, chronicled the Woodruff family’s emotional journey after her husband, ABC World News Tonight anchor Bob Woodruff was nearly killed by an IED while embedded with the military in Iraq in 2006. Those We Love Most is Lee’s first work of fiction. AND IT’S AWESOME!

Mom met Lee at a booksigning in January. She talked candidly about Bob’s accident, her long flight to Germany to be at his side and the even longer healing process when she became caregiver to her husband as he recovered – THANKFULLY! – after suffering a traumatic brain injury. Add in being a mother to her four children and keeping some semblance of normalcy in their lives, juggling responsibilities without feeling guilty and rebuilding her family one day at a time…I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Even Mother Teresa would have caved under the pressure. Not Lee. She lived each day with urgency, heartbreak and humor, and those of us in the audience heard the lesson: Live in the moment and don’t take life for granted.

So friends, Those We Love Most, although fiction, weaves in some of the same themes of a family’s tragedy, mourning, strength, love and living, and goes a step further by opening the door into the characters’ imperfect world of secrets, betrayal, guilt, redemption and forgiveness of themselves and each other.

Mom couldn’t put down the book. Fortunately, I don’t have a job because I was wiped out for a few days. There were so many twists and turns, laughing and crying, and mom just couldn’t stop reading. One time the sun came up while we were still reading and we spent the next few days completely backwards. Our days became our nights and vice versa. Do you know how many stupid telemarketers call during the day when you’re trying to sleep? So much for the national Do Not Call List! (Note to self: blog about that one of these days.)

So check out Those We Love Most and Lee’s other books. And you all know how much mom loves volunteering with our veterans so take a look at, a public education movement of the Bob Woodruff Foundation that educates the public about the needs of injured service members, veterans and their families as they reintegrate into their communities. It feels so good to help the heroes who protect us!

I Wuff You, Pugsley

1 thought on “Those We Love Most

  1. Talking about brushing your teeth, When my Pugsley woke up one day and his face was all swollen on the right side, I thought it was a tumor because my Pugsley was really old. So I prepared myself for the worse new, and after the wonderful vet checked him out, it was jut an abcess tooth that had to be pulled. So remember it is really important to brush thosen little Pugsley teeth. We never did and that is what happened.

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