Checking In

Hi friends. Thanks to everyone who wrote and called to check on me during my convalescence. I’m happy to report that my staples were removed about a month ago and I have some peach fuzz growing back on my tummy. I even have a cool scar. Mom and I haven’t eaten chicken since the incident. This is a chicken-free zone until further notice. Other than that, there aren’t any lasting side effects that I can see.


Well, maybe just one annoying side effect.

Jimmy, our mailman, and some of the other kids on the street laugh at me. My bark isn’t what it used to be brawkk brawkk brawkk-AWK.


The birds, however, intermittently perch on the windowsill and seem to be very confused.

Mom says it’s good for kids to be multi-lingual.

Speaking of my mom, she’s been very busy working on some amazing projects. The Philadelphia Housing Authority resident council elections have started and she loves being part of a project that empowers people to advocate for a better quality of life in their neighborhoods. The people she’s meeting and working with at the various developments have been awesome. She’s doing this under contract with the Urban Affairs Coalition and the Philadelphia League of Women Voters. The elections team is pretty darn awesome too.

Mom’s been busy building her Melaleuca business and just received a certificate for becoming a Marketing Executive III. With a few more enrollments, she’ll get to help more people improve their lives and will become a full Director. Yay mom! She’s also taking a course to become certified to teach English as a second language. That’s a lot of studying and I hope mom will teach me too so I can add another language to my repertoire. Bark brawkk-AWK.

A few Saturdays ago mom went to visit cousins Cindi, Scott, Susanne and Wylie in Alexandria. Mom said it was so great to see everyone, especially Cindi and Scott because they live in Seattle and she doesn’t see them as much as she would like. She had some leg and lower back problems while walking so she’s trying orthotics and more regular chiropractic adjustments. The jury’s still out.

It looks like a nice day today. I haven’t had much outdoor playtime because mom got a virus and was under the covers most of the week. Aunt Elly came to work on us. I watched as she put her hand on mom so I sat up and put my paw next to her hand. (I’m not making this up; I really did.) I know I’m not a trained professional, but hey, two of us feeding light and energy into mom’s body sounded like a good idea at the time. It must have worked because mom’s vertical again. And not a moment too soon….I’m overloaded on TV and no matter how many times mom rings the bell for me to bring her something to drink or to do the laundry, this isn’t Downton Abbey and I don’t look good in an apron.


Here I am with my paws in my ears saying, “La la la brawk-AWK la la I can’t hear you!”

No matter which language I’m speaking at any given moment, this kid’s going to stop talking, search for a ballgame and turn up the TV.

We’ll check in again soon! Stay vertical!

Love, Pugsley

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