They Want a WHAT?

Hey everyone. Talk about conundrums. Wait until you hear this one. I received a postcard from my doctor’s office because I’m due for my yearly checkup. I made my appointment for tomorrow. Then I looked again and the card said to bring a stool. How many patients are they expecting? They shouldn’t schedule so many kids at one time if there aren’t enough places to sit. And what kind of stool do they want; a small wooden one or a bar stool? Truth be told, I usually sit under one of their chairs and stick my head between mom’s legs because it can be scary when the big kids with huge teeth are there. I’m just fine on the floor. Really I am. And besides, I didn’t ask mom if she could drive me. It’s very inconsiderate to ask little kids to bring their own seats. I’m not schlepping a stool on the bus.

Moooooommmmmm, can you come here for a second please?

Can you drive me to the doctor tomorrow afternoon? I have to bring my own stool because they don’t have enough places to sit. Can I borrow the step stool? That would work, right?


Huh? They want a sample? So they’re redecorating and want ideas?

Whaaaaaat? What kind of stool do they mean? Uh uh…….carrying that around is YOUR department. I hope you can drive me because I definitely won’t be allowed on the bus with that!

The doctors should be more specific about what they want, don’t you think? I’m glad my mom is so smart. At least I don’t have to wee wee in a cup too. That’s difficult when you don’t have thumbs.

Now that that’s straightened out, I’ll report in after my checkup. I hope they give me a cool bandage after they draw my blood. The last time I got a camouflage bandage. It will match my camouflage kicks that mom bought me. No wait………


Love, Pugsley

5 thoughts on “They Want a WHAT?

  1. Pugsley: Your mom and I have the same sick sense of humor. I knew at once what was coming. Good luck at the doctor. Luv, Cousin Wendy

  2. Pugsley,

    You are just way too sweet! And did I mention freakin’ hilarious. The English language is very confusing. I have no idea why certain words have multiple meanings, do you? Makes NO sense!

    Much love,
    Aunt Lisette

    • Hi Aunt Lisette. English is soooooo confusing. That’s why I prefer to speak in my native tongue – canine. And thanks for say8ing I’m sweet. Can you tell my mom? She’s trying to figure out how I got on the dining room table and ate a loaf of bread this morning.

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