If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Paws

Hey peeps. I told you I’d report in after my checkup. My doctor gave me a great report and a star.

When mom and I arrived, there was a little girl named Chloe sitting on her dad’s lap (not the same Chloe from my last visit). She was bald and her arms were the color of the Phillies’ logo and all scaly and sore. She had a full muzzle on her and kind of looked like Hanibal Lecter. I didn’t take her picture because it was terribly sad. She had allergies and bit and scratched herself raw. I hope the doctor gave her something for it. She scared me a little so I took my position under the chair just like I told you I would. Those brown things are mom’s legs. I peeked out every so often to see if I was missing anything important. (And just so you know, mom had to bend over and take the picture upside down. My mom can do everything!)


When the nurse came to get me, I dug my butt and hind legs into the floor. When she pulled on my leash, they wore grooves across the floor all the way to the exam room. I hope they don’t charge me to fix that.

It’s the same thing every time; fingers in my mouth……….


Fingers up my butt……….

REALLY? You didn’t think I would post a picture of that, did you? This blog is a doggie porn-free site! Shame on you!.

And I had just met the new technician named Adrienne. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL PEOPLE THAT I DON’T PUT OUT ON A FIRST DATE????? Sheesh. It’s a curse being this handsome.

My doctor said I look wonderful and I’m a happy and healthy kid. I lost 6 lbs. since last year. All my tests were negative and my labs were normal. I didn’t know what the doctor meant because I don’t have any pets. If I did, I like the chocolate labs best and would have some of those. I wonder if they really taste like chocolate. That’s probably just a myth. But what if it’s not???

Well that’s all the news from Lake Wobegon. Until next time….

Love, Pugsley

1 thought on “If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Paws

  1. Pugsley ….. You are ever so funny …. you and your Mom should write a book ….. or ….. books ….. I suggest a Children’s Series ….. based on life’s lessons ….. i.e. ….. Pugsley Goes To The Doctor ….. Thank you for sharing your experience in such a humorous way ….. Peace to you and Mom ….. Love ….. Mike

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