This Memorial Day………..

I offer a prayer to all of our servicemen, women, equines and canines, past and present, and my thanks for securing the freedoms that I enjoy today. I pray for an end to war……especially when it’s used as an economic development tool……and a call to everyone to separate the warrior from the war and our country from the government. No, they are not the same.


I was half right when I wrote that mom would dress me up and stick flags in my ears. Mom adorned me with a very patriotic bow and a really cool red, white and blue glow stick necklace. We’re not sure why the white stick came out yellow in the photo. I didn’t piddle on it if that’s what you’re thinking. And thankfully the flags are in the garden and not in any of my orifices.

The latest in patriotic pug-wear

   The latest in patriotic pug-wear

Here I am glowing

                Here I am glowing

Mom and I went out earlier today and it made my heart happy to see so many houses flying flags.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing today, please offer your gratitude and honor for our country’s finest.

God Bless America, Pugsley

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