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I forgot to post this heart melting photo with Aunt Lisette. Everybody rub my belly and pinch my pug cheeks!  And if you haven’t read the whole entry right before this one, scroll down and see the rest of the awesome photos taken by Lisa McCallum, my new Aussie friend.

Pugs & Kisses, Pugsley


Who Are You Calling Parsley?

Hi friends. I’ve had such a busy week.

I was at camp for a few days while mom was at the League of Women Voters of PA board retreat. I didn’t pack very much; just a toy or two so I wouldn’t be homesick. Aunt Jody picked us up in the camp bus and then we went to pick up my Aunt Marita. When we got to Marita’s house she loaded a big suitcase and another tote bag into the baggage compartment.

How many toys did you pack Aunt Marita? We’re only going to camp for a few days.

Then something crazy happened. We got to camp and Aunt Jody and mom walked me in and Marita wasn’t with us. She didn’t get out of the bus. She could have bunked with me. I had a nice suite with a cot and a sheepskin blanket. I got a treat every night and then my counselor took me on a moonlight stroll before bed. I would have shared my bunk and my treats and split my belly rubs with you….Maybe next time?

Since I was on my own, I played in the playground a lot with the other kids. I thought mom signed me up for horseback riding and archery, but my counselor never took me for my lessons. I was super bummed.

Hey mom……next time I want to go to horseback riding and archery camp and learn how to shoot with the big bow. Look how cool this is!


Pugsley the Destroyer……How’s that for an awesome name?

So I found out when mom picked me up from camp that Aunt Marita went to the retreat. She, Aunt Jody and mom shared a big suite and had a pajama party, which is really not fair because I have pajamas and I like parties. I’m not into the mani/pedi thing and I don’t let just anyone do my hair. That’s way too girlie for a big boy like me. I’m sure there was other fun stuff I could have done.

Mom said the retreat was great and the ladies on the board are sooooo smart and fun. I wouldn’t know………and I’m still a little pouty.

Then on Wednesday, mom showed me another new gadget she bought to use against me. First I got Bisselled; now I got Hoovered.


Leave it to mom to find a vacuum comb attachment. Really mom…..enough with the anti-dog appliances. There’s no dander left within a mile of me! My friends are gonna make fun of me forever!

I didn’t know at the time that I was being coiffed for my big date with my Aunt Lisette. Remember I wrote about her? She’s the author and TV star. She was visiting from LA with her friend Lisa from Melbourne (that’s Australia kids) and it was a total surprise.

We got to a café in Chestnut Hill and I thought we were just stopping for dinner. And then I saw Aunt Lisette!  I was so excited to meet her. She gave me my dinner and then signed my copy of her book, Molly Hacker Is Too Picky. I never had my very own autographed book. I feel so special! She also showed me a video of her dog Bentley digging in the sand at the beach. I’ve never been to the beach. I’ll have to put that on my bucket list. Lucky Bentley!

Of course, I did a great job keeping the riff-raff away, which wasn’t easy. I tried to blend in with the crowd, but between wearing my sunglasses (all dignitary protection personnel wear them) and talking into my paw a lot, people assumed I was with the Secret Service and kept trying to get past me to see who the VIP in the room was. I may be short, but my elbows are sharp. All my basic training at Valley Forge came in handy.

After my shift ended and we ate, Aunt Lisette cuddled me on her lap.

Are you making fun of me Aunt Lisette?

Are you making fun of me Aunt Lisette?

Two Tough Guys

I think you’re totally making fun of me Aunt Lisette!

Here I am with Lisa.

Here I am with Lisa while she was teaching me Australian

Lisa taught me how to speak Australian. I was so stoked to learn a foreign language.

Pugsley, you know that Australians speak English, right?

Mom, Australians don’t speak English. They speak Australian. Listen, “Woof mate! G’day. I want my burger on the barbie and then I’m going walkabout with the roos.” That’s totally not English!

Lisa invited me to Australia. She said I could stay with her cackle, giggle, snort. Will you drive me mom? It can’t be more than about 10 or 11 hours, right? I’ll be good in the car that long. I promise!

Pugsley, It’s about 10,000 miles to Melbourne and you can’t drive there.


Do you see all the blue on the map between the United States and Australia? That’s the ocean. You can’t drive on the ocean.

So we can drive to the ocean and then take a boat mom! Puleeeeeeze can we go? I want to play with the roos.

Why are you walking away mom???


I'm ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille!

I’m ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille!

Mom just doesn’t get me sometimes. I’ll deny saying it, but this is my favorite photo of all.


And one last one….I didn’t know it at the time, but I gave Aunt Lisette my autograph too.

I hope it’s still on your leg Aunt Lisette and it didn’t fade away.


I swear I have the cutest toes!

So you’re probably wondering after all this time who Parsley is.

Well, Aunt Lisette texted mom a photo she took of me and her stupid auto-correct software changed my name to Parsley. Now Aunt Lisette and mom laugh at me and call me Parsley.

I DON’T LOOK LIKE A PARSLEY! And mom wonders why I chew her phone…..

Catch ya ’round!

Love, Parsley (I mean Pugsley. Darn it. Now they have me saying it…)

Bissell 1 – Pugsley 0

I’m trying to work here and mom bought a new weapon in her quest to one-up me. She’s using it now and I can’t concentrate because she’s cleaning every place I marked and I’m having a panic attack. Now I’ll have to start over. She traded in her small carpet cleaner for the monster Bissell Pro Heat 2x Multi-Surface Pet. It’s three times my size and has so much suction. I could lose a paw if I get too close. So much for me chasing it up and back. It keeps giving me the evil eye. You know, a “make my day” kind of look.

I’m on lesson 5 in basic training and my drill sergeant, Joe Gochsays I’m doing well and I’m a thinker. Of course I am; I don’t expend energy without a good reason. I can sit, which I knew from my previous school, heel, down and place. Mom hopes lessons 6 and 7 are “don’t tinkle in the house” and “don’t tip the trash can and rifle through it.” I don’t know; I was hoping my next lessons would include tunnels. I know that pugs aren’t known for our agility – it must be our little legs – so I must be the exception because I love to run through the tunnels, especially when there are treats on the other end.

So this is my quick check-in today. I’m going back to bed to think about how to outsmart Mr. Bissell. Maybe if I give it some of my treats it will run after mom instead of me. Hahahahaha snort….I’d pay to see that!

Here’s my thought for the day……….Thanks for the photo Aunt Sandy wherever it originated.

Poop Crayons

Take that and suck it Mr. Bissell!!!

Love to my friends, Pugsley

League of Women Voters of PA Was Not the Only Convention This Past Weekend

Hi friends. It’s me, Chairman Pugsley, reporting in after my own canine convention this past weekend. I wanted to go with mom to the LWV Convention in beautiful Lewisburg, PA, but the hotel was not able to accommodate four-legged delegates.

So here’s a shout out to some of my LWV friends who asked for me…..Hi Kate, Marita and Sherene. I missed you!!!!

There were only three delegates at our convention and since I was the smallest kid and new to the group, I was elected chairman. Here we are caucusing:

From l to r: Bolton, Pugsley and Tallulah

From l to r: Bolton, Pugsley and Talullah. Jenny is holding me since I have a tendency to run around a lot.

We thought we might need additional delegates and some of the kids down the street wanted to join us so for five Beggin Strips and some Milk Bones, they became members. Our dues are rather reasonable compared to some organizations. Since they weren’t officers, they didn’t get in the picture.

Talullah was our secretary and Bolton wanted to be parliamentarian. He likes to keep things official.

Our plenary was pretty quick. Talullah recommended that we study canned food vs. nasty dry crap….I mean kibble….to see which is better.


Bolton advised that a majority vote would suffice since none of us knew exactly how many votes two-thirds or three-fifths of the delegates really was. Next time we better make sure we have a treasurer who can count.

That motion passed unanimously anyway. We just have to figure out who’s going to fund our taste test. I’m sure Purina would be interested in having us study this very important topic.

One of our new members, Scooter, recommended that we test all the dog parks in the area to see which is the most fun. No brainer…..that, too, passed unanimously.

Bolton recommended a secret pawshake and password. We tabled that since no one could think of good ones that we could all remember.

So while mom was in Lewisburg voting on all kinds of good government stuff, we were back in Philadelphia working on important issues.

And here’s my shout out to my super mom who was elected 3rd Vice President for Communications by all the LWVPA delegates. YAY MOM!!!!

I know she’s going to work on a strategic plan and recruit members to be on a statewide communications committee so that everyone can promote the League and its activities. She said all the local Leagues are doing such amazing work that people really need to know about it. I guess a lot of that work will fall to me since I’m mom’s executive assistant. Right now I only handle scheduling and I can see that will expand rather quickly. It might be a good time to ask for a raise. I get two treats and three belly rubs a day, which makes me very happy, but I’ll need more energy to keep up with my new responsibilities. Mom just shouted to me that she will too hahahahahaha snort!

So everyone had a productive weekend, made new friends and set an agenda for the coming year. Now it’s time to get to work.

Love, Pugsley

Aunt Lisette is a TV Star

Line up single file folks. No pushing….everyone will get an autograph. No cutting in line. Single file please!

Hey everyone. My Aunt Lisette moved to Los Angeles a few years ago and in addition to the novels she’s written, which I reviewed in a previous post, she is now on so many TV shows. I’m practicing my speech because I’ve been put in charge of crowd control when she comes to visit. You know how these events can get out of hand very quickly…..people pushing and shoving and taking pictures. I don’t want anyone to get hurt. I’m getting a whistle in case the crowd gets too unruly. And I’m waiting on my headset and walkie talkie.

Aunt Lisette’s latest role is on the web series Not Quite Fabulous. The show is about five women who are Hollywood assistants. Aunt Lisette is in episode 5 and plays a Hollywood director, Angela, (verrrrrrry important) at the premiere of her film. Angela forgets everything in her car and sends her assistant, Holly, (played by Margaux Mireault) out to the car soooo many times to get her stuff. Some might say Angela’s a real diva. I would have gone out for popcorn and not come back.

You can also see episode 5 on YouTube by clicking here:

The other lovely ladies who star in the series are: Courtney Stewart, Kim Cooper, Danielle Argyros & Shannon Stacey.

Aunt Lisette, You look bee-yoo-tee-ful!

There are two more episodes and she’ll be in the finale too so that’ll be 5…6…episode 7. Yes, episode 7. I needed another paw to count that high. Aunt Lisette is not in episode 6. Apparently Aunt Lisette only works on odd numbered shows. (Note to self: Ask Aunt Lisette why she doesn’t like even numbers.) You should watch episode 6, but don’t look for her in that one. Aunt Lisette said the finale (episode 7 in case you weren’t paying attention) is hysterical. I can’t wait until it’s posted. She won’t give me any hints so don’t bother asking. You can “like” their page on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @notquitefab. It’s such a fun series.

Aunt Lisette comes from a very talented family. Anyone who went to Temple University in the past 40 or so years and majored in PR and/or journalism no doubt had the best professor in the whole department – Dr. Jean Brodey. Dr. Brodey won so many awards over the years and is so respected by all of her students that in 2002, the Philadelphia Public Relations Association named an award in her honor. The Dr. Jean Brodey Student Achievement Award is awarded annually to a college junior or senior who has exhibited outstanding professional promise in the field of public relations, has an excellent academic track record and contributes to his or her community.

Dr. Jean L. Brodey

Dr. Jean L. Brodey

Dr. Brodey just published a book of her poetry, which she wrote as a young mother and read to my Aunt Lisette and her brother Kenneth when they were children. My Way to Anywhere can be purchased on Spread the word. There are sooooo many former Temple PR students, including my mom,  who will want to have this book.

Now back to prepping for my job…..

No pushing….everyone will get an autograph. Single file please behind the rope line! Bribing the crowd control police with cookies will do you no good…..unless you have Oreos. But I didn’t say that out loud……

Love, Pugsley