League of Women Voters of PA Was Not the Only Convention This Past Weekend

Hi friends. It’s me, Chairman Pugsley, reporting in after my own canine convention this past weekend. I wanted to go with mom to the LWV Convention in beautiful Lewisburg, PA, but the hotel was not able to accommodate four-legged delegates.

So here’s a shout out to some of my LWV friends who asked for me…..Hi Kate, Marita and Sherene. I missed you!!!!

There were only three delegates at our convention and since I was the smallest kid and new to the group, I was elected chairman. Here we are caucusing:

From l to r: Bolton, Pugsley and Tallulah

From l to r: Bolton, Pugsley and Talullah. Jenny is holding me since I have a tendency to run around a lot.

We thought we might need additional delegates and some of the kids down the street wanted to join us so for five Beggin Strips and some Milk Bones, they became members. Our dues are rather reasonable compared to some organizations. Since they weren’t officers, they didn’t get in the picture.

Talullah was our secretary and Bolton wanted to be parliamentarian. He likes to keep things official.

Our plenary was pretty quick. Talullah recommended that we study canned food vs. nasty dry crap….I mean kibble….to see which is better.


Bolton advised that a majority vote would suffice since none of us knew exactly how many votes two-thirds or three-fifths of the delegates really was. Next time we better make sure we have a treasurer who can count.

That motion passed unanimously anyway. We just have to figure out who’s going to fund our taste test. I’m sure Purina would be interested in having us study this very important topic.

One of our new members, Scooter, recommended that we test all the dog parks in the area to see which is the most fun. No brainer…..that, too, passed unanimously.

Bolton recommended a secret pawshake and password. We tabled that since no one could think of good ones that we could all remember.

So while mom was in Lewisburg voting on all kinds of good government stuff, we were back in Philadelphia working on important issues.

And here’s my shout out to my super mom who was elected 3rd Vice President for Communications by all the LWVPA delegates. YAY MOM!!!!

I know she’s going to work on a strategic plan and recruit members to be on a statewide communications committee so that everyone can promote the League and its activities. She said all the local Leagues are doing such amazing work that people really need to know about it. I guess a lot of that work will fall to me since I’m mom’s executive assistant. Right now I only handle scheduling and I can see that will expand rather quickly. It might be a good time to ask for a raise. I get two treats and three belly rubs a day, which makes me very happy, but I’ll need more energy to keep up with my new responsibilities. Mom just shouted to me that she will too hahahahahaha snort!

So everyone had a productive weekend, made new friends and set an agenda for the coming year. Now it’s time to get to work.

Love, Pugsley

3 thoughts on “League of Women Voters of PA Was Not the Only Convention This Past Weekend

  1. Hi, Pugsley — we missed you in Lewisburg, but it sounds like your convention was more edible!! Not that our food wasn’t good, but I think you would enjoy yours more. Do you like cherry crisp?? Love, Auntie Kate

  2. This brilliance must be an environmental thing….Dear Pugsley you do your mother proud by your political work in Rosemont!

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