Bissell 1 – Pugsley 0

I’m trying to work here and mom bought a new weapon in her quest to one-up me. She’s using it now and I can’t concentrate because she’s cleaning every place I marked and I’m having a panic attack. Now I’ll have to start over. She traded in her small carpet cleaner for the monster Bissell Pro Heat 2x Multi-Surface Pet. It’s three times my size and has so much suction. I could lose a paw if I get too close. So much for me chasing it up and back. It keeps giving me the evil eye. You know, a “make my day” kind of look.

I’m on lesson 5 in basic training and my drill sergeant, Joe Gochsays I’m doing well and I’m a thinker. Of course I am; I don’t expend energy without a good reason. I can sit, which I knew from my previous school, heel, down and place. Mom hopes lessons 6 and 7 are “don’t tinkle in the house” and “don’t tip the trash can and rifle through it.” I don’t know; I was hoping my next lessons would include tunnels. I know that pugs aren’t known for our agility – it must be our little legs – so I must be the exception because I love to run through the tunnels, especially when there are treats on the other end.

So this is my quick check-in today. I’m going back to bed to think about how to outsmart Mr. Bissell. Maybe if I give it some of my treats it will run after mom instead of me. Hahahahaha snort….I’d pay to see that!

Here’s my thought for the day……….Thanks for the photo Aunt Sandy wherever it originated.

Poop Crayons

Take that and suck it Mr. Bissell!!!

Love to my friends, Pugsley

2 thoughts on “Bissell 1 – Pugsley 0

  1. Funny stuff ….. Dorothy is turning over in her grave ….. Auntie Em ….. that’s another story ….. Stay away from the crayons …..

  2. Well, Pugsley, you are really thinking. I’m glad you’re going to attack the Bissell. That will show Mom who’s more important. Maybe if you’re good on the rugs, you’ll get to run through a few tunnels or something. I kind of feel sorry for your mom, who has some other stuff she’s supposed to be doing….but you do brighten up all our days!!! G’night, Pugsley.

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