We’re Having a Heatwave…..


Don’t worry friends. This isn’t me. My friend Joe texted the photo to me tonight. Let this be a lesson…..if the temperature says 100 degrees…and that’s in the shade….DON’T GO OUTSIDE!!!!!!

I have to give a big shout out to my Aunts Kelly, Kate and Deb. Thanks for asking about me tonight. Mom told me when she got home from the House of Sugar Cubes. I don’t know what could be so interesting about sugar cubes and why they need a whole house, but it must have been fun because it’s the middle of the night and I should be sleeping instead of pacing the floor waiting for mom to get home safely. I heard everyone made generous donations to the city tonight except Aunt Kate. The sugar cube house gave her money. Lucky Aunt Kate!

It’s waaaay past my bedtime and it’s supposed to be 105 degrees later today. But there’s no such thing as global warming right? Tell that to my friend with the melted face. That could be me on my next stroll outside.

Hey kid, want to come swimming at my house?


Stay cool and hydrated!

Love, Pugsley

4 thoughts on “We’re Having a Heatwave…..

  1. G’day Pugsley!
    Do you remember me? I’m here waiting for you to come over to Melbourne. We have turned the temperature down for you… A chilly 13deg C here brrrrrrrr (56F) Sounds good don’t it!!
    Thinking of you in the heat. Wish I was still there enjoying a tinny and having a chin wag with you.
    Your Aussie mate downunder, Lis

    • Hi Aunt Lisa!!!! Of course I remember you. I’m still working on logistics to get to Melbourne for a visit. It’s winter there right? 56 degrees isn’t cold at all for winter. Do you get snow? If so, I’ll have to bring my coat. Is a tinny a beer? Mom doesn’t let me drink beer because I’m just a kid. And does a chin wag mean you’re going to rub my chin. That’ll feel good!!!! Miss you!

  2. Hi Pugsley! Glad to hear you are surviving this heat wave!! I may join you in your pool — it is so freaking hot. You’re probably pretty hot too about what’s going on in Harrisburg as the PA Supremes listen to arguments about the voter photo ID issue. They’re arguing that the state did a GREAT job publicizing how people need new IDs, but forgot to mention that the state didn’t make it easier for people to get one!! That makes me steaming mad, in addition to the 100 degree temps!!!

    • Dear Aunt Kate,

      You can come swimming with me whenever you want. Call or text me first to make sure I’m home. And yes, I’m very hot under my dog collar about the Voter ID trial. I read an article where the Attorney General’s spokesperson said, “All someone has to do is make one trip to PennDOT.” This is so insensitive Aunt Kate. Doesn’t that person realize that not everyone can get to PennDOT? Some people had to make two and three trips. What if someone like me was adopted and doesn’t have a birth certificate? It’s just not right and the state confused people by changing the rules all the time. There is no common sense being used from this administration…..so what else is new???? My head feels like it’s going to explode sometimes. Love, Pugsley

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