Come on Baby Let’s Do The Twist

Hi friends. I woke up this morning with my left paw across mom’s face, my right hind leg smushed up against her cheek and my head on hers.* She asked if I was dreaming about playing Twister. I said I didn’t know what that was. ROFL Snort…..I totally know what that is; we played it at camp. Right paw red, Left leg yellow…..

Hey kid – the counselor said right paw RED and left leg YELLOW. You have both on BLUE!

He must be color blind. And wait until they call tail green. He has no chance.

Twister* This part is completely true!!!!


Twist Chubby twist………..Don’t hurt yourself kids!

Love, Pugsley

1 thought on “Come on Baby Let’s Do The Twist

  1. My pal Lisa had trouble posting her comment so she asked me to share it with everyone, It must be an Australian thing…..Here it is:

    G’day Mate!
    Yup a Tinny is a beer but a chin wag is having a good ol’ chat to one another but with a chin rub thrown in as an added bonus JUST for you!
    We have to go to the snow here. It doesn’t snow in Melbourne so we have to drive maybe 2 hours to the mountains where it snows. It’s great ski weather at the moment. But plan your trip around October/November – Spring.

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