My Community Service Projects

Hi FOPs (That’s Friends of Pugsley) in case you’re not on my list. And if you’re not, then you must be remiss in sending me your photo.

I can’t believe the summer’s over. It’s been nonstop around here – you know, getting ready to go back to school and shopping for my supplies. I don’t think I’ve written since we had our end of summer block party. That was lots of fun. Mom bought a new barbeque and she had to assemble it. My first act of community service was to post all the warning signs. Then I alerted the neighbors, the city’s Office of Emergency Management and the fire department, and then I hid in the house. You know all about my mom and tools right?



caution danger


hard hat area


It’s better to be safe than sorry. And what do you know….there wasn’t a part left over; not a bolt, a screw or even a washer. I think mom’s been taking classes behind my back.

Then came the fun part of the block party day.

I went swimming in my pool…………


Waited in line for the Moon Bounce with my neighbor Matt………….

IMG_2191 Cropped

And then I got to be the grill master, which was tons of fun……one for you, three for me………….

Grilling Pug

What a fun day!

I noticed on Facebook about a month ago that my former shelter, PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society), was in desperate need of supplies for the kids who are still there and haven’t been lucky like I have to find such a wonderful forever home.

PAWS is the largest no-kill shelter in Philadelphia and operates a high-volume, low-cost clinic serving pet owners and rescue organizations that lack access to affordable basic veterinary care. They are running extremely low on some of the cleaning and pet supplies they use, and they use a ton! They are in need of paper towels, laundry detergent, dish washing soap, and bleach.

For those of you in the Philadelphia area, donations can be dropped off at the PAWS adoption center at 2nd and Arch Streets or at their wellness clinic at 2900 Grays Ferry Avenue (that’s where I lived) any day between 10 am and 6 pm. Donations can also be purchased from their Amazon wish list and they will get delivered directly to PAWS. Items on the wish list are just suggestions; they are not picky about brands. Any and all help is appreciated.

You can also go onto the PAWS website at to read about them, learn about their community adoption events and special events like the Mutt Strut and Yappy Hours.  They have an online store in case you’re looking for a gift for a pet lover. All proceeds will help the shelter pets. You can also look at all the cats and dogs who need homes. Maybe when you drop off your donations you’ll fall in love with one of them like my mom did with me. It was love at first sight for us! Aunt Robin took care of me while I was there and she’s the one who found me for my mom. She can help you if you want to adopt a sweet four-legged kid.

Mom and I dropped off a lot of supplies generously donated by Tia Shari and Tio Jonathan, as well as our own.


Even though I was only there a short time, I recognized the place right away. “Hey mom, no returns, exchanges or refunds allowed without me waiving my no-trade clause and that’s not gonna happen!”

Mom would never give me away. I’m just too darn cuddly.

Neither of us wanted to go back to work so we took the rest of the day off and went to the park. There were so many kids there: Romeo, TJ, Rocky, two Bellas (what are the odds?), Boomer, Tiffany and some kids that I didn’t get to meet because they were in the little kids section. I know you’re thinking that I’m a little kid and I should play with the little kids. Frankly, I prefer playing with the big kids because they’re more challenging, but they can be bullies sometimes. We played tag for a while and the kids made me eat dirt a few times. I had to explain to mom that it was fun and I made sure that she didn’t embarrass me by wiping my face in front of everyone.

Hurry, Boomer's catching us

     Hurry, Boomer’s catching us

There was a really big girl named Sen there that day. She was afraid of us even though she’s twice our size. In my case, she’s about five times my size. She’s only 7 months old and hid between her dad’s legs.

Sen, we can still see you! Toddlers......

Sen, we can still see you! Sigh – Toddlers are all the same.

So you see I’ve been busy helping others and having fun doing it, just like my mom does. I’ll write more soon. I have so many more fun stories to share. Did I mention that I’m courting a lovely young lady? In fact, we’re going for a moonlight stroll before bed so I have to brush my teeth and comb my hair. Talk to you all again soon!

Pugs & Kisses, Pugsley

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