Farewell to My Friend Ivory Bender

Hi everyone. What a tremendously sad day it is for me. I just found out that Heaven took my cousin and friend Ivory yesterday. My heart aches for Aunt Jody, Uncle Chuck and my other cousins – Ivory’s brothers and sisters Ebony, Alfie, Georgie, Chubs, Dingle, Berry and Wookie.

I saw Ivory Thursday night. She wasn’t feeling well. Aunt Jody thought she had a toothache. We dogs knew it was something more. When my mom sat with Ivory and stroked her face, I jumped on the chair too to sit with them. I wanted to say goodbye even though none of the humans knew how grave the situation was. When I first stayed at Camp Bender it was Ivory who was my BFF. She taught me how to catch frogs in the backyard and even though I refused to eat them, Ivory didn’t mind. We hung out together most of the time. She tried to teach me to swim. I’ll always remember her lining up on the raft with her siblings and diving into the pool. I was too scared to do that because I don’t know how to swim. Again, Ivory didn’t think less of me. She thought I was silly and said I was too cool to get my hair wet. At dinnertime, we would skulk around the kitchen and hone in on any leftover kibble in the other kids’ bowls when they went for water and then we’d share it before they noticed. Hahahahaha snort. That was so much fun.

Through our sadness we are so joyful for knowing you Ivory for the sweet girl you will always be in our hearts.


Here’s what Aunt Jody shared on her Facebook page. I’m not letting mom see it again because it keeps making her cry.

Ivory didn’t eat her breakfast yesterday. Unusual for her but the vet said “be prepared”. Even the fresh corned beef lay untouched next to her. A wave of nausea ripped through my stomach. I took her to an emergency veterinary hospital for an ultra sound. A “three hr. wait” they said.

Signs of a new season were all around outside. Ivory and I found a small patch of grass to camp out on until called… nestling on a blanket and her doggie bed brought from home. We sat side by side touching ~ leaning on ~ one another. Her whiskers twitching subtly as the sensation of fresh air grazed her soft fur.

Side by side for 3 hrs. Few words… yet more was said between us than any 3 hour conversation with a human being.

It was meant to be our last sunny day together. Ivory’s bright eyes tried to remain responsive to please me. I knew that she too was grateful to be spending precious time alone with her mommy. We both knew that what was to follow was by design. That she did nothing wrong to be feeling this way.

Her pack brothers and sisters cherished every minute of “Ivory” time and her exuberance and playfulness will be her legacy. She’s always been my HaPpY GirL… impervious to anything but joy. A 24/7 sweet disposition I only wish I could claim my own.

The 3 hours passed by like a leaf making it’s way to the ground on a windy day.

We were shaken out of our nest of love by a call to go inside. An ultra sound would confirm what the labs said…

My Ivory girl was suffering from an enormous inoperable mass in her belly. Her kidneys and liver severely involved.

I didn’t want to cry in front of her because she would feel she had let me down.
I don’t even remember the vets following words… only the line:

“it would be the humane thing to do.”

Emotional vs. intellectual thoughts bouncing frenetically in the heart of my mind like a pinball after being released…

Ivory’s life was for me… not about me. I knew not to prolong her discomfort and pain to sustain a life that beautiful memories will naturally suffice.

Yesterday, I gave my Ivory girl to Heaven. Her eyes told me she would welcome a carefree nap and when she woke she would find family and friends to play with. She promised to visit in my sleep and we will always talk through pictures and memories. I love you my dear sweet Ivory girl. Mommy is very proud of you and thanks you for finding us…

Ivory baby girlie, please know, I wouldn’t trade those 3 hours we had together for anything in the world. I can NEVER return the love you gave.


In Loving Memory of My Friend Ivory Bender

   In Loving Memory of My Friend Ivory Bender

6 thoughts on “Farewell to My Friend Ivory Bender

  1. My sincere condolences. Beautiful expressions. So completely sad. Ivory was a really special and sweet one. Sounds like pugsley shared a great friendship.

  2. So sorry, Pugsley and Mom. I had the same decision to make about our doggie friend a few years ago and it is so hard. As my vet said, Here is where humans can make the most loving and caring decision for their pet. Ivory is no longer in pain, even though she will be missed so much. Hope you can remember all the happy times you had together!! You are a great buddy for any dog or human, Pugsley!!!

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