Hi friends. It’s my favorite time of year – Halloween! Mom was staffing another Vets Journey Home weekend. Another six servicemen and women are on their way to finding emotional peace and healing from their service. I love that mom does this volunteer work. It also gave me the opportunity to go to my favorite vacation spot Family Pet Resort. In the summer I go to camp there. I guess you could say I went to boarding school this time.

Saturday was the big Halloween costume party. Many of you heard mom say that she sent me with my costume that we kept very secret until I revealed it. All I’m saying is GUESS WHO WON FIRST PRIZE??????

I guess you all know by now that I’m a pug. In addition to being extremely cute and cuddly, we also resemble a famous movie star from the 80s. Remember when Gertie dressed ET as her doll so her mom wouldn’t find out about him? In case you forgot, here he is: 650height-55052_Series_1_Dress_Up_E_T_ (493x650)

Pugsley Halloween 2013

My costume didn’t exactly turn out as planned. I updated it with some funky blue streaks in my hair. Mom says I look more like ET meets the Bride of Frankenstein. I’m sitting in the pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin to bring toys to all the good boys and girls. Hey look – there’s Linus.

I don’t care that I don’t look exactly like ET. My dress is so much prettier than his. You can’t see it because my hair is covering it. Here’s a closeup. I’m very comfortable with my feminine side.


And here I am with my prize. There’s so much cool stuff in the basket: food, treats, toys, a bowl, cologne….and the best part is that I won two nights in the Deluxe Villa and playtime. The villa is the one with the big bed and flatscreen TV. I’m so happy.

Wow, my prize basket is bigger than I am!

Wow, my prize basket is bigger than I am!

Mom never splurges for the villa. She says I watch too much TV at home. I missed three episodes of Dog With A Blog over the weekend. And speaking of….I had my blog first, mine is funnier and I deserve my own TV show. HEY DISNEY – CHECK OUT MY BLOG!

I love all my teachers at Family Pet Resort. My report card said I was the teacher’s pet. I keep telling mom that I’m secure in my power and it’s much more fun to be in charge than to join in. I excelled at sunbathing and hanging with the humans to watch over the other kids and make sure no one got hurt. We pugs are born to snuggle with two-legged people, not four legged ones.

Mom entered my photo in the Blue Buffalo Halloween contest. Please vote for me here until Halloween and share it on your Facebook and Twitter feeds please.

Well, I gotta go for now. Stay tuned for more about mom’s Vets Journey Home weekend when I can debrief her. I have some ideas of my own that I’d like to share.

Happy Howloween, Pugsley

4 thoughts on “PUGSLEY PHONE HOME

  1. Phone home Pugs ….. Hope you enjoyed your weekend @ The Family Pet Resort ….. while your Mommy was out working her tail off to support our Veteran’s ….. Oh yea ….. and by the way ….. that’s why you were able to go the Resort …. FREEDOM ….. LOVE YOU BOTH …..

    • Dear Uncle Mike, we love you too. My heart is bursting with joy after reading your note. I’m so proud of mommy and all of you for giving of your time and doing God’s work. Love, Pugsley

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