Halloween Pug-a-Palooza

Hi everybody. I hope you had a fun Halloween. I sure did. We must have walked 100 miles trick or treating. Well, maybe not 100….more like 50 miles.

What mom? Well, if your legs were as short as mine, it would feel like 50 miles.

Mom just told me it’s not nice to exaggerate.

Here I am with Aunt Kelly, my God-sister Maya and mom at a spooky house. Can you see me sitting on the wall resting?

Aunt Kelly, Maya, Pugsley and Mom

Aunt Kelly, Maya, Pugsley and Mom

Mom, you know you look more like a Ghostbuster than a beekeeper, right? Thank goodness Tio Jonathan gave you his beekeeper hat and gloves. (I swear, my Uncle JC knows everyone and has anything you might ever need. I think he’s really Santa Paws!)

And here I am waiting patiently while mommy inspects my treats. I wonder how she got more than I did? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!


Hands off my Snickers mom!

The Beekeeper and her adorabeel bees

The Beekeeper and her adora-bee-l bees


Bedtime already? Five more minutes Aunt Kelly? PLEEEEEEZE?

A Girl's BFF aka Pugsley

A Girl’s BFF aka Pugsley

And yesterday was the big Pug-A-Ween Party. I met so many new friends: Otis, Beasley, Maggie, Olivia, Chloe, Louie, Max, Charlie, William, two Diesels and I can’t remember the others kids’ names. Mom and I won another prize. We were the cutest couple. My mom rocks!

I’m waiting for the group photo to be emailed to me. In the meantime, here are some of my new friends in their costumes. Don’t ask me to remember who’s who; you know we all look alike ha ha ha snort.


I hope you laughed at all the cute Pug kids as much as mom and I did. We’re definitely going to their next event. We’re now on the invitation list so I’ll know when all the good parties are happening.

THANKS MOM FOR UPGRADING MY SOCIAL LIFE. Uh oh, my girlfriend Tiana won’t like this one bit. Oh well, I’ll think about that tomorrow. It’s not her fault she wasn’t born a Pug.

Love, Pugsley

2 thoughts on “Halloween Pug-a-Palooza

  1. Hi, Pugsley — and a happy Halloween it was. I think your costume was BEE you tiful!! Your mom looked great too — very clever. I thought your costume (and Maya’s) were the best although the banana pug was pretty cute, too. I hope you didn’t eat any chocolate — very bad for dogs. Your mom will have to eat it all, alas. It is a good food for humans, and she’s happy to keep you safe!!!!

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