And Now For Some Good Karma

Hi everybody! Wait until you read this heartwarming tearjerker.

Mom’s friend Mike Hanson, the PA state coordinator for Vets Journey Home, has the gihugicest heart.

It is so a word mommy. Look it up……and use my dictionary not the one from that Webster guy. His is so large because he makes up words. Same with Oxford. I only use real words and important ones at that.

Anyway, as I was saying, Mike is one of those people who lives his mission. He never says no to anyone in need. He has helped so many people over the years and continues to go out of his way to help and asks nothing in return.

He contacted Greenfield Puppies online and asked if he could make payments on a puppy. Here’s the story in his own words as he share it via email:

They said they would consider it …..

Asked me who the dog was for …..

I told them my son Michael (82nd Airborne – served in Afghanistan) …..

I told them it would help with his “PTSD” …..

They said no problem ….. you can make payments …..

Well ….. they called back yesterday and said I can’t make payments …..

I asked why …..

They said because …..

They want to “GIVE” the dog to my son for his service to our country …..

I lost it …..

The guy asked me what was wrong ….. I said hold on ….. I can’t speak right now ….. I was crying …..

So I gathered myself ….. and ….. said …..

I was crying ….. Tears of gratitude …..

Wow …..

People are good …..

My son is so happy …..

We picked Forrest up tonight from Ronks, PA

Amazing Grace – How Sweet It Is …..

I was @ an AA Meeting last night …..

We were talking about gifts …..

And some guy summed it up like this …..

If there’s a Gift ….. there’s got to be a ….. Giver …..

Thank God for God …..

Isn’t this the most awesome story? So what I’ve learned is that good people attract good people and if you live your purpose (good ones, that is), the universe will look kindly upon you. When I was a bad boy a few weeks ago, the universe bonked me in the head. I learned my lesson; I still have a lump on my forehead and Aunt Kelly’s screen is dented in the shape of a pug face.

So here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for………….meet Pvt. Forrest Gump Hanson……….

Run Forrest Run! can just nap for while

Run Forrest Run! Hmmm…..okay… can just nap for while

Hey Forrest, let me know when you’re old enough for your first play date!

Wishing you all good karma……….

Love, Pugsley

2 thoughts on “And Now For Some Good Karma

  1. Beautiful editorial ….. I’d like to meet this guy Mike Hanson you spoke so highly of …..

    Here’s an amazing update:

    I took Forrest for a walk in Campbell’s Park in Port Richmond earlier this evening ….. and ….. we had a meet an greet with a cute little mutt …..

    Guess what the mutt’s name was? You’ll never guess …..

    Jenny ….. Can you believe it …..

    God couldn’t have written a better script …..

    Life’s is like a box of Chocolates …..

    Thanks’ again for the Beautiful words Pugs …..

    We’ll get together soon …..

    Peace, Love and Puppies and Pugsley
    Mike Hanson

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