I’ve Got Mail

Hi friends. I LOVE getting mail. It makes me feel so important. Most of the time my mom will order things for me and they arrive in her name. This time I got a package in MY name. I know I didn’t order anything recently so what a surprise it was to receive breakfast bar treats from my friends Pooky and Trixie Neubaum. They’re made by Doggie Delights and they are SUPER YUMMY! They have whole wheat flour, oats, bananas, molasses, honey and other good for you stuff in them.

Hey mom, I’m not on a gluten-free diet am I?

THANK YOU POOKY AND TRIXIE!!! Trixie, did you have to stand on Pooky’s shoulders to reach the mailbox? I’ll bet your mommy helped with that part of the surprise. THANK YOU AUNT RAE FOR THINKING OF ME!

Pooky and Trixie Neubaum

    Pooky and Trixie Neubaum

Yum…..breakfast bars……is it breakfast time yet?…..Oh happy day!

May your day be filled with unexpected surprises…..

Love, Pugsley

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