Happy Thanksgivukkah

IMG_2327Twas the night before Thanksgivukkah and like others of his ilk,

Pugsley laid out some schnecken with a big glass of milk.

The Hanukkiyah twinkled all silver and blue,

He was expecting a visitor seen only by Jews.


Then Pugsley nestled all snug in his bed,

While visions of Maccabees danced in his head.

Hanukkah Harry will fly with dreidels by the bushel,

Good thing he’s pulled by Moishe, Shlomo and Herschel.


 Latkes with cranberry sauce; brisket and stuffing,

What fun it is to have Hanukkah on Thanksgiving.

Next time this happens is year 79811 mom said with a glance,

Oy! Who can plan that far in advance?


 Pugsley’s a good boy; a sweet little pug,

He climbed on his mom and gave her a hug.

Then he rested his keppe and closed his googly eyes,

In the morning he’d have a big wrapped surprise.



Heidi and Pugsley

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