Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Looking for adventure
In whatever comes our way



I'm all packed mom.....we're taking the Harley, right?

I’m all packed mom…..we’re renting a Harley, right? A convertible? A kayak? We’re kayaking to Australia? I knew you’d give in and take me there.

Oh hi everybody. I forgot I was online. I got so excited when I overheard my mom say that we’re going on a road trip. I put on my leather “heartbreaker” vest that my Aunt Kelly and Godsister Maya bought me last Hanukkah. I was waiting for just the right occasion to wear it. The ladies are going to be all over me. I’m irresistible!

Yippeeeee…… just told me that we’re going to the Pheasant Field Bed In Breakfast to visit with her friends Robin and Kit, the new owners as of July. I looked on the website and it looks so beautiful and serene. I don’t understand the whole Bed In Breakfast thing though. Who would want a bed in their breakfast?

What mom? It’s a Bed AND Breakfast? So I get a bed AND breakfast? May I have my breakfast IN my bed? In case you have to give Aunt Kit my order in advance, I’d like waffles with some strawberries and lots of whipped cream, a side of bacon and hash browns well done please. I don’t need any extra fruit garnish. Oh, and a bagel lightly toasted with cream cheese might be nice.

Whaddya mean I’m having kibble? This is a special place and I deserve a special breakfast. I reserve the right to revisit this predicament at a later date!!!

I apologize for the interruption everyone.

Mom told me that Robin is a ranger. I wonder if he knows Yogi and Boo Boo and Ranger Smith from Jellystone Park. Mom, will I have to call him Mr. Ranger Sir? Ranger Robin better not take my pic-i-nic basket!

Pugsley, Robin’s not that kind of ranger.

He’s not? Is he like The Lone Ranger? The Texas Rangers? Oh wow… he a Power Ranger? Is he a superhero mom? Huh, is he? Can he teach me to fly?

Robin’s an Army Ranger, ret. You’ll have to call him Col. Ranger Sir.

Wow!!!! He really IS a superhero!!!!

Army Rangers are the cream of the crop, the pick of the litter, the best of the best, the bee’s knees, the….

We get it Pugsley. Robin rocks! You’ll love him.

The website says that Pheasant Field boards horses too mom. I hope Robin has a pony named Lightening.

You’re not going horseback riding.


You’re not going ponyback riding either.

Hold on a second everyone…….

Robin just emailed me and said we’re going to do all kinds of Ranger stuff during our visit. I’m low to the ground so I can slink around in the grass without being made. I’m going to earn my tan beret mom. Then you’ll have to salute me. I’ve already been to boot camp so this is like a promotion, right? I learned how to do doggie pushups. I can drop and give him 2, maybe 3 if I don’t eat that big breakfast I ordered.

Robin didn’t email you.


Maybe you can hang out with Robin and Kit’s dog Rehab.

Is Rehab an Army Ranger too?

I don’t think so.

Well then we can both learn together. I’ll keep everyone posted about how I do with my Ranger training.

Mom, will I have to wear a uniform? Will I get a rifle? What if it’s bigger than I am? Does the Army have Pug-size rifles? What’ll we use for targets? Will I have to camouflage my face? Does Robin have an obstacle course? I don’t know if I can climb the rope and get over that ginormous wall you always see on TV. What size boots do I wear?……..Wait…..Where are you going mom? Come back…………..May I at least have my kibble in bed? And a strip of bacon?

Until next time,

Sua Sponte “Of Our Own Accord!”

Love, Pugsley

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