Boys Need Pampering Too

Hey everyone. There are some strange things going on in my neighborhood. A big yellow orb appeared in the sky for a few days. It looked vaguely familiar, but I just couldn’t place it. Then the grass began to reappear, although it’s more like mud than grass. I even got to go outside without a sweater. And the Phillies are playing baseball, or what resembles baseball anyway. I know that will be the topic of one of my masterpiece’s in the coming weeks.

Because mom has been so busy, she decided that we needed some mommy-son bonding time so we’re here at the nail salon for mani/pedis. Figi Nails is the best. Everyone is so nice and they’re open all the time. Everyone must have needed some pampering because it’s so crowded and we’re waiting for what seems like FOREVER. Mom and I passed the time choosing our colors.

Am I allowed to choose something from Essie's new spring collection even though it's still winter?

Am I allowed to choose something from Essie’s new spring collection even though it’s still winter? Spin the Bottle is pretty. Ooh, I really like Truth or Flare.

A pedicure chair finally opened up and mom let me go first. There are other men getting pedicures so I don’t feel out of place at all. Vicki is so nice. She’s helping me choose an OPI color for my toes so that they won’t feel left out since I chose an Essie color for my fingers.

Everyone wears red. I think I'd prefer Skyfall from the Skyfall Collection. Maybe I could be the next James Bond.

Everyone wears red. I think I’d prefer Skyfall from the Skyfall Collection. Maybe I could be the next James Bond.

You’re right mom. Vicki gives the best massage. I’m falling asleep already.


Hey mom, I’m getting the spa pedicure right?

Whaddya mean no? Don’t you see how scaly my feet are from all the snow and salt? Aren’t you embarrassed to be seen walking with me with feet like this? I need the mint mask, the scrub and the extra massage. AND I WANT MY FEET PUMICED! How am I supposed to go on my date with Trixie next week? She’ll take one look at me and slam the doggie door in my face.

Don’t even think about it friends. The first one who makes a joke about my face looking like it already was slammed by a door gets a fudgy on my next visit to your house!

It’s really tough being me sometimes. Trixie’s brother, Pooky, has an attitude about my date with his sister. He thought I was coming to build a fort with him and do boy stuff. I can’t help it if Trixie’s been emailing me behind his back. I can’t ignore a lady who’s crushing on me. Could you men?

Hey mom, Rain wants to know if I need my brows waxed and dyed. They’re not too bushy, are they?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. I told her no thank you. I’m not that much of a metrosexual.

I have to change stations now to get my fingers done. Vicki wants to know if I want my cuticles cut or just pushed back?

Hey mom, do I have cuticles?

Darn, I knew I was going to smudge my toes. POLISH FIX AT STATION 11!!!!


I keep dozing off from my massage so here’s where I sign-off so that I can get my manicure and enjoy the full spa experience. I highly recommend it. I have the best mom!

Love, Pugsley

6 thoughts on “Boys Need Pampering Too

  1. Hi Pugsley,
    I’m very impressed that you went for a mani/pedi before our date. You are so sophisticated!
    I’m counting the days until we meet.
    Your friend,

    • Hi Trixie. I’m counting the days too. Maybe we can all go to a spa near you. If our moms don’t want to go, they can drive us and pick us up afterward. We can babysit Pooky. Love, Pugs

  2. Pugsley

    Hi it is shaker kathy from the big pink pillow. I missed you. I thought you might have forgotten me or i got lost in you list. Have you been laying low waiting for spring? It is nice to see you and mom got to go out and do some primping this week. Good color choices by the way. I like them very tasteful but flair as well. Tell your mom I say hi and I miss her. Has she been following our after shake email shout outs. It has been nice to hear from people. Is she singing up for our next shake in July. I would love to share “Pink” with her again. I am doing fine just hanging on till spring. Love and kisses to you both and it was great to hear from you xo

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Hi Ms. Kathy. Mom’s been shaking and baking since you saw her. She’s behind on her emails and says she’ll get to them over the weekend. I’m glad you all have the email list so everyone can keep in touch. Mom’s not sure about July yet. She wants to see everyone, but has to think about the three days and the cost. I want to go, but Uncle Jonathan said I have two legs and a tail too many. That doesn’t sound fair! So mom would have to get me a babysitter and drive 2 hours each way for three days. That’s a lot of driving! Either that or she would have to send me to camp from Friday – Monday. And that’s a lot of money on top of the tuition and her hoagies. I don’t know why I can’t go to classes with her. I’m creative.

      Pugs and Kisses to you from mom and me, Pugsley

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