Happy Birthday Easter Chicks

I was so busy yesterday. My chicks arrived on schedule. They’re cute as buttons. See for yourselves.


There’s Chick N. Noodle, Chirp, Chick E. Cheese, Chick N. Dance and Pugsley Jr. They love to climb on me. Pugsley Jr. likes to peck at my head. He’s going to be a pawful. I can tell already.

What mom? What does “pot meet kettle” mean?

I hate it when my mom talks in riddles!

I know it looks like I’m eating Chick N. Noodle, but I’m just starting to get the hang of this grooming thing.


I’m sleep deprived already so I’ll write more soon. These kids are wearing me out. I’m not a natural herder you know and they get into EVERYTHING!

Tonight we all went to the doctor for our checkups. Those details will have to wait for another day. I’ll just say this: It was the longest car trip of my life. I came home and wrote, “I will never again eat mom’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs so that I grow chickies in my tummy” 100 times. Be forewarned kids.

Love, Pugsley





2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Easter Chicks

  1. Hi Pugs,
    Your chicks are beautiful, and I’ll bet they are a lot of fun! They are a big responsibility, but we think you can handle it.
    Happy Easter!
    Trixie and Pooky

  2. AND…….with the cuteness of this picture….there may be many others who do eggs-zactly what you do….ingest those reeses to pieces eggs. Love, Unc.

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