What Pugsley’s Been Doing

Keeping watch over my high maintenance mom, that’s what I’ve been doing!

My mom never ceases to give me hours of ammunition…I mean stories….to share with you. I’m so lucky I have the mom that I do because without her I wouldn’t have nearly so much to say. So get comfy……..

About a month ago my mom had minor surgery on her eyelid. Somehow her upper tear duct disappeared. She didn’t even know she had one of those. Have you ever met anyone whose tear duct just one day vanished? Welcome to my world!

She had been telling the ophthalmologist and her PCP for nearly three years that her eye was tearing and twitching constantly. Neither of them could figure it out. Finally the ophthalmologist referred her to a tear specialist. Boy I wish I was there. She came at mom with a long pointy dagger kind of thing and stuck it in her lower tear duct. Then she squirted saline in it with an even longer pointier syringe. All this while mom was awake. MY MOM FREAKS OUT WHEN THEY GIVE HER DROPS.

So the tear specialist had her see another specialist who did the same exact thing in her lower duct and then he checked the upper duct and said it wasn’t there. REALLY? THE DOCTORS NEVER THOUGHT TO CHECK HER TEAR DUCTS THREE YEARS AGO?

So mom decided to have the surgery and hoped that the tear duct was there somewhere. It was. My mom couldn’t believe she was awake while the doctor numbed her eyelid with another long pointy needle then sliced into it and opened the duct. The doctor had no idea why her eyelid grew over it. She’s just so happy that she’s not tearing anymore and random people she meets in the supermarket have stopped asking her why she’s crying. The best part was that when she got home from the doctor’s office, she was numb up to her forehead. She went back to sleep and didn’t even know that I was drawing on her head with my Sharpie. Sure, I got in trouble and it was so worth it.

Several days later she had to oversee an election at one of the Philadelphia schools. Her hair dryer broke that morning so there she was leaving the house with crazy hair and a bruised and swollen eye. SHE LOOKED SOOOOOO PRETTY snort hahahahahahahaha <CLUNK> Darn, it’s happening again. I just can’t stop laughing. You should have seen her. She hid her phone so that I couldn’t take her picture. Of all times to have her hair dryer break. There were reporters all over the school and TV and video cameras in her face and my mom looked like a hot mess. Hahahahahahahaha <CLUNK>  Mom told everyone that my dinner was late and I punched her which, for the record, is completely untrue. And also for the record, how am I sposed to be a good nurse when my patient doesn’t cooperate? Antibiotic eye drops four times a day for two weeks seemed so unnecessary when everyone knows doggie tongues heal boo boos. I don’t know why my mom wouldn’t let me lick her eyeball.

Anyway, on Mother’s Day, mom took me to the cemetery with her to see my grandmom and pop-pop. My pop-pop’s birthday was a few days later. Mom acts surprised every time I walk over my pop-pop and paw at the grass. I know he’s there. It’s customary to leave a rock on the grave when you visit. I left something else hee hee. No sillies, not ON their graves. I found a little patch of buttercups nearby. My mom cleaned up so that the other people who live there wouldn’t get angry. I also watered all the azalea bushes. Now they’ll grow nice and tall. Afterward we went to visit my Aunt Marita and then Aunt Kelly and Maya. I love that everyone wants to hang out with me, but it was a lot of driving all over the city and I get a little rammy in the car sometimes. I was completely zausted by the time we got home. Mom was so happy when I fell asleep in the car and snored all the way home.

Last weekend was Bark in the Park at the Phillies game. By the time mom realized it, the tickets were sold out. I gave mom the middle paw and guess what? It’s true, mommies really do have eyes in the back of their heads.

I’m hungry. Hang on a second………don’t go anywhere………..


Does anybody else want a snack while I'm in here?

Does anybody else want a snack while I’m in here?

Yum. I love leftovers!

So mom is still taking her Ikebana classes and bringing home pretty flowers for us to enjoy and she started bead weaving again. She’s doing these hobbies to relax. The flower arranging makes sense. The beading not so much. I’m not sure why she sticks the needle in her fingers before she puts it through the beads. I looked at the instructions and it doesn’t say anything about sticking yourself with the needle first. All I know is that I sat next to her with the Neosporin and bandages and every time she said, “ouch,” I gave her another bandage. She didn’t look at all relaxed. The other night I finally threw the instructions on the floor after she fixed an error and then couldn’t get the needle re-threaded. She may have wanted to continue, but I had had enough of this finger poking hobby for one night. I’ll share photos if she ever finishes her project.

As if this isn’t enough relaxation, mom bought a workout trampoline. Most of you have met my mom. At what point did she think this wouldn’t end in an injury? I swear, my mom should not be allowed out unsupervised.


I have The Rothman Institute on speed dial.


If she crashes into the TV it’s coming out of her allowance and she’s gonna be grounded all summer.

I don’t know how much more relaxation I can take. My nerves are shot and now I’ve developed an eye twitch.

Oh wait, I’m not even finished yet. I forgot about her foray into gardening. It took mom two hours to pull the weeds from the flower beds. All the snow and rain drove those roots down about three feet I think. Then she attacked the weeds on the lawn.



Pretty, isn’t it? She got the weeds alright. Guess whose next trip to Home Depot was for grass seed? I just love it when she accuses me of breaking the house. I’m too embarrassed to face the neighbors. Our lawn better not be on the agenda at the next civic association meeting!

I’m announcing now that I’m going on a mental health vacation and I need someone to watch my mom. You don’t have to take full days. You can split shifts or take a few hours here and there. Seriously, she cannot be left to her own devices. Call, text or email me if you can help.

It’s very quiet in the next room. I better go check to see where my mom landed.

Until next time…………..

Pugs & Kisses (and anti-anxiety meds), Pugsley




Remembering Dr. Jean L. Brodey

Hi friends. I’m checking in with sad news. For all of my friends who went to Temple University J School or RTF back in the day, you probably had a PR class with Dr. Jean Brodey. Dr. Brodey passed away April 30th. I usually don’t allow my mom to post things on my blog so I’m making an exception. Here’s my mom….I’ll be watching her closely.

Hi Pugsley’s friends – and some of my friends who follow Pugsley’s blog.

I was one of the few Temple grads who didn’t have a class with Jean. I met her daughter, Lisette, about 22 years ago.

Mom, I’ll bet Aunt Lisette remembers the exact date.

Pugs, do you have some remote keyboard that I don’t see?

I’m not telling.

Through my friendship with Lisette, I got to know Jean. She was so committed to her students and was a real superhero in the Philadelphia PR community. She was always available to offer advice and was excited to hear about what I was doing professionally. Her students adored her. Every one of them with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work over the years is truly gifted because they had Jean’s class as their foundation. I’m sorry I missed out on that opportunity and so happy that I got to know Jean after my life at Temple.

Pugsley last wrote about Jean in his blog here.

Pugsley and I visited with Jean and Lisette Easter Sunday. Jean was inquisitive, talkative, funny as always and seemed like she hadn’t missed a beat in years. Although more frail than the last time I saw her, she was Jean.

Mom, tell everyone that she said I was cute.

Everyone, Jean said Pugsley was cute.

Tell everyone how she got out of bed to sit on the sofa with me.

I’m not sure she sat there just for you Pugs.

Yes she did!

Now tell everyone how Aunt Lisette taught me how to Skype.

Do you want to write this post?

No. You can do it.

Yes, it’s true. While we were visiting, Aunt Lisette taught Pugsley how to Skype.

My Aussie mate Lisa got up in the middle of the night just to talk to me.

I think Lisa wanted to talk to Jean and Aunt Lisette and maybe me too.

No she didn’t. She whispered to me that she just wanted to see my adorable pug mug. Look, here we are talking………

Skyping with Lisa and Lisette 2 cropped

Remember when I jumped onto the table so that Aunt Lisa and I could talk privately and you said that it’s not polite to climb on the furniture in other people’s homes? Well, I was straining to hear her because she was inviting me again to visit her and we were plotting how to get me there.

Thank you Aunt Lisette for holding the computer closer to my face so that Aunt Lisa could get a good look at me.

Skyping 2

Here I am Aunt Lisa!

It’s your world Pugsley.

I know!

So mom, if it’s 14 hours difference between here and Melbourne, when it’s today here, it’s tomorrow there right, which makes it yesterday for her? So if Aunt Lisa looks up the winning lottery numbers tomorrow, she can Skype me the numbers yesterday so that I can buy my ticket today, right?

Pugs, once they announce the winning numbers you can’t buy any more tickets.

But it’ll still be yesterday!

You make my head hurt Pugsley.

We had a lovely visit with Jean and Aunt Lisette, didn’t we Pugs?

We did mom. You told Jean we would come back to visit again.

I know I did Pugs. Remember that I had my eye surgery and I couldn’t drive for a while?

I would have driven us! We could have worn matching eye patches.

Well, short of being arrested, I thought we would have more time to see Jean. So lesson learned Pugs: Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Thank you Thomas Jefferson. Or was it Benjamin Franklin who said that? I’ve seen it attributed to both mom.

Whoever said it, it’s still true today.

So that means it’s true for Aunt Lisa tomorrow?

Stop it!

Everyone, you can visit the Dr. Jean L. Brodey Memorial Facebook page to see photos of Jean and her family and pay your respects to her daughter Lisette and son Kenneth.

Thanks mom.

I’m sure Jean is in Heaven now, handling PR and crisis management for the angels.

We’ll miss you Jean. Thanks for everything!

Love, Pugsley’s mom

and Pugsley too!