Party Animal Pugsley

Hi kids! I hope you all had a happy Independence Day weekend. I wanted to drop in to say hello, but frankly, I was recovering from all of my parties and made a conscious decision to stay off of the computer.

I was invited to Sacred Journeys last Friday night for a Summer Solstice celebration and art auction. My Aunt Shari is an artist and art therapist and she created some magnificent paintings. I asked my mom to drive me to the party and she was happy to do it. She drew the line at dropping me off down the street so I told everyone that she was my chauffeur. It’s embarrassing to be the only guest who needed his mom to drive him. If only I could reach the pedals myself………

I got to meet a lot of my online fans. Miss Kathy was there. So were Miss Maria and Miss Delia. And guess who else was there???? My Aunt Elly and Uncle Neal. I was so excited.

Mom was hanging out with me while everyone went inside to circle up. Boy, word spreads about you tinkling in someone’s house and all of a sudden you’re not invited inside anywhere.

I walked my mom around the gardens. Our first stop was the labyrinth. I never saw one with three circles and I kept stepping out of the lines. I color outside the lines too so my mom wasn’t surprised.

IMG_3288IMG_3291Then we stopped by the crystal garden………

IMG_3290And then the grotto and fountain…….

IMG_3293And then Aunt Elly came outside and told mom to go inside and join the circle. That was so nice of her. After she checked my sticky chakras, she wanted me to walk her around the yard. A short time later, Uncle Neal came outside and asked me to walk him. OMG my feet were aching! Then Uncle Jonathan came outside and I was so grateful that he only wanted to sit and snuggle. Then he passed me off to some children who were there and we played and then I got some alone time with Miss Kathy. She’s pretty. I hope she didn’t notice that I was blushing a little bit. Haripal Singh, the Sacred Journeys Kundalini Yoga guru was there and he hung out with me too. I wanted to show him my downward dog, but I was too tired from walking. I was hoping to meet Miss Karla, but nature hadn’t been kind to her so she stayed indoors.

I know what you mean about those gnats flying into your eyes. You can borrow my Doggles if you want Miss Karla.

I’m still confused about the art auction. I didn’t receive a paddle with my number on it so I went to the car and got my cell phone. All high-end auction houses like Christies and Sotheby’s take phone bids. I called Uncle Jonathan’s cell phone and he didn’t answer. How was I sposed to bid on the art? Mom said she would buy me a print after we decide which one we like the best. She said they were all beyooteeful.

And you know what else happened? Aunt Elly and Uncle Neal invited me to their Independence Day weekend barbeque. It was such a glorious day. I called dibs on anything that fell on the ground. I was hanging around the grill so much that Uncle Neal and my new friend Fred, the grillmasters, put me to work.

Fred, Do you need me to taste the burgers to see if they need more barbeque sauce?

Fred, are you ready for me to taste the burgers to see if they need more barbeque sauce?

Do you need this brush yet?

                       Do you need this brush yet?

We played horseshoes, badminton (I was the line judge), chased bubbles, tossed water balloons and Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Elly channeled their inner George and Martha Washington and played a colonial game with bamboo sticks and a ring. It was soooo funny to watch. I guess they didn’t have Wii in the 18th century.

Good catch Aunt Elly, I mean Martha Washington

                 Good catch Aunt Elly, I mean Martha 

And the Rockets Red Glare Water Balloons Bursting in Air

                        And the Rocket’s Red Glare
                        Water Balloons Bursting in Air

Uncle Jonathan was filling material with pipe tobacco and making them into pouches because he’s joining Michael Flatley’s Riverdance for a whole weekend. I don’t remember seeing that in their performances. I don’t question things; Uncle Jonathan knows what he’s doing. I’m glad he didn’t invite me to tag along. I couldn’t dance for a whole weekend.

IMG_3301What mom? He’s not doing the Riverdance? Is it the Oceandance? Lakedance? Naturedance? Oh I give up. He’s doing some kind of dance.

I called dibs to play Thomas Jefferson when we read the Declaration of Independence. It was very disappointing when no one had a copy. I had my powdered wig, knickers and buckle shoes all ready.

Uncle Jonathan fell off the sugar-free and caffeine-free wagon. He looks so happy. Yeah, he was probably bouncing off the walls for a few hours that night.

See Unc.....I told you things go better with Coke. It's the real thing!

See Unc…..I told you things go better with Coke. It’s the real thing!

The lack of the historical reenactment aside, the whole day was fun and the highlight was meeting my new girlfriend, Lucy. She followed me everywhere and I ran around a lot exploring all the trees and flowers. Her mom, Miss Maria, said she was herding me, but I know better, she didn’t leave my side all day and really, do I look like a sheep? At no point did “baaa” come out of my mouth. Lucy pawed at me, sat on my blanket with me and shared my water bowl and my dinner. She wasn’t herding; she was totally crushing on me. We were practically going steady by the end of the day.

IMG_3313The only thing that upset me a little bit was that I was overheated from all my playing and grilling so I was snorting a lot. I went to sit on the blanket with all the ladies….yay! Miss Karla was outside!….and they mimicked and laughed at me. Now I know how Rudolph felt. My mom said they did it because they love me. I don’t know…..I didn’t make fun of the way they talk. Maybe they thought I was a sheep too, although now that I think about it, Aunt Shari did call me Studly. That must be it. They weren’t laughing at me; they were all fighting over me and speaking my language.

Sorry ladies. I go home with the lady who brought me! And it was a good thing I can’t drive because I slept all the way home.

That’s what I call the best Independence Day celebration; being with family, friends, eating grilled food and playing……and being chased by a pretty girl.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday!

Love, Pugsley



8 thoughts on “Party Animal Pugsley

  1. Laughed out loud Pugs that was a great verbal ” reenactment of two perfect celebrations Rest up Pugs I am sure there are more to come If was fun hanging out an practicing my Pugsley “talk” Give your mom a hug for me Love miss Kathy xo

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Nephew Pugs,

    Who is that great photographer who supplements your writing….you are like the Lebron of the writing world with a chauffeur to bring you to your work. What an opportunity for you to watch “humans being” whilst you were loving and under duress (being courted by Lucy) still writing and expanding your being.

    • Hi Cousins Jammy. How was your weekend? Do you have fireworks in your neighborhood? I heard that Saturday’s farmer’s market was a big success. YAY! Please start shipping your Mac & Cheese back home!!!! Love, Pugsley

  3. We just can’t keep up with you, Pugs….You are such a party animal!
    The most exciting thing in our lives is that the plumber was here today. Pooky made himself hoarse barking and barking, but I just chilled out and took a nap.
    We’re glad you had so much fun socializing over the holiday!

  4. It WAS a wonderful weekend!!!! I was as tired as you were but like your “escort”, I had to stay awake to drive home – all the way back to New Jersey! It was nice to spend the day outdoors at Elly & Neal’s picnic. It was well worth the possibility of having another allergic reaction to gnat bites – YIKES!!! Luckily Aunt Elly’s essential oils saved the day and the gnats stayed away from me. I am so glad that we all got to share each other’s company AND some great food that included RED MEAT – REAL COKE and the best ever….REAL BROWNIES – Woo Hoo!!! (Sorry you couldn’t have any of those brownies – they were tasty – yum!)
    Love to both you and your Mom,
    Miss Karla

    • Hi Miss Karla. Thank you so much for writing to me. I knew the minute we met that we would become great friends. We share a passion for red meat, real Coke, sugar, white flour and chocolate….all of the important food groups ! Love, Pugsley

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