Earth Wood & Fiber

Hola from Casa de Pugsley!

I’ve never written an endorsement for a store so this is a big deal!

My mom found a cool new store called Earth Wood & Fiber. They’re my favorite band. I’m so excited that they opened a store and so close to my home.

Fantasy is my all-time favorite Earth Wood & Fiber song. I’m going to ask my mom to take me there. I hope they sing it for me.

WAIT A SECOND………………………..

This YouTube video says the band is Earth Wind & Fire. So who’s Earth Wood & Fiber?

Hold the phone! Who cares which band they are? They sell SPREADABLE BACON! Mommy, take me there NOW!!!!!!!

Mom went in one day to check out the store because they sell all kinds of earth, wood and fiber products (hence the name) crafted by local artists. They have everything from jewelry, candles that smell like the seashore to homemade soaps, tableware, blankets, adorable photos of pets and all kinds of other stuff. My mom said they didn’t have a Pugsley photo. Maybe I could model for them.

Then my mom showed me a photo of Mia, the owner, Jake’s, rescue dog and the store’s official greeter.

Mia (2)That’s not fair! I’ve been looking for a job as a greeter for years.

Mom said she noticed Mia behind the counter when she walked into the store and Jake told her to be careful because Mia may be scared and react badly. After a little while, Mia was up on the counter giving my mom kisses. Naturally – my mom is very sweet!

Earth Wood & Fiber is also at the weekly Farmer’s Market at Mostardi’s Nursery in Newtown Square on Wednesdays from 2-6 p.m through October 24th. The market is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC)

The Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) is a private non-profit whose focus is resource conservation with special emphasis on waste reduction, litter prevention, watershed education, recycling, and composting.

Now I have to go write my cover letter and send my resume to Mia. I hope she wants to interview me to be her assistant. I’m very proficient at scheduling too. I don’t think it would be a good idea to put me in the food department. The spreadable bacon may be too enticing and I wouldn’t want to blow my whole paycheck because I ate all the inventory. Maybe Jake will make me a buyer. Or maybe I could be like those ladies in the cosmetics departments and rub the creams and balms on the customers to show them how soft their paws, I mean hands, will be if they use them.

So if you don’t go to the store for the Spreadable Bacon – and I can’t imagine anyone not doing that – patronize Earth Wood & Fiber because Jake saved Mia’s life and gave her a forever home. We support good people who do good things for animals and give local artists and crafts people an outlet to sell their products. We love things that are made in the USA, especially locally. We hope you will too.

Until next time……..

Pugs & Kisses, Pugsley







2 thoughts on “Earth Wood & Fiber

  1. Is the spreadable bacon for our 4-legged friends or 2-legged friends or BOTH????? Sounds pretty yummy to me!

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