What Part of “It’s Pugsley’s World” Doesn’t My Mom Understand?

Hi friends. My mom and I had a really fun afternoon yesterday. Mom said that I had pterodactyl talons growing out of my toes so she took me to my salon at Petco for a mani/pedi. After I was finished, we went to my mom’s salon to get her nails done. You all know how antsy I get when I have to sit still. I kept jumping on the pedicure chair to see what was going on. The scrub on mom’s legs smelled so fruity and I decided it would be a waste of water to wash it off when I could eat it. That’s when Miss Hien said she would play with me.

Mom was relaxing in the chair and when she opened her eyes, guess what she saw?

Nail Salon Massage 2

Miss Hien was giving me a chair massage. Everyone was laughing. The ladies who work there didn’t want me to go home and the customers all wanted to take me home with them because I’m “so darn cute.”

My mom was shaking her head. I just don’t know what part of “It’s Pugsley’s World” confuses her. Do you?

Pugs, Kisses and pretty toes, Pugsley

Another Farewell to A Friend; Heaven Has Another Doggie Angel Tonight

What a sad day everyone. Another one of my friends went to Heaven today. This is the second friend in a few weeks. This little boy’s mommy asked that I not share his name or his photo. He was such a sweet, cute little boy. We emailed every day lots and lots of times and played together during a special sleepover party several months ago.

All timeouts are cancelled and my mom and I have been on the sofa in fetal positions bawling. My mom’s eyes now look like mine.

Even though you don’t know him, I’m asking for your prayers for his safe and happy transition.

I’ll miss you so much my friend!!! Big hug and cuddles to you on your journey.

Love and Miss You, Pugsley