Fan Feedback

Hi everyone. I love that so many of you post comments on my blog and send me your photos to post. I read all of the comments and try to answer each one. I hope you receive my replies.

Here are some of the latest ones.

This is my friend Trixie. She’s so pretty. I like her scarf. I don’t have a scarf.

Hey mom, can we go shopping for a scarf for me?

Here's my friend Trixie modeling her winter wear. Isn't she pretty?

Here’s my friend Trixie modeling her winter wear. Isn’t she pretty?

And here are my friends Dingle and Berry.

Dingle and Berry

And here’s Georgie cleaning their ears.

Mom, I need a sister to clean my ears!

Dingle Berry and Georgie

And wait until you see the next photo.

This is my friend Noodles who celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday.

I never had a friend who was old enough to drive let alone go out to bars and casinos.

Noodles, could you ask your mom if you could have the car later? We can hang out at the mall and check out the ladies. You can be my wing girl.

Aunt Nancy, I’ll make sure Noodles doesn’t drink okay? And we won’t stay out too late. Noodles can help me pick out a scarf for so that my mom doesn’t have to take me. I’m old enough to shop for myself.

Happy 21st Birthday Noodles

                                                  Happy 21st Birthday Noodles

That’s all for today friends. Stay warm and keep sending me your feedback.

Love, Pugsley