Girls Will Break Your Heart

I’m back from my vacation and I’m so incredibly depressed. Shhh…don’t tell my mom….I met a girl at the resort. Her name is Cookie and we played together a lot. Mom brought me home before I could get her phone number or email address. Now I just sit and stare out the window and write country songs.

Her name is Cookie and she’s so much prettier

Cause she’s a baby Boston Terrier


Cookie, Cookie, Cookie how I miss you

My mom brought me home without a last tail wag from you


Chocolate chips and Vanilla Wafers; they’re not my Cookie

My Cookie’s the sweetest; oh what a beauty


Cookie, Cookie, Cookie how I miss you

My mom brought me home without a last tail wag from you


When I see a bag of Oreos, it makes me cry

And when I see the Keebler Elf I want to stick a pencil in his eye


Cookie, Cookie, Cookie how I miss you

My mom brought me home without a last tail wag from you

Watch out Blake Shelton. I can sing about heartache and I’m working real dang hard on my twang.

Mom, will you please put a fiddle on the shopping list?

Other than playing with Cookie, one of the best and brightest spots of my vacation was Miss Linda’s visit to my suite. She called dibs to take care of me. I heard a lot of commotion in the hallway. I think she was fighting off another concierge.

There’s room in my suite for everyone ladies. There’s no need to pull hair or scratch each other.

Here’s Miss Linda hand feeding me my peanut butter treat. That’s because she has a lady crush on me. I’ll bet she doesn’t hand feed treats to the other guests.


I told her about Cookie and she taught me exercises to tone my turkey neck. I get to lick her every time I put my chin up and my head back. It’s a fun incentive and better than my mom’s night cream.


After my exercises, I got into bed for a quick nap and then went out to group play.


The daycare girls wrote on my report card that I’m funny and crazy and I run around a lot. They invited me back to play any time I want. I’m going to ask mom if I can go tomorrow.

I came home with a Valentine’s Day bandana because all the girls love me. Here I am looking very forlorn cause my little pug heart is broken into itty bitty pieces. If you look closely, you can see that my eyes are all watery because I was crying.

That’s right – boys cry too! I’m in touch with my feelings. Girls like that.


Don’t worry Cookie. I’m coming to find you!!!

Silly me, I almost forgot to tell you about mom’s trip. That’ll have to wait. It’s time to stare out the window again and write more love songs.

Love, Pugsley

5 thoughts on “Girls Will Break Your Heart

  1. Hey pugs
    Getting bit by the love bug is a big deal. First cookies will always hold a special place in your heart. Love is Good, pugsley it has opened your heart and maybe a new music career. Love your mama too and give her and extra lick. Xo miss kathy

  2. Hi Heidi and Sir. Pugsley, So sorry about your lost (for the moment at least) love.  Since you are the ladies man you are, I’m sure you will recover FAST!  Did you know, Ellen DeGeneres is looking for great pet photos.  You should look into it.  Once they get a look at you, Pugs, you will, no doubt, steal the show!!  All the best to BOTH of you from Tony & Kathy

  3. Awh Pugsley you have such a creative mom!!! You are lucky to have her!!! Tell your mom I don’t hand feed every dog their busy bones just the special ones like you!!! I hope you have gotten your mind off of cookie by now, there are a lot of cookies in this world and you would be “robbing the cradle” with her, she is just a puppy!!! I will be on the lookout for someone nice for you – can’t wait to see you again!!! Love Linda

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