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Since I came to live with my mom, I’ve learned a lot about the democratic process. In order to effect change, voices must be heard. And I appointed myself as a change agent.

I watched the Westminster Kennel Club’s Show this week as I did the American Kennel Club’s Show in December and you know what? I’M BOYCOTTING BOTH SHOWS!.

My relatives are NEVER chosen, despite them being so darn adorable, intelligent and snuggly. This is the Westminster Breed Champion Pug Belaire’s Royal Comet. He didn’t place in the Group finals. Pugs never do!

pugBoo judges boo! Apparently you have to have long flowing hair and use lots of Aqua Net and blingy barrettes. We natural beauties are completely overlooked.

No offense to moms and dads of these breeds. I’m sure they’re wonderful members of your family. But just look at these high maintenance kids……..I’ll bet their moms are happy when they run around and dust the floor.



Wow, this kid’s butt must be cold. Tell your mom that it’s winter and you need some hair back there!


Hey Poodle, haven’t you heard – big hair went out of style in the 80s?

Maybe I’ll ask my mom to take me for a makeover. I’ll need extensions and an updo.

Or maybe just a mop.


I’ll bet this Puli’s friends talk to his butt a lot. My mom said he looks like a throw rug on a chair..



This is Miss P. She won Best In Show at Westminster. Of course she did; she’s a Snoopy Dog and who doesn’t love Snoopy?


Hello Miss P. I’m Sir P. At least Miss P. looks like a dog and not a cleaning appliance.

Natural beauties unite! I think every dog should show in his or her natural state. Put away your brushes and hair jewelry and let’s see what you really look like!

In solidarity,


5 thoughts on “Sign My Petition

  1. Jaida agrees. Border collies and shiba inu never win either. She paraphrase Ceasars in Planet of the Apes–“judges don’t like smart dogs. “

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