The Eaglets Have Hatched! The Eaglets Have Hatched!

Happy Birthday Eaglets!!!

The Eaglets are here and just in time for Easter!

Mom and I have been watching the eagles nest on Pennsylvania’s live Eagle Cam in Codorus State Park in Hanover. Here’s the video of them hatching.

I wonder if there was a webcam on me when I hatched. Mom, do you have video of me when I hatched? Was it a statewide event? Did the governor declare a state holiday? Were there fireworks? A parade?

Whaddya mean I didn’t hatch? Then how…..???

I am so old enough to have that discussion!

We’ve been watching the eaglets on and off since they arrived. Their mommy and daddy are taking such good care of them. You can watch them live on the Eagle Cam.

The little one must be our new quarterback. I wonder when he’ll get his uniform. I hope he’s ready in time for training camp.

Fly Eaglets Fly!

On the Road to Victory.

Fight Eaglets Fight………….

What mom?

Whaddya mean they’re not those kind of Eagles? Then what kind are they?

Sigh! “Birds of a feather” is confusing!

Dogs are dogs. Cats are cats. But eagles aren’t Eagles?!

I better stick with my own kind.

Happy Spring!







2 thoughts on “The Eaglets Have Hatched! The Eaglets Have Hatched!

  1. We think the eaglets are funny, Pugs. They fight with each other when they’re not eating. Sibling rivalry must be innate. They were only 1 or 2 days old when we saw them fighting.
    (We also think you’re kinda mixed up about eagles.)

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