About pugsleysworld

I adopted Pugsley in June 2010 and it was a case of puppy love ever since (even though Pugsley was not a puppy). Rescuing him from the shelter was one of the best decisions of my life. Afterall, who could possibly resist his cute little face and pug snorts?

I’m Gonna Wash That Girl Right Outta My Hair

Well friends, my lady friend and I broke up so I went for a makeover. I love spa days. They make me feel so refreshed. There’s nothing like a new hairdo to mend a broken heart. Now I know why girls do it.

I went to see Kate at my Pet Smart salon and spa. She’s my stylist and esthetician. After I checked in, Kate took me back to the steam room for a shvitz. It was so relaxing.

Spa Day 8-15

I contemplated getting a seaweed wrap and a mud mask. The spa didn’t have cucumbers for my eyes so I passed. What’s the point of my body looking good if my eyes aren’t cool and de-puffed?

So I got my shampoo and blowout, pawdicure and my dental cleaning. Oh yeah, and Kate cleaned my ears too. I can hear much better now, but I still retain the right to ignore my mom if I don’t want to do something. Then Miss Kate did something kind of intimate with my butt. I didn’t expect that. I guess I’ll have to tip her extra!

The spa was pretty crowded so after my appointment, I volunteered to sit at the front desk and check in the other clients.

Spa Day Job

“Next please!”


“Hi Sebastian. Welcome to the Pet Smart Salon and Spa. Let me pull up your file on the computer. Shampoo, cut and blowout right? Do you need color today? Your stylist will show you some options.”

“You can go back to table 2 and your stylist will be right with you.”

“Next please!”

“Eeeek! Lord have mercy! Girl, what happened to you? I hope whatever you did last night was worth this!”

Trixie - Before

“Hurry back to table 4 Trixie!”


“Oh that poor girl. I’m gonna have nightmares tonight.”

“Next in line please.”

“Hi Blossom. Do you have an appointment?”

“You just need a pawdicure. No problem. Let me show you our additional services while you’re here.”

“Table 1 just became available.”

“Checking out already Sebastian. You look very handsome.”

PETSMART EXCLUSIVE. Chalking for dogs for Pet Expressions. Chalk. MODEL: Luna, a Pomeranian who was hired through Arizona Animal Actors.

PETSMART EXCLUSIVE. Chalking for dogs for Pet Expressions.

“I came to check on you Blossom. That’s a very chic color choice. Here’s a sample of our stenciling package. Would you like a heart on your butt today or some fancy feathers?”

ROYALTY FREE. PETSMART EXCLUSIVE. Pet Expressions shoot at the MDC 11/11 -11/12/14 Neon green nail stickers Video/Photo Releases - Please see David Kless Services Team Contact - Please see Stacy Mendez or Megan Mouser

Neon green nail stickers

ROYALTY FREE. PETSMART EXCLUSIVE. Pet Expressions shoot at the MDC 11/11 -11/12/14 Heart stencil and pink, white, red feather, valentines day Video/Photo Releases - Please see David Kless Services Team Contact - Please see Stacy Mendez or Megan Mouser

Heart stencil and pink, white, red feather, valentines day
ABOVE Video/Photo Releases – Please see David Kless

I better go back and check on Trixie. She might still be traumatized.

“Oh Trixie…………You’re beautiful. ………Praise the Lord! It’s a miracle!”

Trixie Waiting (2)

Uh oh. All of the stylists are sitting in a heap.

“Miss Kate, I’m putting the ‘closed for grooming emergency’ sign on the door and I’m calling my mom to come get me.”

Spa days are grand, aren’t they? Today’s lesson: Make sure you schedule some “me time” in your life!

Well, my work here is done!

Pugs, Kisses and Beauty Treatments, Pugsley

Support Team Chugslie!!!

Hey everyone. I’m here with my friend Charlie O’Clarkey. We’re meeting with our coach because we’re in training for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Maybe one of you reading this can help us through our predicament.

Pugsley and Charlie 2

We were really excited about the Bobsled competition until our training hit a snag. You see how all the men push and then jump in?


Well, apparently my legs are too short and I kept missing the sled. Charlie was flying down the course without me. I slid down on my butt. And yes, the ice is cold, especially when you don’t wear pants.

So we switched to the luge.


We can totally do that.

Charlie: Coach says we need uniforms and equipment.

Pugsley: Don’t forget about the spiked gloves. I want those.

Charlie: For what?

Pugsley: I don’t know, but I’ll bet the ladies will think they’re pretty cool.

Maybe we should create a Kickstarter page.

Pugsley: Oh I’ll bet Purina would sponsor us. We could pack Busy Bones in our uniforms in case we get hungry on the ride. That reminds me, we’ll need pockets in our uniforms.

Charlie: Really Pugs? It’s not a road trip. The whole ride lasts about 52 seconds.

Pugsley: That’s enough time for a snack.

Charlie: You’re high maintenance Pugsley.

Pugsley: You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Charlie: Anyway, we’re having a disagreement about which one of us should be on top to lead the steering.

Pugs you should be on the bottom because you’re sqooshy and it’ll be like I’m lying on a pillow. I hope I don’t fall asleep on the way down the track.


Oh I don’t know about this arrangement.

Charlie: I could be on the bottom, but I’m muscular so it may not be very comfortable for you.


I workout all the time. Look, Charlie, I run through my agility tunnel………

Agility Tunnel 1

Okay, that’s not a good one since I sometimes stop to groom my toes.

Agility Tunnel 2

Here I am, all the way through.

And then I swim laps in my pool………

Drinking the Pool



Charlie: Maybe we should rethink this whole idea.

Pugsley: I’ll go get my broom. We can try Curling. Can we still get spiked gloves?

Charlie: Maybe we’ll try summer sports instead.

Pugsley: How about the hurdles? Is finger nipping a winter or summer sport?

Charlie: SMH – Until we figure it out, this is Charlie signing off for Pugsley.

Happy Independence Day. Today We Remember.

As we celebrate the birth of our nation, please take a moment to honor the brave men and women who fought for our independence and all those who came after them. We honor the men and women in foreign lands today who continue to sacrifice for our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The Missing Persons Table honors those men and women who are not with us to celebrate today.. Missing Persons Table 2

The table is round to show our everlasting concern for our missing men and women.

The tablecloth is white, symbolizing the purity of their motives when answering the call to duty.

The single red rose, displayed in a vase, reminds us of the life of each of the missing, and their loved ones and friends of these Americans who keep the faith, awaiting answers.

The vase is tied with a red ribbon, symbol of our continued determination to account for our missing.

A slice of lemon on the bread plate is to remind us of the bitter fate of those captured and missing in a foreign land.

A pinch of salt symbolizes the tears endured by those missing and their families who seek answers.

The Bible represents the strength gained through faith to sustain those lost from our country, founded as one nation under God.

The glass is inverted to symbolize their inability to share today’s toast.

The chair is empty — they are missing.

Let us raise our glasses in a toast to honor America’s POW/MIAs and to the success of our efforts to account for them.

And let us not forget all of the brave Americans who paid the ultimate sacrifice. May God bless our military heroes and our nation today and always.

Love, Pugsley

Lord, I Was Born and Ramblin’ Man

Hi friends. Happy Summer!

I had so many fun adventures with my mom this Spring. I just have to tell you about them. This is a long one with lots of pictures so grab a snack first. I’ll wait.

Back in April, mom had to be in Harrisburg with my Aunt Marita for League of Women Voters debates. We stayed in Miss Grace and Mister Roy’s bungalow on their property. I never stayed in a bungalow. I didn’t even know what a bungalow was. Since I wasn’t allowed to moderate the debates (that honor went to Miss Lynn), I boycotted them. Miss Grace and Mister Roy pugsat me. We snuggled, watched TV and played and it was so much fun. After the last debate, we gave a ride home to Miss Lynn and Miss Suzanne. What happens in the backseat of the car stays in the backseat of the car. My pug lips are sealed.

In May, mom and I went to Lancaster to visit Miss Susan and Mister Gary and their feline kids Daisy and Ari. Mister Gary went flying in his plane for the afternoon. I really wanted to go with him because I’ve never been in a plane. Instead I lunched with the ladies. Here I am with Miss Sylvia and Miss Sherry and mom at the Lancaster Brewing Company. I wasn’t even carded!

Lunching with the Ladies

Then Miss Susan and mom took me to the dog park in beautiful James Buchanan Park, named after the president who was born in Pennsylvania and once lived in Lancaster.


                Come on Mom, hurry across the bridge. We have to explore!

It was the nicest dog park I ever saw. The big kids were the size of ponies and I was sure they would step on me so I played with all the little kids in their part of the park. One of the girls taught me to drink from a water fountain.


We had hors d’oeuvres and dinner in their beautiful garden and then Mister Gary took mom and me on a walking tour of the neighborhood. Mister Gary must be the mayor of the neighborhood. Everyone knew him. I think we walked for hours, looking at all the gorgeous homes. I was so tired that I fell asleep and snored all through the movie they watched after the tour. Daisy and Ari didn’t want to play with me so they stayed inside when I was outside and ran out when I came in. It was their loss really. I’m very fun. I discovered their food bowls and boy is cat food yummy. I meowed all night.


Oh yum cheese and crackers. My favorite. May I have some wine Miss Susan?

The next morning Miss Susan and I did the New York Times crossword puzzle. Shh….don’t tell Mister Gary that I was on the sofa.


Miss Susan: 17 across – One of AFI’s greatest male movie stars of all time.

Pugsley: Pugsley

Miss Susan: It can’t be Pugsley, it’s only four letters.

Pugsley: Pugs

Miss Susan: It doesn’t work. It begins with a ‘P,’ but 8 down ends in a ‘K.’

Pugsley: What’s the clue for 8 down?

Miss Susan: A small patch of color or light. Five letters. The answer is fleck.

Pugsley: No, it’s flek; And it should be plural – five letters, not four. Fleks. It has to end in an ‘S.’

Miss Susan: That’s not how you spell fleck.

Pugsley: That’s how I spell it.

Miss Susan: And since when are you a movie star?

Pugsley: Since always! The puzzle is wrong.

Miss Susan: You’re making up words.

Pugsley: I can’t help it if the New York Times is wrong. 17 across – Pugs! Do you want my autograph?

Miss Susan decided she would come back to the crossword puzzle later so we went to the farmer’s market and then to lunch. On the way home mom stopped at the outlets. I was the hit of Skechers. All the kids came running over to play with me. Even so, I didn’t like that store at all. They had nothing in my size.

A few weeks ago Aunt Marita, mom and I drove all the way to Pittsburgh for the League of Women Voters of PA Convention. Instead of sitting on my seat cover, I decided to make a tent and play inside of it. Mom drew the line when I asked her if I could roast marshmallows in my tent.


On the way, we stopped at the Flight 93 Memorial to pay our respects.


The black wall below represents the crime tape that was placed around the crash site, which is in the field just beyond the wall.


A boulder sits in the field, which is the approximate location where Flight 93 crashed. Out of respect, and because there were family members of one of the victims present that day, mom didn’t photograph it.

I wasn’t sure we were still in Pennsylvania. When we got off the highway to go to the memorial and then afterward when we drove ahead to the next Turnpike entrance, there wasn’t a strip mall anywhere in sight. How could anyone drive for miles and not see a strip mall or a Walmart?

When we got to Pittsburgh, we checked into the amazing Hotel Monaco. OMG! I can’t begin to tell you what a wonderful hotel it is.

Lindley, who works at the front desk, had emailed me instructions for my visit well in advance so I knew where I was allowed to walk my mom. Here I am checking in. They greeted me by name and gave me my first treat because they’re that hospitable.


      Welcome to the Hotel Monaco Pugsley. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Look at the bed and bowls they gave me to use during my stay. We could have all slept in my bed it was so big and luxurious.


While Aunt Marita and mom were at dinner with some of the convention delegates, the concierge brought up a plate of treats for me. More hospitality! The Hotel Monaco is so quirky and fun. Just look at some of the décor. This is the hotel living room.


This lady must have talked too much and disturbed the guests.


And this poor soldier probably lost his battle. No wonder; his tank is on his head!


The bird cages in our rooms and around the hotel symbolize the National Aviary, which is located in Pittsburgh. It’s America’s only independent indoor nonprofit zoo dedicated exclusively to birds.

Uh oh all of the birds flew the coop!


For some reason all of the picture frames were empty so mom and her friends had to step in for a while. (l to r: Annette Shimer, president, LWV Greater Pittsburgh, Susan Carty, president, LWVPA and Chester County, Mom and Prestion Shimer, LWVPA first VP and treasurer, LWV Greater Pittsburgh.)

20150604_212959 2

Don’t say that I told you, but Aunt Marita and mom had to call the front desk to find out how to turn off the birdcage lamp. I was so embarrassed. And don’t tell them that while they were out, I slept in their beds. Cackle.

20150608_155946 20150608_160917

This the funkiest wallpaper I ever saw in a closet. And it’s the only hotel I know that provides each guest with a yoga mat. I perfected my downward dog each morning before breakfast.


Conventioning is fun! That’s not a skeptical look on my face below. It’s me saying to myself, “Really mom? No one else is dressed up like Uncle Sam.”

IMG_4020 IMG_4004

Oh wait, yes there is. Miss Chris has the same glasses as you do mom. Now I want a pair too.

2015-06-07 11.11.41

Mom had to lead a workshop the first afternoon so while she prepared I went on an architectural walking tour. I’m not used to walking so much. I got back in time for the workshop and ended up snoring under the table. Oh well. I heard it was very good.

The first night the League honored political and civic leader, philanthropist and Pittsburgh powerhouse Elsie Hillman.

“It is possible to see something good and to work for it

and even dare to achieve it.

Don’t be a spectator.

You are needed in every corner of the community.”

— Elsie Hillman

Here are Mrs. Hillman and her husband Henry, who have been married for 70 years. That’s the epitome of love and partnership.

RINGING ENDORSEMENT Annette Shimer, Susan Carty, Carol Kuniholm, and Eileen Olmsted join beloved Pittsburgher and philanthropist Elsie Hillman (bottom right) and her husband, Henry, as she accepts the Justice Bell Award from the League of Women Voters. Held at the Hotel Monaco on June 5, the award was named after the Justice Bell, an exact replica of the Liberty Bell. In 1915 it became an iconic symbol of the woman’s suffrage movement in Pennsylvania. Read more: http://triblive.com/lifestyles/…/8481665-74/heart-event-red… photo by Michael Mancini | for trib total media

RINGING ENDORSEMENT Annette Shimer, Susan Carty, Carol Kuniholm, and Eileen Olmsted join beloved Pittsburgher and philanthropist Elsie Hillman (bottom right) and her husband, Henry, as she accepts the Justice Bell Award from the League of Women Voters. Held at the Hotel Monaco on June 5, the award was named after the Justice Bell, an exact replica of the Liberty Bell. In 1915 it became an iconic symbol of the woman’s suffrage movement in Pennsylvania. Read more: http://triblive.com/lifestyles/…/8481665-74/heart-event-red… photo by Michael Mancini | for trib total media

There was some confusion for the plenary session. I’ve been the board pawliamentarian for two years and some guy Dave came in and told me it was his job. It doesn’t matter that he’s a certified parliamentarian. (He can’t even spell it correctly. It’s PAWliamentarian Dave!) I got on-the-job training.

Oh Dave, I think you're mistaken. You're MY assistant, not the other way around.

Oh Dave, I think you’re mistaken. You’re MY assistant, not the other way around.

My mom won an Anna Estes Strawbridge award at the convention. The ANNA ESTES STRAWBRIDGE HONOR ROLL was established in 1985, as part of the League’s 65th anniversary celebration, to honor individuals who have demonstrated energy and commitment to the ideals and principles of the League. Anna Estes Strawbridge was a founding mother of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania.

2015-06-06 19.32.42

All of the ladies kept it a secret. They didn’t even tell me.


The program included my mom’s bio. Here’s the most important part of what the ladies wrote:

With her favorite four-legged partner in crime, Pugsley, she edits his blog, “Pugsley’s World” and maintains Pugsley’s Facebook page along with her own.  Pugsley has completed his term as the state board’s “pawlimentarian,” finding it increasingly difficult to ‘call for the question’ during a motion discussion by the board while munching on a treat.

Mom, you have to share your award with me. And thanks for being a great blog editor!

Eek! I missed cake? Why didn’t anyone tell me there was cake?


Here’s Susan Carty, president, with Alexis Galvis, a senior at Mt. Lebanon High School in Pittsburgh. She’s the first place winner of the inaugural League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania high school student video contest “Get in the Game (Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport).” The contest was geared toward encouraging citizen participation in the democratic process. Alexis won $1,000 and her video, Vote?Vote can be seen here.


Several times a day I went to visit my friends at the front desk. I hung out with Erin, Lindley, Priya, Brian, Jerry, Tommie, Matt, Amber, Rachel, Jessa, Charles, Cale, Julie and so many others. I’m sorry if I’m forgetting someone. They gave me treats and let me play with the guests when they came into the lobby. Our walks at night took about an hour. Everyone who saw me wanted to play with me and some people took pictures. What can I say? I’m a rockstar!

We spotted Miss Sharon, the League’s education guru, getting some fresh air. I love Miss Sharon. She always has a snuggle for me. Mom loves Miss Sharon too, but she doesn’t get a snuggle; only me because I’m Pugsley.


And Miss Carol was out strolling too. She always grabs me for a big hug. She took a photo of mom and me while we were checking out the area.


Then I saw her. Gabby. She was so pretty. She’s only 5 months old. Boy was she flirting with me. I think she’s way too young for me. I’m not that kind of boy.


I think she’s a princess or something. When she checked out of the hotel, they wheeled her out like royalty right on the luggage cart. I wonder where the luggage was.


After all the convention delegates went home, Aunt Marita, mom and I went to lunch at Market Square where I met more friends. Here I am with Derrick. He was making balloon animals for all the kids.

20150607_150712 2

              I’m short Derrick. Can you make me a giraffe hat?

We spotted a baby carriage and went over to see the babies. They weren’t the kind of babies we were expecting to see.


Hey mom, I think I need a stroller for when we take these long walks.


We walked to the Arts Festival and saw lots of Pugs walking their humans. In fact, there were all kinds of dogs everywhere. It was the place to be in Pittsburgh on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The next day I worked at the front desk with Brian the Dog Whisperer while Aunt Marita and mom went to the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning to see the Nationalities Rooms. The rooms were designed to represent the cultures of various ethnic groups that settled in Allegheny County and are supported by these cultural groups and governments. They showed me pictures when they got back. There are too many to see so click on the link above to see them. They’re amazing, especially the Austrian Room. It looks like a palace dining room.

Brian, I can see the treat bowl on top of the table. I've been helpful this afternoon, haven't I?

Brian, I can see the treat jar on top of the table. I’ve been helpful this afternoon, haven’t I? Can’t I have ONE more PLEEEEASE? I won’t tell my mom that I ate 36 of them already. I promise!

At night Aunt Marita and mom went to the ballgame. Mom said the view from her seat was so beautiful that it looked like a movie set. The ominous rain clouds made it look even more fake. The Pirates lost. Gee mom, you could have stayed in Philadelphia to see the hometeam lose. They said the Pierogi race was fun.


And can you imagine the ushers at Citizens Bank Park holding up these little “wait for the batter to finish” signs? They would get mowed down. Hahahahahaha.

2015-06-08 21.32.46

Our ride home the next day was leisurely. I hated to come home. I miss my staff, I mean friends, at the hotel. My mom doesn’t give me treats every time I walk in and out of the room. I like sleeping in my own bed, although I do wonder where we’re going on our next adventure. Until then………. Pugs and Kisses, Pugsley

Happy Anniversary To Me

Happy 5th anniversary of my adoption to me! I became the luckiest Pug in the whole world five years ago today when my mom brought me to live with pop-pop and her.

In honor of the occasion, my mom made me a special dinner tonight. She served me Beef Barkundy and it was sooooo good. I almost ate the bowl.

Then mom gave me a peanut butter Frosty Paws. Hold on while I make a wish and blow out my candle.

2015-06-19 21.39.50Okay I’m back.

Bleachable moment on the kitchen counter mom! And I’m just reminding you that YOU put me up here. I didn’t jump up on my own this time.

Boy was my dessert yummy.

My mom also gave me presents. I got two new chew toys; one’s hot dog flavored and the other tastes like a vanilla milkshake. Mom is also sending me to overnight camp for a long weekend. My friend Wellington said that it’s really a present for my mom. I don’t think that’s true Wellington. My mom loves hanging out with me. I’m so laid back.

This weekend I get to go to my 2nd Annual Summer Solstice Celebration. We’re going to welcome summer by walking the labyrinth and having a fire ceremony. Hmmm….I wonder if Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Shari are going to set the labyrinth on fire. I don’t think I would like to walk through fire. Just in case, I better take my paw balm.

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. Today was such a glorious day that I played outside and sunbathed a little. Look everyone, no tan lines!

IMG_3976 Trimmed

It’s the little things in life that make us the happiest, isn’t it? Love, a happy home, family and friends, snuggles and a roll in the grass. Life is good! I’m so blessed!

Love, Pugsley

Happy Honda Days! What Color Would You Like?

Hi everybody. It’s me, Pugsley.

In preparation for the busy holiday season, I auditioned to be the face of the next Happy Honda Days TV campaign. I don’t like that Jan lady from Toyota. Who would you rather buy a car from Jan or me?

Mom took me to Main Line Honda where I met with Nino the Sales Manager. My mom’s friend John, her sales consultant, wasn’t in yet. I know he would have coached me. It was his loss since I don’t visit there much. Instead I met with Steve, another sales consultant, who gave me a few pointers and then I auditioned with Nino.

Steve (l) and Nino (r) after my interview. Who else could sell two cars in half an hour?

Steve (l) and Nino (r) after my interview. Who else could sell two brand spanking new cars in half an hour?

My interview went something like this:

“Happy Honda Days. Welcome to Main Line Honda. I’m Pugsley. How many cars are you going to take home today?

Oh the Odyssey is such a fun car. How many are there in your litter?

Five.plus the missus. Perfect. Leave your dog tag on my desk and I’ll pull the car to the entrance for a test drive around the neighborhood.”

20 minutes later

“I told you it was the bomb. Did you see the lady’s face at the drive-thru? Cackle. That was too much fun! You’ll love the touring edition with the DVD Ultrawide Rear Entertainment System with HDMI® Technology and High-Resolution WVGA (800×480) Screen. (How impressive am I?)  And I’m guessing you’ll want a kayak attachment and the tent for camping by the lake. Oh and the best is that it comes standard with a Honda vac for easy cleanup of all the pesky Milk Bone crumbs.

Let’s see, with your accessories, that’ll be 46,000 Dentastix, 400 Milk Bones and 10 Snausages plus title, tags and destination charge. What color do you want? I’ll have it washed and wrapped up for you. Have a bowl of water while you wait. It’ll only take a few minutes.

What, you don’t want to pay more than 42,000 Dentastix? Trust me, you don’t want to go down a trim and lose the DVD player. Your kids will be sticking their heads out every window and barking at the other cars. Oy the noise!!!

Wait, don’t go. Let me talk to my sales manager and see what I can do.”

Uh oh this is not going well.

“Okay……..for 40,000 Dentastix, 4,000 Pup-Peroni and 500 Snausages you can drive it off the lot right now. Your wife will look lovely in the Dark Cherry Pearl with beige interior and it won’t show the kids’ fur. I’ll have it brought around.

It’s an amazing deal. I may buy two myself.

In fact, for an extra 26,000 Greenies I’ll throw in an Alabaster Silver Metallic Accord EX with the black interior, side underbody spoilers and a moonroof visor. I’ll bring them around for you. And I’ll throw in a cargo net to keep the toys from rolling around and squeaking. I just saved you nearly 2,000 Greenies and your wife will LOVE having her own car.”

Boom……..sold………two cars……and a whole new customer market. Let me know when the U-Haul with the currency arrives.

Some of the other sales consultants came by and wanted me to be Main Line Honda’s mascot. I’ll consider it if I don’t get the national campaign. Nino said Honda likes to get money for their cars. They’ll need to reconsider or else they’ll lose all my customers. He said I have a very persuasive face and he would send my photo to the Honda ad people and let me know if they like me. Like me? Seriously? What’s not to like? This is the face that’ll sell a gazillion cars. Honda will run out of cars to sell!

Just in case, I went on another interview at our neighborhood Wells Fargo bank. I met with Deyanna, whom I’ve visited many times to get doggie biscuits. I don’t know much about banking and I was sure I could figure out what I needed to know.

I sat in the chair across from her and the interview was going so well until I plopped my face in the lollypop bowl that was on her desk.

Apparently bankers like you to choose ONE from the bowl with your hands. No fair! I don’t have hands.

I can see that banking isn’t going to work out. I’ll just wait for the call from Honda. I hope Steven Spielberg directs me. I hear he’s pretty good. . And they better pay me a lot of Snausages!

By the way Nino, how much is my commission for the two cars I sold?

Until next time when I’m famous…..

Love, Pugsley

Guess Who’s Getting A Timeout?

Contrary to precedent and what you’re probably thinking, it’s not me!

Friends, let me tell you…..my mom is away at the US Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, PA with her Vets Journey Home veterans and friends Robin Stauffer and Craig Williamson and videographer extraordinaire Mary Jude Szymanski. They’re conducting interviews and shooting video for Vets Journey Home – PA. MJ is donating her time and talent to help veterans heal the emotional wounds from their service. She’s awesome!!!!!

The one problem with this adventurous day is that MOM LEFT ME HOME ALONE!

She’s been gone at least a week so far. I’m fainting from hunger. I may have to eat the furniture soon!

I’ve been looking out the window yelling to passersby for help. I texted my neighbor Roscoe and asked him to bring me food. I don’t care that he eats cat food. Food is food! He didn’t respond. Maybe he’s on vacation.

Day 9

I’m bored. How much TV can I watch?

Mom keeps sending me emails and texts about her fun trip. That’s just mean!

Mr. Craig got a golf cart and drove them around the Army Heritage Trail. I would like to ride in a golf cart around the trail! Not that I was invited or anything.

The trail is a one-mile walking path of outdoor exhibits and markers on various eras in U.S. Army history.

There’s a replica American Revolutionary War redoubt from the 1781 Siege of Yorktown, cabins built to resemble those of French and Indian War and American Civil War encampments, several replica camp buildings from World War II, a Vietnam Firebase, (a temporary encampment to provide artillery fire support to infantry operating in areas beyond the normal range of fire support from their own base camps), a section of trenches from World War I with shell hole-marked no-man’s land, and a corresponding German pillbox. Why did the Germans wear such fancy hats? No wonder they lost the war. There are lots of tanks, cannons and a helicopter on the trail. If they flew in the helicopter I’m gonna be sooooo angry.


Yorktown Redoubt No. 10


  WWII M4 Sherman Tank

Example of a German Pillbox

Example of a German Pillbox

Vietnam Firebase

Vietnam Firebase


UH-1 Iroquois “Huey” Helicopter

And here’s my Uncle Robin playing in the Guard House. It looks just like the one from Hogan’s Heroes. I wonder if he met Sgt. Schultz.

IMG_3926 trimmed 2

Then mom sent me these photos. Mom and MJ went parachuting. It’s my understanding that they landed in the trees. Serves them right.

SMH at my mom

SMH at my mom

And they fired sniper rifles at virtual targets. Mom said the rifle was so darn heavy. She was no Leroy Jethro Gibbs. In fact, they both sucked hee hee. Yes, I used a bad word. I don’t care. Did I mention that I’m left home alone? I’m wasting away! I can hardly type I’m so hungry. I must have lost 10 lbs. already.

Day 15

Mom just texted again and said they were driving around the Carlisle Barracks, home of the U.S. Army War College. Mom better not enroll. I don’t have any intention of doing her homework.

Wait….another text just came in. Now they’re going to Pheasant Field, Uncle Robin’s Bed and Breakfast. I stayed there last year. It was so beautiful. So now I guess mom is spending another night away. I’m totally going to poop on her pillow. If only I had the strength to climb the stairs to the bedroom. I’m so weak……..

More photos…..Uncle Robin and Aunt Kit added chickens to the household since I was there. How mean is it that my mom is texting me pictures of food when I’m in my present state of decline? They collected the eggs. I like eggs. An omelet sounds yummy right about now. Oh look how cute the chickens are.




Uncle Robin said that this girl keeps breaking out of the coop and wandering around the property. She must be looking for a rooster. They put an ankle bracelet around her leg to see if it was the same chicken who keeps getting out. It is so they named her House Arrest. Cackle. That’s funny.

House Arrest

House Arrest

Don’t play with the horses House Arrest. You won’t find a rooster boyfriend in the paddock.

The baby chickies are still under heat lamps because they don’t have many feathers yet. Uncle Robin said they got them as Peeps. I didn’t know that Peeps turned into real live chickies if you put them under heat lamps. I wonder what color they were. I’ll bet they were the purple ones. A purple marshmallow Peep would taste soooo good.


Down the street from Pheasant Field are a few farms. Mom stopped to look at the lambies and this one ran over to her to say hello. Yum…lamb chops. ACK! Stop texting food pictures mom!!!!.



After visiting with Aunt Kit and my doggie friend Rehab, mom and MJ went to dinner with my Auntie Rae.

Dinner. Boy I wish someone would come and give me dinner. I think it must be a month now since I last had dinner. I hope everyone is enjoying their dinners. I’ll just be here chewing on my paws.

Day 33

I just ran my paw across the kitchen counter. Nothing! I ate some bran cereal a few weeks ago because the TV commercial said I needed more fiber in my diet. How was I to know it would explode out of my colon? So now there’s nothing on the counter for me to eat. Bah! Go easy on the bran kids. You don’t have to eat half a bag at one time. I wouldn’t want another kid to have bran flakes shoot out of his butt. Projectile bran remnants do not make for a fun day.

Hold on; someone just texted me.


If you’ve met me then you know I don’t have to create stories. This stuff really happens to me. Just ask my mom……if she ever comes home.

Mom and MJ saw my friend Trixie and met her new boyfriend who lives down the street. Trixie said I’m too big to be her boyfriend because she’s a little 8 lb. girl. This guy is twice my size. What gives Trixie?

Auntie Rae sent me a photo. Sure, mom leaves me alone and cheats on me with another kid AGAIN. I have to admit that he’s a very handsome fella. I didn’t know that when mom said they played with the tanks, she was talking about a dog. Tank is quite a fitting name for this guy. He’s built just like one.

Tank, that’s some underbite you’re sporting. Maybe that’s what attracts the ladies. I’ll have to ask my dentist to help me become a lady magnet. That’s if I ever make it out of here.


Day 37

Sigh…….I wonder if mom’s ever coming home. I just butt dialed Auntie Rae’s phone. I heard her speaking and she couldn’t hear me. My voice must be too faint by now.

Day 43

I hear someone at the door. Help! I’m in here.

It’s my mom. She finally decided to come home. Talk to the paw mom; talk to the paw.

Oh hello. You finally decided to come home after a month and a half.

A fun DAY? You ask if I had a fun DAY?

Why yes, I had a fun DAY. I had a hilarious 43 DAYS!

What’s that I hear? It’s my food dish. Yay dinner! Ummmm……I’ll freeze her out after I eat. Oh yippee – she wants to take me for a walk. Okay, I’ll freeze her out after my exercise.

We’re back.

Oh, I’m sorry mom. Am I not snuggly enough for you? Maybe it’s because I wasted away for 43 days while you were playing soldier with your friends.


                                               Col. Mary Jude


What’s a lower rank than Pvt. Mom?

One day? What do you mean you were only gone one day? Someone in this family can’t tell time and it’s not me. The last time you left for 3 days you tried to convince me you were only gone 20 minutes.

I have witnesses and they’ll back me up. Maybe you should go to Switzerland and ask them to teach you to tell time. They’re the best in the world for their precision and innovation with timepieces you know.

That’ll be at least a 6 month trip. I better stockpile food and water.

Until next time –

Love, Pugsley

FBI Declares Animal Cruelty a Felony

Yippee! Thank you FBI and thank you to my personal pet psychic Alissa Wolf for posting this on her blog Critter Corner.

Critter Corner with Alissa Wolf

FBI-Animal-CruelyIn a development that animal welfare advocates and animal lovers in general applaud, the FBI recently announced that the bureau will now classify animal cruelty as a Class A felony, in the same league as homicide, arson and assault.

Extensive studies have indicated that many mass murderers, such as Jeffrey Dahmer and David “Son of Sam” Berkowitz, initially abused animals as children. Thus, the new classification will enable law enforcement officials and mental health counselors to keep better track of kids who show early signs of trouble, in an effort to help thwart any criminal activities on their parts later in life.

This will also enable the FBI to monitor animal abusers nationwide, and will help to strengthen individual state laws pertaining to this.

On the downside, the FBI won’t be bale to begin collecting related data until January of 2016, because it’s going to take some time to get…

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The Eaglets Have Hatched! The Eaglets Have Hatched!

Happy Birthday Eaglets!!!

The Eaglets are here and just in time for Easter!

Mom and I have been watching the eagles nest on Pennsylvania’s live Eagle Cam in Codorus State Park in Hanover. Here’s the video of them hatching.

I wonder if there was a webcam on me when I hatched. Mom, do you have video of me when I hatched? Was it a statewide event? Did the governor declare a state holiday? Were there fireworks? A parade?

Whaddya mean I didn’t hatch? Then how…..???

I am so old enough to have that discussion!

We’ve been watching the eaglets on and off since they arrived. Their mommy and daddy are taking such good care of them. You can watch them live on the Eagle Cam.

The little one must be our new quarterback. I wonder when he’ll get his uniform. I hope he’s ready in time for training camp.

Fly Eaglets Fly!

On the Road to Victory.

Fight Eaglets Fight………….

What mom?

Whaddya mean they’re not those kind of Eagles? Then what kind are they?

Sigh! “Birds of a feather” is confusing!

Dogs are dogs. Cats are cats. But eagles aren’t Eagles?!

I better stick with my own kind.

Happy Spring!