Planes, Trains, Boats, Buses, Gondolas and Trolleys

Hi everyone. It’s Pugsley again.

Remember back in the day when your friends and their parents would go on vacation and then invite you over to see the photos or slides and you would sit there bored for HOURS?


I finally have time to sit with my mom so that she can show us her photos from Vancouver. I already told you in a previous post that the Canada Border Service agents in Toronto put mom through a pretty tough interrogation. I’m happy to say that mom made her connection to Vancouver in plenty of time. Mom loved Air Canada. Her plane was one of those big flying cities with nine seats across……and the flight attendants spoke French. Even though my mom had no idea what they were saying, it sounded so pretty. AND THEY GAVE OUT FREE PRETZELS. Try finding that on a US airline anymore.

My mom’s first tour was to Whistler, which hosted most of the alpine, Nordic, luge, skeleton and bobsled events during the 2010 Winter Olympics and where she didn’t learn how to whistle. The bus took the Sea to Sky Highway, which mom said was a beautiful ride. You can read about it here. The bus stopped at a few places along the way and the best was Shannon Falls, the third highest waterfall in British Columbia.


Mom said she enjoyed meeting the other people on the tour. There was a couple from Adelaide, South Australia and they were friendly and very funny. This was their fourth trip to Vancouver and to Alaska. They must love it considering the 23 hours it takes to get there. I wonder if they know my friend Lisa from Melbourne. They’re probably neighbors.

Another lady, Anna, lives in England. Her father and grandfather were born in Philadelphia and then her family moved to Ireland. So that makes Anna an honorary Philadelphian.


Mom and Anna hung out at Whistler Village and rode the Peak 2 Peak Gondola from Whistler to Blackcomb. It was warm and green at the bottom………


and cold and snowy at the top………..


Wow, I didn’t know that you could get an Olympic medal for gondola riding. Mom, you got first place. I’m so proud! Did they play the Star Spangled Banner for you?


No wonder my mom won; just look at her form and expertise.


After her medal ceremony, mom strolled through the village and wandered over to the Olympic Village.


Look everyone, my mom found where Bullwinkle works now. He’s a Royal Canadian Mountie.


I wonder if Rocky is his deputy. My mom didn’t think to ask.

When the tour got back to Vancouver, mom had dinner by the harbor. What’s not to like?


The next day was the really fun day……..the whale watching tour.

Mom took a tour with Prince of Whales. Cackle! that’s such a funny name! The website says the Zodiac whale watching was a three hour tour.

Uh oh mom. Gilligan wasn’t on your boat, was he? 

Mom said her tour was 12 hours. That’s a lot of whale watching. The tour mom took was on a big boat called the Ocean Magic and it went super fast and really rode the waves. Everyone had to wear long raincoats on board in case they got splashed or wanted to ride on the whales.

Nevermind. Mom said it wasn’t Disney World and they weren’t allowed to ride on the whales.



Brittany and Sharon were the naturalists on the tour and mom said they were fantastic. They knew everything about the islands, the animals and the whales we saw, even the whales’ names.



What mom, that’s not a shark? It looks like a shark. It has that scary fin and everything. It’s a what? An Orca?


Stop laughing at me mom!

Here’s what Brittany had to say about the whales and here are her photos. They’re AMAZING! Not that your photo isn’t good mom, but Brittany’s whales are dancing for her.

The following photos are of resident (fish-eating) killer whales. We were watching whales from J-pod (one out of our three southern resident pods, J-pod contains 25 individuals). 

In killer whales, we identify individuals by their unique white saddle patches located behind their dorsal fins, which are different on each side.

The first two photos are of a male from L-pod, L87 born in 1992 nicknamed “Onyx.” His mother passed away and has no ties to L-pod now. So instead he hangs out with J-pod cause he is a “ladies man,” but also the oldest whale, Granny, has adopted him as a son.

Onyx is also in the third photo with some of Granny’s grandchildren.

The fourth photo is of Granny herself. Granny is the oldest whale we have J2, estimated to be born in 1911, makes her 103 years old. Notice her distinct nick in her dorsal fin. 

The final photos are again of Onyx the whale.

Note all photos were taken using a 300mm zoom lens, and cropped on the computer. 

  Onyx Onyx Flying

Onyx and Stepbrothers  Granny

Onyx 5

Onyx 4

Onyx 3

WOW!!!!!!! That’s pretty incredible mom. Onyx is cute.

So what happened after you saw the whales?

WAIT! Look at these photos everyone. How cool is this? This rock is looking at my mom.


And here are more rocks with eyes.


They’re not crazy human rocks. Mom said these are seals. They’re kind of cute. I was expecting them to be little, white and fuzzy.

I know what this is mom! I’ll bet if you click on him, he’ll sing for you. It might take a few seconds so be patient. You can’t rush our national bird.





Here he is pooping on the Cowboys giggle snort.


That’s funny. I thought his head would be flatter.



Fly Eagles Fly

Sack the quarterback then hit him in the thigh

Run Eagles Run

Go for the two point conversion

If you fumble, then we’ll boo

And then throw snowballs at you

Fly Eagles Fly

On the Road to the Super Bowl

Well, I like my lyrics better mom! I’m calling Coach Kelly to schedule my audition.

And speaking of the Prince of Whales, did anyone watch that show on Fox called “I Wanna Marry Harry?” Mom and I were up late one night and couldn’t find anything to watch so we decided to check it out. It was a train, bicycle and scooter wreck! Twelve American ladies went to England looking for a husband. A guy who resembled Prince Harry was their “bachelor.” The women really thought he was Prince Harry. Granted, he looked like him and the producers, including Ryan Seacrest (no comment), concocted all these situations to make them think it really was Harry. Talk about dumb Americans. Can you just imagine the real Prince Harry looking for a wife on a reality dating show? Queen Elizabeth would get the vapors and Prince Philip would whack his butt with a cricket paddle. We binged watched all of the episodes. We just couldn’t look away and once we started, we had to find out how it ended.

Oh right, back to mom’s vacation. After the whales, the boat then took everyone to see Victoria. I don’t know her.

Mom, who’s Victoria?

Oh….Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, named after Queen Victoria of the UK.

I want someplace to be named Pugsley. Do I have to be a queen to get a city named after me?

What mom? I KNOW I’M A BOY! So I can be King Pugsley? What? No, I’m not planning to conquer any countries any time soon. So that means I can’t have a city named after me? Okay, fine. I’m renaming our house.Welcome to Casa de Pugsley. Do I need to hit the house with a bottle of champagne or anything? Whaddya mean I can start paying the taxes now?

Geez…..this royalty business has a lot of strings. I guess I can name my room without much hassle.

Here’s the Pawliament Building.

Mom, did you tell them that I’m a pawliamentarian? Maybe I could work for them. Is that like our Congress? They probably get things done without all that fighting and nonsense though, right?


The last stop of the day was at Butchart Gardens. Mom must have taken 1,000 photos so I’m only going to post the ones I love the best.

In case you didn’t like flowers, you could play chess.



Here’s a Redwood that was planted in 1934. It’s GIMONGOUS!


For you rose fans, here’s Good as Gold from the USA 2013. Mom focused on the little bud. It’s so cute!


Here’s the 1999 Betty Boop Rose from the USA.


And her favorite, the Love Song Rose from the USA 2011.


And mom’s favorite photo on the last part of the tour back in Vancouver….the gas station in the middle of the harbor. You don’t want your boat to run out of gas and the best part is, there are no lines. I wonder if it’s self-serve and if they have a convenience store inside.


Dinner that night was at Joe Fortes.  Mom sat at the bar and met lots of nice people. Trudy lives in Ontario and winters in Florida. Her brother lives in Ireland. Mom listened to Trudy explaining baseball to her brother so of course, mom bonded with her right away.

Mom’s last day in Vancouver was spent touring the city. Now she knows why people visit there and never come back. It’s an urban rainforest so everything is green and lush. They have palm trees and beaches and it’s so relaxing….and expensive. One of the tour guides told mom that Vancouver is the most expensive city in North America. Poor little New York. It’s the Avis of North American cities. Maybe if it tried harder giggle.

Mom stopped by the Olympic Cauldron. You can have it lit for an event at the low cost of C$5,000 for four hours, although someone told mom the cost is C$10,000.


Mom’s last stop before heading to the train station was the Granville Island Public Market. She visited the galleries and hung out with the ducks for a while. She loves animals. It’s amazing that she didn’t adopt everyone.

Hey mom, this kid has my eyes. Do you think we’re related?








Awww….look at the babies all fuzzy and cute.


Mom caught the train back to the US and Seattle. Look everyone from Philly, Yang Ming opened a food truck near the US border.


And finally, here’s the view from the train as the sun set over a perfect vacation.


I hope you enjoyed my tour of British Columbia. Maybe mom will go to French Columbia next time.

I have lots more to share so check back soon!

Love, Pugsley









Party Animal Pugsley

Hi kids! I hope you all had a happy Independence Day weekend. I wanted to drop in to say hello, but frankly, I was recovering from all of my parties and made a conscious decision to stay off of the computer.

I was invited to Sacred Journeys last Friday night for a Summer Solstice celebration and art auction. My Aunt Shari is an artist and art therapist and she created some magnificent paintings. I asked my mom to drive me to the party and she was happy to do it. She drew the line at dropping me off down the street so I told everyone that she was my chauffeur. It’s embarrassing to be the only guest who needed his mom to drive him. If only I could reach the pedals myself………

I got to meet a lot of my online fans. Miss Kathy was there. So were Miss Maria and Miss Delia. And guess who else was there???? My Aunt Elly and Uncle Neal. I was so excited.

Mom was hanging out with me while everyone went inside to circle up. Boy, word spreads about you tinkling in someone’s house and all of a sudden you’re not invited inside anywhere.

I walked my mom around the gardens. Our first stop was the labyrinth. I never saw one with three circles and I kept stepping out of the lines. I color outside the lines too so my mom wasn’t surprised.

IMG_3288IMG_3291Then we stopped by the crystal garden………

IMG_3290And then the grotto and fountain…….

IMG_3293And then Aunt Elly came outside and told mom to go inside and join the circle. That was so nice of her. After she checked my sticky chakras, she wanted me to walk her around the yard. A short time later, Uncle Neal came outside and asked me to walk him. OMG my feet were aching! Then Uncle Jonathan came outside and I was so grateful that he only wanted to sit and snuggle. Then he passed me off to some children who were there and we played and then I got some alone time with Miss Kathy. She’s pretty. I hope she didn’t notice that I was blushing a little bit. Haripal Singh, the Sacred Journeys Kundalini Yoga guru was there and he hung out with me too. I wanted to show him my downward dog, but I was too tired from walking. I was hoping to meet Miss Karla, but nature hadn’t been kind to her so she stayed indoors.

I know what you mean about those gnats flying into your eyes. You can borrow my Doggles if you want Miss Karla.

I’m still confused about the art auction. I didn’t receive a paddle with my number on it so I went to the car and got my cell phone. All high-end auction houses like Christies and Sotheby’s take phone bids. I called Uncle Jonathan’s cell phone and he didn’t answer. How was I sposed to bid on the art? Mom said she would buy me a print after we decide which one we like the best. She said they were all beyooteeful.

And you know what else happened? Aunt Elly and Uncle Neal invited me to their Independence Day weekend barbeque. It was such a glorious day. I called dibs on anything that fell on the ground. I was hanging around the grill so much that Uncle Neal and my new friend Fred, the grillmasters, put me to work.

Fred, Do you need me to taste the burgers to see if they need more barbeque sauce?

Fred, are you ready for me to taste the burgers to see if they need more barbeque sauce?

Do you need this brush yet?

                       Do you need this brush yet?

We played horseshoes, badminton (I was the line judge), chased bubbles, tossed water balloons and Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Elly channeled their inner George and Martha Washington and played a colonial game with bamboo sticks and a ring. It was soooo funny to watch. I guess they didn’t have Wii in the 18th century.

Good catch Aunt Elly, I mean Martha Washington

                 Good catch Aunt Elly, I mean Martha 

And the Rockets Red Glare Water Balloons Bursting in Air

                        And the Rocket’s Red Glare
                        Water Balloons Bursting in Air

Uncle Jonathan was filling material with pipe tobacco and making them into pouches because he’s joining Michael Flatley’s Riverdance for a whole weekend. I don’t remember seeing that in their performances. I don’t question things; Uncle Jonathan knows what he’s doing. I’m glad he didn’t invite me to tag along. I couldn’t dance for a whole weekend.

IMG_3301What mom? He’s not doing the Riverdance? Is it the Oceandance? Lakedance? Naturedance? Oh I give up. He’s doing some kind of dance.

I called dibs to play Thomas Jefferson when we read the Declaration of Independence. It was very disappointing when no one had a copy. I had my powdered wig, knickers and buckle shoes all ready.

Uncle Jonathan fell off the sugar-free and caffeine-free wagon. He looks so happy. Yeah, he was probably bouncing off the walls for a few hours that night.

See Unc.....I told you things go better with Coke. It's the real thing!

See Unc…..I told you things go better with Coke. It’s the real thing!

The lack of the historical reenactment aside, the whole day was fun and the highlight was meeting my new girlfriend, Lucy. She followed me everywhere and I ran around a lot exploring all the trees and flowers. Her mom, Miss Maria, said she was herding me, but I know better, she didn’t leave my side all day and really, do I look like a sheep? At no point did “baaa” come out of my mouth. Lucy pawed at me, sat on my blanket with me and shared my water bowl and my dinner. She wasn’t herding; she was totally crushing on me. We were practically going steady by the end of the day.

IMG_3313The only thing that upset me a little bit was that I was overheated from all my playing and grilling so I was snorting a lot. I went to sit on the blanket with all the ladies….yay! Miss Karla was outside!….and they mimicked and laughed at me. Now I know how Rudolph felt. My mom said they did it because they love me. I don’t know…..I didn’t make fun of the way they talk. Maybe they thought I was a sheep too, although now that I think about it, Aunt Shari did call me Studly. That must be it. They weren’t laughing at me; they were all fighting over me and speaking my language.

Sorry ladies. I go home with the lady who brought me! And it was a good thing I can’t drive because I slept all the way home.

That’s what I call the best Independence Day celebration; being with family, friends, eating grilled food and playing……and being chased by a pretty girl.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday!

Love, Pugsley



I’m Baaaaaack!!!!

Hellooooooo everybody. It’s me, Pugsley, and I’m back from my vacation. This post is going to cover so many things. I hope you can follow along with me.

First things first. I had sooooo much fun at camp. I played so much and went shvimming and made a new friend named Flash. Some of the kids told me that I was hogging the shvimming pool. No I wasn’t………I love to shvim, especially the pug stroke. I left enough room for the little kids to shvim with me. Every time the big kids jumped in all the water splashed out and they had to refill the pool. Here’s my report card from Family Pet Resort.

Pugsley Report Card 2

My counselor was so great and I love my new friends. I just don’t know why I’m always IT when we play Hide N Seek.

Where did everybody go?

                              Where did everybody go?

Wait until you see this……..I spent two nights in the Deluxe Villa. One night my peeps and I planned to have Poker Night…..guys only. I told the concierge to let me know when my large extra kibble pizzas arrived. Gus wanted a Pup-peroni pizza so we added a small one to our order. I was finding a ballgame on my big TV for us to watch when my counselor came in to give me my nightly belly rub. I got so many belly rubs! I’m so spoiled when I go there.

Pugsley villa 2 Pugsley villa

The other kids all wanted belly rubs too so that was the end of Poker Night.

My mom picked me up when she returned from her vacation. She was in British Columbia. She went to Vancouver, BC and Victoria, BC. I think they’re near Washington, DC. Someplace, CC must be in between.

Mom said she went through Customs in Toronto. She said she was grilled by two officers and was expecting someone to search her cavities. What did they think she could hide in her teeth?

Mom went to Whistler one day, which seems to have been a waste of time because she still can’t whistle. She also went whale watching. I’m glad she didn’t bring one home. I’m not Goldilocks and I’m not sharing my bed!

Then she went to Seattle for Cousins Sammy and Jarred’s wedding.

IMG_3200 2IMG_3220

Mom said the wedding was so beautiful. Look at Cousin Sammy all grown up. I’m verklempt!!!

Mom said she has lots more wedding and vacation photos. We’ll be going through pictures for weeks.The girls went belly dancing one night. I can’t wait to see that giggle snort. I would do well as a belly dancer because I have a big belly. I hope that I get to choose who rubs it afterward. Just don’t put one of those coin belts on me. I like to dance au naturel!

Hey mom……..why do these cotton balls have faces?



My mom said they’re not cotton balls. They’re my Cousins Pink and Floyd. I know Pink Floyd.

We don’t need no edumacashun
We don’t need no thought control……….

Sigh…… just said they’re not the same Pink and Floyd. Oh well. Mom stayed with Cousins Cindi and Scott one night and got to snuggle with the cotton balls and then Cindi and Scott hosted a wedding brunch so mom got to see Pink and Floyd again.

Anyway, I no sooner got home from camp and unpacked when mom and I packed again to go to Harrisburg for our League of Women Voters board meeting. I was out of sorts all weekend because my allergies gave me an ear infection and the Benny Drill made me hyper. It usually  makes me loopy and groggy. Not this time….I was what mom called, oh what was that word again? Oh yeah – a LUNATIC. She promised the ladies that my behavior was no reflection on my home training.

I couldn’t help it. I didn’t feel well and the hotel had placed canisters of Hershey’s Kisses on the table. Of course I climbed up and walked all over the table and threw the canisters around to open them. Chocolate makes everything better. Except apparently doggie ailments. I should know. I’ve had my share of induced stomach heaving in my day. Needless to say I didn’t pawliament very well.


Jeez… mom doesn’t know English very well.

Auntie Rae brought me a toy to keep me occupied. All the ladies watched to see if I could find the treats. Of course I figured out where my little treats were hiding. I may be a lunatic, but I’m an intelligent lunatic.


After a while I played Hide N Seek like I learned at Family Pet Resort. I don’t know why no one came to find me. I don’t have to be IT all the time, do I?


On the way home, mom and I stopped in Reading to see our Vets Journey Home friends on their retreat. I was all set to circle up with them and they told me it was only for veterans.

HELLOOOOOO people……….what about the 600 canine active duty military and all the doggies who are now veterans?




This is the idea I had last winter and I had to see the retreat in action for myself. Who decided that canine vets don’t have PTSD or emotional issues from their service?

I’m starting Vets’ Pets Journey Home!

I’ll start my own circle. I’ll bet I could get a lot of my friends to join me. I’ll ask at Family Pet Resort the next time I go. I’ll bet Flash, Gus, Max, Boomer and Harley will staff with me. We owe it to our four-legged heroes too to make sure they get welcomed home properly. Who’s with me???????

Back to looking at vacation pictures. More to come………and hopefully I can persuade my mom to let me go to day camp. It’s the best time. If you want to go and need a reference, call or text me.

Love, Pugsley


What Pugsley’s Been Doing

Keeping watch over my high maintenance mom, that’s what I’ve been doing!

My mom never ceases to give me hours of ammunition…I mean stories….to share with you. I’m so lucky I have the mom that I do because without her I wouldn’t have nearly so much to say. So get comfy……..

About a month ago my mom had minor surgery on her eyelid. Somehow her upper tear duct disappeared. She didn’t even know she had one of those. Have you ever met anyone whose tear duct just one day vanished? Welcome to my world!

She had been telling the ophthalmologist and her PCP for nearly three years that her eye was tearing and twitching constantly. Neither of them could figure it out. Finally the ophthalmologist referred her to a tear specialist. Boy I wish I was there. She came at mom with a long pointy dagger kind of thing and stuck it in her lower tear duct. Then she squirted saline in it with an even longer pointier syringe. All this while mom was awake. MY MOM FREAKS OUT WHEN THEY GIVE HER DROPS.

So the tear specialist had her see another specialist who did the same exact thing in her lower duct and then he checked the upper duct and said it wasn’t there. REALLY? THE DOCTORS NEVER THOUGHT TO CHECK HER TEAR DUCTS THREE YEARS AGO?

So mom decided to have the surgery and hoped that the tear duct was there somewhere. It was. My mom couldn’t believe she was awake while the doctor numbed her eyelid with another long pointy needle then sliced into it and opened the duct. The doctor had no idea why her eyelid grew over it. She’s just so happy that she’s not tearing anymore and random people she meets in the supermarket have stopped asking her why she’s crying. The best part was that when she got home from the doctor’s office, she was numb up to her forehead. She went back to sleep and didn’t even know that I was drawing on her head with my Sharpie. Sure, I got in trouble and it was so worth it.

Several days later she had to oversee an election at one of the Philadelphia schools. Her hair dryer broke that morning so there she was leaving the house with crazy hair and a bruised and swollen eye. SHE LOOKED SOOOOOO PRETTY snort hahahahahahahaha <CLUNK> Darn, it’s happening again. I just can’t stop laughing. You should have seen her. She hid her phone so that I couldn’t take her picture. Of all times to have her hair dryer break. There were reporters all over the school and TV and video cameras in her face and my mom looked like a hot mess. Hahahahahahahaha <CLUNK>  Mom told everyone that my dinner was late and I punched her which, for the record, is completely untrue. And also for the record, how am I sposed to be a good nurse when my patient doesn’t cooperate? Antibiotic eye drops four times a day for two weeks seemed so unnecessary when everyone knows doggie tongues heal boo boos. I don’t know why my mom wouldn’t let me lick her eyeball.

Anyway, on Mother’s Day, mom took me to the cemetery with her to see my grandmom and pop-pop. My pop-pop’s birthday was a few days later. Mom acts surprised every time I walk over my pop-pop and paw at the grass. I know he’s there. It’s customary to leave a rock on the grave when you visit. I left something else hee hee. No sillies, not ON their graves. I found a little patch of buttercups nearby. My mom cleaned up so that the other people who live there wouldn’t get angry. I also watered all the azalea bushes. Now they’ll grow nice and tall. Afterward we went to visit my Aunt Marita and then Aunt Kelly and Maya. I love that everyone wants to hang out with me, but it was a lot of driving all over the city and I get a little rammy in the car sometimes. I was completely zausted by the time we got home. Mom was so happy when I fell asleep in the car and snored all the way home.

Last weekend was Bark in the Park at the Phillies game. By the time mom realized it, the tickets were sold out. I gave mom the middle paw and guess what? It’s true, mommies really do have eyes in the back of their heads.

I’m hungry. Hang on a second………don’t go anywhere………..


Does anybody else want a snack while I'm in here?

Does anybody else want a snack while I’m in here?

Yum. I love leftovers!

So mom is still taking her Ikebana classes and bringing home pretty flowers for us to enjoy and she started bead weaving again. She’s doing these hobbies to relax. The flower arranging makes sense. The beading not so much. I’m not sure why she sticks the needle in her fingers before she puts it through the beads. I looked at the instructions and it doesn’t say anything about sticking yourself with the needle first. All I know is that I sat next to her with the Neosporin and bandages and every time she said, “ouch,” I gave her another bandage. She didn’t look at all relaxed. The other night I finally threw the instructions on the floor after she fixed an error and then couldn’t get the needle re-threaded. She may have wanted to continue, but I had had enough of this finger poking hobby for one night. I’ll share photos if she ever finishes her project.

As if this isn’t enough relaxation, mom bought a workout trampoline. Most of you have met my mom. At what point did she think this wouldn’t end in an injury? I swear, my mom should not be allowed out unsupervised.


I have The Rothman Institute on speed dial.


If she crashes into the TV it’s coming out of her allowance and she’s gonna be grounded all summer.

I don’t know how much more relaxation I can take. My nerves are shot and now I’ve developed an eye twitch.

Oh wait, I’m not even finished yet. I forgot about her foray into gardening. It took mom two hours to pull the weeds from the flower beds. All the snow and rain drove those roots down about three feet I think. Then she attacked the weeds on the lawn.



Pretty, isn’t it? She got the weeds alright. Guess whose next trip to Home Depot was for grass seed? I just love it when she accuses me of breaking the house. I’m too embarrassed to face the neighbors. Our lawn better not be on the agenda at the next civic association meeting!

I’m announcing now that I’m going on a mental health vacation and I need someone to watch my mom. You don’t have to take full days. You can split shifts or take a few hours here and there. Seriously, she cannot be left to her own devices. Call, text or email me if you can help.

It’s very quiet in the next room. I better go check to see where my mom landed.

Until next time…………..

Pugs & Kisses (and anti-anxiety meds), Pugsley




Remembering Dr. Jean L. Brodey

Hi friends. I’m checking in with sad news. For all of my friends who went to Temple University J School or RTF back in the day, you probably had a PR class with Dr. Jean Brodey. Dr. Brodey passed away April 30th. I usually don’t allow my mom to post things on my blog so I’m making an exception. Here’s my mom….I’ll be watching her closely.

Hi Pugsley’s friends – and some of my friends who follow Pugsley’s blog.

I was one of the few Temple grads who didn’t have a class with Jean. I met her daughter, Lisette, about 22 years ago.

Mom, I’ll bet Aunt Lisette remembers the exact date.

Pugs, do you have some remote keyboard that I don’t see?

I’m not telling.

Through my friendship with Lisette, I got to know Jean. She was so committed to her students and was a real superhero in the Philadelphia PR community. She was always available to offer advice and was excited to hear about what I was doing professionally. Her students adored her. Every one of them with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work over the years is truly gifted because they had Jean’s class as their foundation. I’m sorry I missed out on that opportunity and so happy that I got to know Jean after my life at Temple.

Pugsley last wrote about Jean in his blog here.

Pugsley and I visited with Jean and Lisette Easter Sunday. Jean was inquisitive, talkative, funny as always and seemed like she hadn’t missed a beat in years. Although more frail than the last time I saw her, she was Jean.

Mom, tell everyone that she said I was cute.

Everyone, Jean said Pugsley was cute.

Tell everyone how she got out of bed to sit on the sofa with me.

I’m not sure she sat there just for you Pugs.

Yes she did!

Now tell everyone how Aunt Lisette taught me how to Skype.

Do you want to write this post?

No. You can do it.

Yes, it’s true. While we were visiting, Aunt Lisette taught Pugsley how to Skype.

My Aussie mate Lisa got up in the middle of the night just to talk to me.

I think Lisa wanted to talk to Jean and Aunt Lisette and maybe me too.

No she didn’t. She whispered to me that she just wanted to see my adorable pug mug. Look, here we are talking………

Skyping with Lisa and Lisette 2 cropped

Remember when I jumped onto the table so that Aunt Lisa and I could talk privately and you said that it’s not polite to climb on the furniture in other people’s homes? Well, I was straining to hear her because she was inviting me again to visit her and we were plotting how to get me there.

Thank you Aunt Lisette for holding the computer closer to my face so that Aunt Lisa could get a good look at me.

Skyping 2

Here I am Aunt Lisa!

It’s your world Pugsley.

I know!

So mom, if it’s 14 hours difference between here and Melbourne, when it’s today here, it’s tomorrow there right, which makes it yesterday for her? So if Aunt Lisa looks up the winning lottery numbers tomorrow, she can Skype me the numbers yesterday so that I can buy my ticket today, right?

Pugs, once they announce the winning numbers you can’t buy any more tickets.

But it’ll still be yesterday!

You make my head hurt Pugsley.

We had a lovely visit with Jean and Aunt Lisette, didn’t we Pugs?

We did mom. You told Jean we would come back to visit again.

I know I did Pugs. Remember that I had my eye surgery and I couldn’t drive for a while?

I would have driven us! We could have worn matching eye patches.

Well, short of being arrested, I thought we would have more time to see Jean. So lesson learned Pugs: Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Thank you Thomas Jefferson. Or was it Benjamin Franklin who said that? I’ve seen it attributed to both mom.

Whoever said it, it’s still true today.

So that means it’s true for Aunt Lisa tomorrow?

Stop it!

Everyone, you can visit the Dr. Jean L. Brodey Memorial Facebook page to see photos of Jean and her family and pay your respects to her daughter Lisette and son Kenneth.

Thanks mom.

I’m sure Jean is in Heaven now, handling PR and crisis management for the angels.

We’ll miss you Jean. Thanks for everything!

Love, Pugsley’s mom

and Pugsley too!




The Pugsleys Go to the Doctor

Hi friends. I promised that I would share the details of our doctor visit.

We all piled into the car and by the time we got to the doctor’s office, my eyes were glazed over and my head was spinning like a top on Crack.

20140421_174247 4

Everybody was stepping on, hitting, biting or fighting with their brothers and sister. I’m so glad I’m an only child!

I got a great checkup. Dr. Bianco, the owner and director of the Ardmore Animal Hospital said I’m sweet, funny, healthy, smart (a genius really), devastatingly handsome and he would love it if I would work at the hospital part-time as a greeter. Giggle snort I’m just kidding; he didn’t say all that. But I know he was thinking it!

The chicks read the sign in the waiting room and breathed a sigh of relief:


While we were waiting for my test results, the kids got a little bored.

Didn't I tell you not to play in the equipment?

              Didn’t I tell you not to perch on the equipment?




Chick N. Dance: “Uh-oh! I think we’re in trouble.”

Chick N. Noodle: “You think?”

Chirp: “Gulp! I hope we don’t become Fricassee.”

Chick E. Cheese: “I’m already grounded for forgetting to bring my sample.”

Chick N. Dance: “We could make a run for it.”

Chick N. Noodle: “I don’t know. We’ll have to cross the road.”

Pugsley Jr.: “I won’t even dignify that with a response.”

As I was saying, Dr. Bianco said my eyes, ears and teeth look good. Thanks mom for brushing my chiclets and cleaning my ears even though I don’t make it easy for you.

I said chiclets, not chicklets…….


My skin is nice and smooth and my coat is shiny. My heart and lungs are strong and clear. (I take my vitamins and Omega oil.) I like Dr. Bianco. The last time I went for a checkup, the other doctor stuck a finger in my butt. Some doctors get so personal and they don’t even buy you dinner first.

Say Ahhhhh

You can hear my heart, right Doctor B.? May I listen? What does it sound like? By the way, do you have an extra stethoscope I could have for my nurse’s kit?

My blood tests all came back negative and I’m so cool that I didn’t even need a bandage where they drew my blood. I got an A+ in clotting. And my weight is exactly the same as it was on my last visit. I’ll bet it’s because of my new food.

My mom switched me to grain-free food. That makes me a special eater, like the gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, taste-free vegetablearians! When I go to the Shaking Medicine weekend in July, I’ll be able to get in the front of the line and eat first.

HEY, WAIT A MINUTE……….I’ll bet mom planned this so that she could eat off my plate. She’s so Machiavellian.

Just as everything was going along rather smoothly, Dr. Bianco gave me 35 shots.


Pugsley, you got 4 shots.

Well it felt like 35 mom.

Guess what everybody…..there was another kid in the office who was there because he ate chocolate. I’m not the only one who does that, although I might be the only one who hatched baby chicks. I guess he didn’t eat chocolate eggs like I did. Quick, Chirp call the Guinness people.

If chocolate is so bad for us, why does it taste so good?

What mom? You’ve been asking that question for years? Doesn’t anyone have an answer? Quick, Chick N. Noodle get me Hershey on the phone.

It’s good to finally have a staff.

After the exam, Dr. Bianco gave me a cookie. I guess he didn’t know that Colleen had already given me one. I’m glad she weighed me before I ate my snacks.

Mom paid my bill….that reminds me mom…..are my chicks covered under my insurance plan or do they have to sign up for Obama Care?

When we got back home, my mom gave me a present. I thought it was because I had gotten such a good report from the doctor. It wasn’t; it was a present from my Tio Jonathan.


It says, “Hello, My name is STUD.”

I blushed a little. I can’t wait until the ladies see me in it. I hope my cell phone has enough minutes to handle all the calls I’m going to get. I’ll have Chirp be my receptionist. I definitely shouldn’t answer my own phone anymore.


1. Receptionist

2. Gatekeeper

3. Bodyguard

4. Personal Assistant

5. Communications Director

Hey mom, how many cubicles and work stations can we set up in the living room? Mom? You’re ignoring me again mom. And we’ll need a break room with snacks and water. Mom? I’m talking to you mom!

Some things never change.

Pugs & Kisses, Pugsley








Happy Birthday Easter Chicks

I was so busy yesterday. My chicks arrived on schedule. They’re cute as buttons. See for yourselves.


There’s Chick N. Noodle, Chirp, Chick E. Cheese, Chick N. Dance and Pugsley Jr. They love to climb on me. Pugsley Jr. likes to peck at my head. He’s going to be a pawful. I can tell already.

What mom? What does “pot meet kettle” mean?

I hate it when my mom talks in riddles!

I know it looks like I’m eating Chick N. Noodle, but I’m just starting to get the hang of this grooming thing.


I’m sleep deprived already so I’ll write more soon. These kids are wearing me out. I’m not a natural herder you know and they get into EVERYTHING!

Tonight we all went to the doctor for our checkups. Those details will have to wait for another day. I’ll just say this: It was the longest car trip of my life. I came home and wrote, “I will never again eat mom’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs so that I grow chickies in my tummy” 100 times. Be forewarned kids.

Love, Pugsley





You Didn’t Hear It From Me OK?

I usually don’t write again so soon after a post, but I just had to tell you this story AND I had to wait until my mom was sleeping so that she won’t know I’m telling you.

Mom was eating some candy the other morning and her temporary tooth fell out. Wait – that’s not the funny part. She chewed it. That’s not the funny part either.

So there’s mom wearing her suit, outline in-hand on her way to meet with her business mentor and she was looking like Elly May Clampett with a great big hole in her mouth. ROFL hahahahahahahaha snort  hahahahahahahaha gasp hahahaha     <CLUNK>.

I keep doing that. Hold on a minute…….I must have fallen out of my chair laughing a dozen times so far.

Does anybody have a leftover scarecrow from Halloween for my mom to chew? Hahahahahahahahahahaha……….she’s such a hayseed………..hahahahahahahahaha………..oh my sides hurt.

I gotta go before I wake Elly May. She’ll hear me laughing and you know what will happen if she finds me on the computer.  It’s just so funny that an hour before she had an uber-important meeting about her future, she chewed up her tooth. It’s a good thing it wasn’t a lunch meeting hahahahahahahahaha………

Are tears streaming down your faces too?

Don’t let me forget to call the American Dental Association tomorrow and tell them it’s true – candy really does make your teeth fall out.


That’s 13 times………….

Love, Pugsley


Untwist Your Knickers Ladies……Pugsley’s Back Online

Helloooooo everyone. Some of my lady fans (and you know who you are) have sent me messages saying that I have been lax in my communication. I apologize! I had some serious physiological and psychological issues that needed my attention. I can now announce what’s going on:


You read that right. Sir Pugsley, the boy wonder, stud muffin that I am is gonna be a mommy. It was a shock to me too.

Mom came home one day and found an empty snack size bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs on the floor. (Mom really needs a new hiding place.) There were only a few itty bitty eggs left and mom wasn’t sure if I had eaten them because she didn’t see any wrappers on the floor. (More on that later.)

Mom was talking to Aunt Karen about it and she said that I had baby chicks growing in my tummy and I was going to lay my eggs for Easter.


Aunt Karen is a big health care executive so she knows what she’s talking about. So after my initial panic, I had to do my homework. Exactly how am I going to lay these eggs? Hello….it’s not like I have a womb. And how many baby chicks am I going to have and what do I do with them after they hatch? Do they have to sleep in my bed? Will I get FMLA leave? So many questions…..

While I was dealing with this trauma, I had to go on a business trip to Harrisburg. You all know that I’m the PA League of Women Voters Pawliamentarian and it was our board meeting weekend.

Ms. Susan, our 1st Vice President, made nameplates for everyone. I’m not sure why? Maybe she thought the ladies would forget their names. In any event, when we walked into the board room, guess who else had an official nameplate? That’s right – ME! I’m official now too. I had my own seat at the table and everything. Our accountant seemed puzzled when he walked in and looked around the table. I guess he’s not used to seeing boys at the meeting.

Here I am presiding over an important vote.

Who seconded that motion? Didn't I ask you not to all speak at the same time?

Who seconded that motion? Didn’t I ask you not to all speak at the same time?

The ladies got me so upset that my jacket fell off my shoulders. Since I couldn’t determine who it was who chimed in, I had to invoke Pugsley’s Rules. I went around the room to determine who would be the second on the motion. I started with One Potato, Two Potato and decided that it was taking too long so I switched to Eenie Meenie Miney Moe. When I got to Ms. Nancy, I noticed that she had a banana in her bag and I dove in.

Sigh…..of course my head got stuck. I thought the hotel concierge was going to have to call the paramedics to come with the Jaws of Life. We took an unscheduled break while mom and another board member extricated me from the bag. After that, I was banned from further snack breaks and just as someone put the Peeps on the table. I hate when that happens.

What was even worse was that when the meeting resumed, I was informed that I needed to use Robert’s Rules of Order.


This so-called Robert person wasn’t even at the meeting. When he presides, he can use his rules. When I’m in charge, we use Pugsley’s Rules!

The next morning, my mom went to breakfast first and when Aunt Marita arrived, she told mom that when she left the room I was working on opening the refrigerator door.

Everybody always tattles on me. I want my own room next time!

After the meeting ended, I prepared for my big date with Trixie. I dressed in my muscle shirt. I wanted to impress her with how ripped I am.

Mom drove me to Aunt Rae’s house to meet up with Trixie and my email buddy Pooky. They live in a camp called Hill.

Hey mom, why can’t we live in a camp like Trixie and Pooky?

Nevermind. They don’t live in a camp. That’s the name of their town.

To make a long story short, my date was a bust. Trixie was just not that into me. I know, right? How could that be possible? Maybe she was just playing hard to get. Well you know, sometimes when you play hard to get, you don’t get got. Whatever! Her brother Pooky and I hung out. We chased bunny rabbits and did boy stuff.

Aunt Rae took our picture. That’s Pooky next to me on his throne. Trixie was still playing hard to get and hid in the corner. It’s her loss, really.

14 - 1

Aunt Rae gave me a box of oatmeal treats that she buys for her kids at the farmer’s market. A few days after we got home, I broad jumped onto the dining room table and ate my treats. About 4:30 the next morning, those oats came pouring out of me from everywhere. OMG! I must have had the cleanest GI tracts in the county. Guess what else? Those Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg wrappers reappeared. Mom went through a roll of paper towels and lots of cleaning supplies. In my opinion, it would have been easier to just hose down the house.

I emailed Pooky and told him what happened. He said that I wasn’t supposed to eat the whole dozen at one time.


So I’ve been recovering from my upper and lower GI episode and preparing for the arrival of my chickies. I hope they look like me. Mom hopes they act like someone else….anybody else.

I’ll keep you posted!

Love, Pugsley








Boys Need Pampering Too

Hey everyone. There are some strange things going on in my neighborhood. A big yellow orb appeared in the sky for a few days. It looked vaguely familiar, but I just couldn’t place it. Then the grass began to reappear, although it’s more like mud than grass. I even got to go outside without a sweater. And the Phillies are playing baseball, or what resembles baseball anyway. I know that will be the topic of one of my masterpiece’s in the coming weeks.

Because mom has been so busy, she decided that we needed some mommy-son bonding time so we’re here at the nail salon for mani/pedis. Figi Nails is the best. Everyone is so nice and they’re open all the time. Everyone must have needed some pampering because it’s so crowded and we’re waiting for what seems like FOREVER. Mom and I passed the time choosing our colors.

Am I allowed to choose something from Essie's new spring collection even though it's still winter?

Am I allowed to choose something from Essie’s new spring collection even though it’s still winter? Spin the Bottle is pretty. Ooh, I really like Truth or Flare.

A pedicure chair finally opened up and mom let me go first. There are other men getting pedicures so I don’t feel out of place at all. Vicki is so nice. She’s helping me choose an OPI color for my toes so that they won’t feel left out since I chose an Essie color for my fingers.

Everyone wears red. I think I'd prefer Skyfall from the Skyfall Collection. Maybe I could be the next James Bond.

Everyone wears red. I think I’d prefer Skyfall from the Skyfall Collection. Maybe I could be the next James Bond.

You’re right mom. Vicki gives the best massage. I’m falling asleep already.


Hey mom, I’m getting the spa pedicure right?

Whaddya mean no? Don’t you see how scaly my feet are from all the snow and salt? Aren’t you embarrassed to be seen walking with me with feet like this? I need the mint mask, the scrub and the extra massage. AND I WANT MY FEET PUMICED! How am I supposed to go on my date with Trixie next week? She’ll take one look at me and slam the doggie door in my face.

Don’t even think about it friends. The first one who makes a joke about my face looking like it already was slammed by a door gets a fudgy on my next visit to your house!

It’s really tough being me sometimes. Trixie’s brother, Pooky, has an attitude about my date with his sister. He thought I was coming to build a fort with him and do boy stuff. I can’t help it if Trixie’s been emailing me behind his back. I can’t ignore a lady who’s crushing on me. Could you men?

Hey mom, Rain wants to know if I need my brows waxed and dyed. They’re not too bushy, are they?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. I told her no thank you. I’m not that much of a metrosexual.

I have to change stations now to get my fingers done. Vicki wants to know if I want my cuticles cut or just pushed back?

Hey mom, do I have cuticles?

Darn, I knew I was going to smudge my toes. POLISH FIX AT STATION 11!!!!


I keep dozing off from my massage so here’s where I sign-off so that I can get my manicure and enjoy the full spa experience. I highly recommend it. I have the best mom!

Love, Pugsley