On the Fourth Night of Hanukkah……

My mommy gave to me………

A new book called Cats are Supermodels by Philadelphia Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky. Cats-Are-SupermodelsIt’s a scream!!! Laugh out loud funny!!!

And now for a plug for my friend…

Cats are Supermodels can be purchased on the website using PayPal or make a check or money order in the amount of $12.95 payable to Stu Bykofsky and send it to:

Stu-niversity Press
Suite 2804
1326 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, Pa. 19107

Cats Are Supermodels is also available for $10.95 at PAWS, 2nd & Arch Streets, Philadelphia, PA., and Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow, 701 Montgomery Ave., Narberth, PA.

Now back to our blog…..

I snuggled in bed with mom while she read it to me. Stu’s cat Ashes reminds me a lot of my cousin Oreo. I’m not allowed to play with Oreo….In fact, I’m not even allowed to meet Oreo. He’s vicious and makes a screeching noise like a chimpanzee on crack (or so mom tells me) if you look at him or get too close. Whereas, I, Sir Pugsley, love to cuddle with everyone. The funniest chapter in Stu’s book is about Ashes.

Stu writes, “At 8, he is mature, physically fit and so ornery that visiting the vet means bringing him in early so the vet can gas him in his carrier to knock him out before the exam.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha snort ha ha…..gas him in his carrier….snort ha ha ha snort. My visits to the vet are fun. I get to sniff other kids’ butts and get treats from my doctor. One time I got a blood test and came back with a camouflage bandage on my arm. The other kids thought I was so cool.

Stu is 100 percent responsible for me hitting the adoption jackpot. He referred mom to PAWS, Philadelphia’s largest no-kill shelter dedicated to saving Philadelphia’s homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals. The people at PAWS found me and contacted my mom, who then dashed to the shelter to meet me. I was scared and just wanted to be loved so I was on my best behavior. I didn’t realize that being adopted would require surgery – and you know which one I mean – the boy kind. Sure, I ended up in a cone for a few weeks, but it’s all good now. I love my mom and she loves me even when I get into mischief or like Ashes, claw and chew stuff. I especially love to chew on my mom’s fingers and elbows. I have little chiclet teeth so it doesn’t really hurt her. Stu wrote that Ashes’ vet uses oven mitts when he has his checkups. I hope mom forgets that paragraph so I still have access to my human Busy Bone. Mom’s fingers and elbows better remain a “no oven mitt zone.” When she’s sleeping I’ll chew that page out of the book.

So check out Cats are Supermodels. We loved it! Apparently mom read some of it in public before she read it to me and then the people around her started slowly moving away. Stu, if you’re reading this, you should have put a tear out sticker in the book that reads, “Not a lunatic! Just reading a REALLY FUNNY book!”

Tail wags to all my friends….Love, Pugsley