I Love My Ponies: An Open Letter to My Mom

Dear Mom,

I’m freezing you out for hiding the phones from me Saturday. I know you read my blog so there’s stuff you need to know.

Remember when I first came to live with you and pop-pop and you worked all the time? Well what do you think pop-pop and I did every day? Hello……we drank beer and played the ponies. Well, pop-pop drank root beer cause he got buzzed easily. He said what you don’t know won’t hurt you. He taught me how to pick the winners. He said the horse has to speak to me. Sometimes it’s the name; sometimes it’s the color of the horse or which jockey is riding; and yes, sometimes it’s just the odds. Well, Orb spoke loud and clear. He said, “Pugsley, I’ve got this!” And another thing, an orb is round and I’m a pug so Im round….well, not since I lost all my baby fat. Now I’m lean and mean, but I have orb-like tendencies in my genes.

You should have known mom. Remember when you and pop-pop drove to Louisville to go to Churchill Downs and every horse he bet he won?


The Race

Now you know that I’ve got skills. So don’t make plans for May 18th because you’re taking me to Pimlico. And I would like some silks and a riding crop please. It helps to look the part.

Love, Pugsley