Look Mom, No Cavities

Hi friends. It was bound to happen. I binged on so many Halloween treats that mom took me to the dentist for a checkup. I admit that I was a little nervous. The exam room can be scary with so much equipment and that big bright light that the dentist shines in your face. It’s not an interrogation, you know!

When it was my turn, mom took me to get settled in the exam chair. I didn’t know that my dentist has cable TV. It was tuned to one of those courtroom shows so I asked if I could watch Animal Planet instead. Everyone was very accommodating.

The dental assistant gave me a cool lavender bib so I wouldn’t drool on myself. Mom, I LOVE this color on me. It brings out my eyes, don’t you think? We should get these for home…..you know I’m a sloppy eater. You’ll also get a pair of sunglasses to cover your eyes from the bright light. They kept falling off my head because they were too large. Next time I’ll know to bring my Doggles.


Then the dentist will come in to examine your teeth. First you have to open wide………

Is this wide enough Dr. T?

                               Is this wide enough Dr. T?

Then the dentist will examine your teeth. Sometimes they take x-rays.That doesn’t hurt at all and it’s cool when you can see the insides of your teeth.

Diesel Dental Xrays-222

Next the dentist will ask you if you’re having any problems or pain. You have to be honest about that or he or she can’t help you.

I'm just here for a checkup.

                             I’m just here for a checkup!

Then the dentist will check your teeth and gums. This doesn’t hurt either.

I don't wanna open wide!

                      I don’t wanna open wide right now!

I got a little scared. The light was shining in my eyes and I was afraid it was going to hurt. I got through it and you know what kids, so far, so good. There’s nothing to be afraid of here.


I’ll let you in on a little secret. In case you have a cavity, kids, you could bring your ipod and listen to tunes so that you don’t hear the drill. That noise can be scary, but it really doesn’t hurt at all. You’ll get a shot of Novocain and that only pinches for a quick second and then you don’t feel ANYTHING! And it’s really cool when your mouth and lips feel numb. Just make sure you don’t eat until the Novocain wears off. You don’t want to bite your tongue or your cheek by mistake.

You’ll also get your teeth cleaned. All the yucky stuff between your teeth will be removed. Kiara was holding a suction tube in my mouth because I was drooling a lot. That sound was so funny. Just make sure to keep your tongue away from it or it’ll suction it too and that feels weird.

My teeth and gums are healthy so that’s good news.


Kiara, you’re pretty. Thanks for holding my hand and my head while Dr. T cleans my teeth and checks my gums.

Don’t forget to ask if you can rinse. Sometimes you’re not allowed for an hour depending on what you get done.

Is it time to rinse yet?

                                Kiara, is it time to rinse yet?

And I learned something new today. We dogs are so awesome that  some dentist long ago named teeth after us. They’re called canine teeth and everyone has them. They’re the long sharp pointy ones in front.

Yippee….no cavities this time!!! See what brushing and flossing twice a day will do to keep your teeth healthy!

I thought I might get a lollypop when I was checking out until mom reminded me that dentists don’t give out candy. Instead I got a toothbrush and some dental floss. This little girl was checking out ahead of me and was so excited to get her toothbrush. She got a good checkup too!



My teeth are squeaky clean and my breath is so minty. I don’t know why dentists get such a bad rap. They keep your teeth healthy and take care of pain when you have a problem. You want to keep your teeth forever so you have to go to the dentist twice a year for checkups.

It’s time for a chew toy now that my teeth are in perfect shape. Until next time……

Love, Pugsley

Thanks to Dr. Seni B. Tienabeso and his assistant Kiara for being such good sports for our photo shoot. For a human appointment, contact Dr. T:

Dr. Seni B. Tienabeso Family and Comestic Dentistry

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