Halloween Pug-a-Palooza

Hi everybody. I hope you had a fun Halloween. I sure did. We must have walked 100 miles trick or treating. Well, maybe not 100….more like 50 miles.

What mom? Well, if your legs were as short as mine, it would feel like 50 miles.

Mom just told me it’s not nice to exaggerate.

Here I am with Aunt Kelly, my God-sister Maya and mom at a spooky house. Can you see me sitting on the wall resting?

Aunt Kelly, Maya, Pugsley and Mom

Aunt Kelly, Maya, Pugsley and Mom

Mom, you know you look more like a Ghostbuster than a beekeeper, right? Thank goodness Tio Jonathan gave you his beekeeper hat and gloves. (I swear, my Uncle JC knows everyone and has anything you might ever need. I think he’s really Santa Paws!)

And here I am waiting patiently while mommy inspects my treats. I wonder how she got more than I did? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!


Hands off my Snickers mom!

The Beekeeper and her adorabeel bees

The Beekeeper and her adora-bee-l bees


Bedtime already? Five more minutes Aunt Kelly? PLEEEEEEZE?

A Girl's BFF aka Pugsley

A Girl’s BFF aka Pugsley

And yesterday was the big Pug-A-Ween Party. I met so many new friends: Otis, Beasley, Maggie, Olivia, Chloe, Louie, Max, Charlie, William, two Diesels and I can’t remember the others kids’ names. Mom and I won another prize. We were the cutest couple. My mom rocks!

I’m waiting for the group photo to be emailed to me. In the meantime, here are some of my new friends in their costumes. Don’t ask me to remember who’s who; you know we all look alike ha ha ha snort.


I hope you laughed at all the cute Pug kids as much as mom and I did. We’re definitely going to their next event. We’re now on the invitation list so I’ll know when all the good parties are happening.

THANKS MOM FOR UPGRADING MY SOCIAL LIFE. Uh oh, my girlfriend Tiana won’t like this one bit. Oh well, I’ll think about that tomorrow. It’s not her fault she wasn’t born a Pug.

Love, Pugsley

Ready for Halloween?

It’s almost here……Halloween. My favorite holiday after Hanukkah, Christmas, Groundhog Day and my adoption anniversary.

I’m so excited!

I started Trick or Treating early when mom took me to Tio Jonathan’s house. I wore my Chicken Thief costume, which brought back memories of my chicken incident in February. Mom and I don’t talk about it. Even so, she thought it would be a good reminder of my brief life of crime.

Chicken Thieves Need Love Too

   Chicken Thieves Need Love Too

My god sister Maya and Aunt Kelly bought me a new costume. It’s a good thing too because mom retired my Bride of Frankenstein wig, my hat keeps falling off my head and I peed on my dress yesterday. I can’t help it, I have boy parts that don’t work well with dresses.

We’re all going Trick or Treating on Halloween. I hope mom brings extra pillowcases for all the yummy treats I’m going to get. Maybe we’ll need a U-Haul. Yippee! I’ll keep the number handy just in case.

I was going to give you my tips for the best Halloween ever and now I don’t have to because Annie Colbert from Mashable beat me to it. You can see her 12 Pug Tips for a Stellar Halloween here.

Aunt Lisette picked out my card for mom. It’s exactly what I would have chosen if I could drive to the store. Thank you Aunt Lisette for always thinking of me!

Pug Halloween Card FrontPug Halloween Card Inside

Mom took me to another party Sunday. This one was at Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow and benefitted PACT for Animals, an organization that places pets of military personnel who are being deployed into loving foster homes. Buzz Miller works hard to match the fur kids with good foster homes. I was happy to go and donate part of my allowance for such a good cause. And I got to dress up again and play with new friends Talullah and Charlie. What are the odds that I would meet another Talullah? It also gave me an idea, which I’ll write about after Halloween. I have to work on the plan so stay tuned.





I didn’t know we were going to have a celebrity at the party. Remember Elwood, the world’s ugliest dog? He was there and he’s not ugly. He’s cute, sweet and bald, which I admit kind of creeped me out. Mom said his skin was so soft. He must use bath oil. He didn’t play with the rest of us. I guess his big blingy collar was so heavy that he would have tipped over so his mom carried him around. We mortals could only admire him from afar.



I met a Pug who invited me to a Pug Halloween party next Sunday. It’s going to be soooo much fun. So many sweet, cuddly, squishy lovable Pugs in one place at one time. I can hardly wait!

Hey mom, is tomorrow Sunday?

She said almost.

I have to get my costume ready. Happy Halloween everyone. I hope you get the kind of candy you like. Make sure it’s wrapped and don’t eat anything until you ask your mom. And most of all, don’t let your mom take all the good candy and hide it from you!

Love, Pugsley