Lord, I Was Born and Ramblin’ Man

Hi friends. Happy Summer!

I had so many fun adventures with my mom this Spring. I just have to tell you about them. This is a long one with lots of pictures so grab a snack first. I’ll wait.

Back in April, mom had to be in Harrisburg with my Aunt Marita for League of Women Voters debates. We stayed in Miss Grace and Mister Roy’s bungalow on their property. I never stayed in a bungalow. I didn’t even know what a bungalow was. Since I wasn’t allowed to moderate the debates (that honor went to Miss Lynn), I boycotted them. Miss Grace and Mister Roy pugsat me. We snuggled, watched TV and played and it was so much fun. After the last debate, we gave a ride home to Miss Lynn and Miss Suzanne. What happens in the backseat of the car stays in the backseat of the car. My pug lips are sealed.

In May, mom and I went to Lancaster to visit Miss Susan and Mister Gary and their feline kids Daisy and Ari. Mister Gary went flying in his plane for the afternoon. I really wanted to go with him because I’ve never been in a plane. Instead I lunched with the ladies. Here I am with Miss Sylvia and Miss Sherry and mom at the Lancaster Brewing Company. I wasn’t even carded!

Lunching with the Ladies

Then Miss Susan and mom took me to the dog park in beautiful James Buchanan Park, named after the president who was born in Pennsylvania and once lived in Lancaster.


                Come on Mom, hurry across the bridge. We have to explore!

It was the nicest dog park I ever saw. The big kids were the size of ponies and I was sure they would step on me so I played with all the little kids in their part of the park. One of the girls taught me to drink from a water fountain.


We had hors d’oeuvres and dinner in their beautiful garden and then Mister Gary took mom and me on a walking tour of the neighborhood. Mister Gary must be the mayor of the neighborhood. Everyone knew him. I think we walked for hours, looking at all the gorgeous homes. I was so tired that I fell asleep and snored all through the movie they watched after the tour. Daisy and Ari didn’t want to play with me so they stayed inside when I was outside and ran out when I came in. It was their loss really. I’m very fun. I discovered their food bowls and boy is cat food yummy. I meowed all night.


Oh yum cheese and crackers. My favorite. May I have some wine Miss Susan?

The next morning Miss Susan and I did the New York Times crossword puzzle. Shh….don’t tell Mister Gary that I was on the sofa.


Miss Susan: 17 across – One of AFI’s greatest male movie stars of all time.

Pugsley: Pugsley

Miss Susan: It can’t be Pugsley, it’s only four letters.

Pugsley: Pugs

Miss Susan: It doesn’t work. It begins with a ‘P,’ but 8 down ends in a ‘K.’

Pugsley: What’s the clue for 8 down?

Miss Susan: A small patch of color or light. Five letters. The answer is fleck.

Pugsley: No, it’s flek; And it should be plural – five letters, not four. Fleks. It has to end in an ‘S.’

Miss Susan: That’s not how you spell fleck.

Pugsley: That’s how I spell it.

Miss Susan: And since when are you a movie star?

Pugsley: Since always! The puzzle is wrong.

Miss Susan: You’re making up words.

Pugsley: I can’t help it if the New York Times is wrong. 17 across – Pugs! Do you want my autograph?

Miss Susan decided she would come back to the crossword puzzle later so we went to the farmer’s market and then to lunch. On the way home mom stopped at the outlets. I was the hit of Skechers. All the kids came running over to play with me. Even so, I didn’t like that store at all. They had nothing in my size.

A few weeks ago Aunt Marita, mom and I drove all the way to Pittsburgh for the League of Women Voters of PA Convention. Instead of sitting on my seat cover, I decided to make a tent and play inside of it. Mom drew the line when I asked her if I could roast marshmallows in my tent.


On the way, we stopped at the Flight 93 Memorial to pay our respects.


The black wall below represents the crime tape that was placed around the crash site, which is in the field just beyond the wall.


A boulder sits in the field, which is the approximate location where Flight 93 crashed. Out of respect, and because there were family members of one of the victims present that day, mom didn’t photograph it.

I wasn’t sure we were still in Pennsylvania. When we got off the highway to go to the memorial and then afterward when we drove ahead to the next Turnpike entrance, there wasn’t a strip mall anywhere in sight. How could anyone drive for miles and not see a strip mall or a Walmart?

When we got to Pittsburgh, we checked into the amazing Hotel Monaco. OMG! I can’t begin to tell you what a wonderful hotel it is.

Lindley, who works at the front desk, had emailed me instructions for my visit well in advance so I knew where I was allowed to walk my mom. Here I am checking in. They greeted me by name and gave me my first treat because they’re that hospitable.


      Welcome to the Hotel Monaco Pugsley. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Look at the bed and bowls they gave me to use during my stay. We could have all slept in my bed it was so big and luxurious.


While Aunt Marita and mom were at dinner with some of the convention delegates, the concierge brought up a plate of treats for me. More hospitality! The Hotel Monaco is so quirky and fun. Just look at some of the décor. This is the hotel living room.


This lady must have talked too much and disturbed the guests.


And this poor soldier probably lost his battle. No wonder; his tank is on his head!


The bird cages in our rooms and around the hotel symbolize the National Aviary, which is located in Pittsburgh. It’s America’s only independent indoor nonprofit zoo dedicated exclusively to birds.

Uh oh all of the birds flew the coop!


For some reason all of the picture frames were empty so mom and her friends had to step in for a while. (l to r: Annette Shimer, president, LWV Greater Pittsburgh, Susan Carty, president, LWVPA and Chester County, Mom and Prestion Shimer, LWVPA first VP and treasurer, LWV Greater Pittsburgh.)

20150604_212959 2

Don’t say that I told you, but Aunt Marita and mom had to call the front desk to find out how to turn off the birdcage lamp. I was so embarrassed. And don’t tell them that while they were out, I slept in their beds. Cackle.

20150608_155946 20150608_160917

This the funkiest wallpaper I ever saw in a closet. And it’s the only hotel I know that provides each guest with a yoga mat. I perfected my downward dog each morning before breakfast.


Conventioning is fun! That’s not a skeptical look on my face below. It’s me saying to myself, “Really mom? No one else is dressed up like Uncle Sam.”

IMG_4020 IMG_4004

Oh wait, yes there is. Miss Chris has the same glasses as you do mom. Now I want a pair too.

2015-06-07 11.11.41

Mom had to lead a workshop the first afternoon so while she prepared I went on an architectural walking tour. I’m not used to walking so much. I got back in time for the workshop and ended up snoring under the table. Oh well. I heard it was very good.

The first night the League honored political and civic leader, philanthropist and Pittsburgh powerhouse Elsie Hillman.

“It is possible to see something good and to work for it

and even dare to achieve it.

Don’t be a spectator.

You are needed in every corner of the community.”

— Elsie Hillman

Here are Mrs. Hillman and her husband Henry, who have been married for 70 years. That’s the epitome of love and partnership.

RINGING ENDORSEMENT Annette Shimer, Susan Carty, Carol Kuniholm, and Eileen Olmsted join beloved Pittsburgher and philanthropist Elsie Hillman (bottom right) and her husband, Henry, as she accepts the Justice Bell Award from the League of Women Voters. Held at the Hotel Monaco on June 5, the award was named after the Justice Bell, an exact replica of the Liberty Bell. In 1915 it became an iconic symbol of the woman’s suffrage movement in Pennsylvania. Read more: http://triblive.com/lifestyles/…/8481665-74/heart-event-red… photo by Michael Mancini | for trib total media

RINGING ENDORSEMENT Annette Shimer, Susan Carty, Carol Kuniholm, and Eileen Olmsted join beloved Pittsburgher and philanthropist Elsie Hillman (bottom right) and her husband, Henry, as she accepts the Justice Bell Award from the League of Women Voters. Held at the Hotel Monaco on June 5, the award was named after the Justice Bell, an exact replica of the Liberty Bell. In 1915 it became an iconic symbol of the woman’s suffrage movement in Pennsylvania. Read more: http://triblive.com/lifestyles/…/8481665-74/heart-event-red… photo by Michael Mancini | for trib total media

There was some confusion for the plenary session. I’ve been the board pawliamentarian for two years and some guy Dave came in and told me it was his job. It doesn’t matter that he’s a certified parliamentarian. (He can’t even spell it correctly. It’s PAWliamentarian Dave!) I got on-the-job training.

Oh Dave, I think you're mistaken. You're MY assistant, not the other way around.

Oh Dave, I think you’re mistaken. You’re MY assistant, not the other way around.

My mom won an Anna Estes Strawbridge award at the convention. The ANNA ESTES STRAWBRIDGE HONOR ROLL was established in 1985, as part of the League’s 65th anniversary celebration, to honor individuals who have demonstrated energy and commitment to the ideals and principles of the League. Anna Estes Strawbridge was a founding mother of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania.

2015-06-06 19.32.42

All of the ladies kept it a secret. They didn’t even tell me.


The program included my mom’s bio. Here’s the most important part of what the ladies wrote:

With her favorite four-legged partner in crime, Pugsley, she edits his blog, “Pugsley’s World” and maintains Pugsley’s Facebook page along with her own.  Pugsley has completed his term as the state board’s “pawlimentarian,” finding it increasingly difficult to ‘call for the question’ during a motion discussion by the board while munching on a treat.

Mom, you have to share your award with me. And thanks for being a great blog editor!

Eek! I missed cake? Why didn’t anyone tell me there was cake?


Here’s Susan Carty, president, with Alexis Galvis, a senior at Mt. Lebanon High School in Pittsburgh. She’s the first place winner of the inaugural League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania high school student video contest “Get in the Game (Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport).” The contest was geared toward encouraging citizen participation in the democratic process. Alexis won $1,000 and her video, Vote?Vote can be seen here.


Several times a day I went to visit my friends at the front desk. I hung out with Erin, Lindley, Priya, Brian, Jerry, Tommie, Matt, Amber, Rachel, Jessa, Charles, Cale, Julie and so many others. I’m sorry if I’m forgetting someone. They gave me treats and let me play with the guests when they came into the lobby. Our walks at night took about an hour. Everyone who saw me wanted to play with me and some people took pictures. What can I say? I’m a rockstar!

We spotted Miss Sharon, the League’s education guru, getting some fresh air. I love Miss Sharon. She always has a snuggle for me. Mom loves Miss Sharon too, but she doesn’t get a snuggle; only me because I’m Pugsley.


And Miss Carol was out strolling too. She always grabs me for a big hug. She took a photo of mom and me while we were checking out the area.


Then I saw her. Gabby. She was so pretty. She’s only 5 months old. Boy was she flirting with me. I think she’s way too young for me. I’m not that kind of boy.


I think she’s a princess or something. When she checked out of the hotel, they wheeled her out like royalty right on the luggage cart. I wonder where the luggage was.


After all the convention delegates went home, Aunt Marita, mom and I went to lunch at Market Square where I met more friends. Here I am with Derrick. He was making balloon animals for all the kids.

20150607_150712 2

              I’m short Derrick. Can you make me a giraffe hat?

We spotted a baby carriage and went over to see the babies. They weren’t the kind of babies we were expecting to see.


Hey mom, I think I need a stroller for when we take these long walks.


We walked to the Arts Festival and saw lots of Pugs walking their humans. In fact, there were all kinds of dogs everywhere. It was the place to be in Pittsburgh on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The next day I worked at the front desk with Brian the Dog Whisperer while Aunt Marita and mom went to the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning to see the Nationalities Rooms. The rooms were designed to represent the cultures of various ethnic groups that settled in Allegheny County and are supported by these cultural groups and governments. They showed me pictures when they got back. There are too many to see so click on the link above to see them. They’re amazing, especially the Austrian Room. It looks like a palace dining room.

Brian, I can see the treat bowl on top of the table. I've been helpful this afternoon, haven't I?

Brian, I can see the treat jar on top of the table. I’ve been helpful this afternoon, haven’t I? Can’t I have ONE more PLEEEEASE? I won’t tell my mom that I ate 36 of them already. I promise!

At night Aunt Marita and mom went to the ballgame. Mom said the view from her seat was so beautiful that it looked like a movie set. The ominous rain clouds made it look even more fake. The Pirates lost. Gee mom, you could have stayed in Philadelphia to see the hometeam lose. They said the Pierogi race was fun.


And can you imagine the ushers at Citizens Bank Park holding up these little “wait for the batter to finish” signs? They would get mowed down. Hahahahahaha.

2015-06-08 21.32.46

Our ride home the next day was leisurely. I hated to come home. I miss my staff, I mean friends, at the hotel. My mom doesn’t give me treats every time I walk in and out of the room. I like sleeping in my own bed, although I do wonder where we’re going on our next adventure. Until then………. Pugs and Kisses, Pugsley