Aunt Lisette is a TV Star

Line up single file folks. No pushing….everyone will get an autograph. No cutting in line. Single file please!

Hey everyone. My Aunt Lisette moved to Los Angeles a few years ago and in addition to the novels she’s written, which I reviewed in a previous post, she is now on so many TV shows. I’m practicing my speech because I’ve been put in charge of crowd control when she comes to visit. You know how these events can get out of hand very quickly…..people pushing and shoving and taking pictures. I don’t want anyone to get hurt. I’m getting a whistle in case the crowd gets too unruly. And I’m waiting on my headset and walkie talkie.

Aunt Lisette’s latest role is on the web series Not Quite Fabulous. The show is about five women who are Hollywood assistants. Aunt Lisette is in episode 5 and plays a Hollywood director, Angela, (verrrrrrry important) at the premiere of her film. Angela forgets everything in her car and sends her assistant, Holly, (played by Margaux Mireault) out to the car soooo many times to get her stuff. Some might say Angela’s a real diva. I would have gone out for popcorn and not come back.

You can also see episode 5 on YouTube by clicking here:

The other lovely ladies who star in the series are: Courtney Stewart, Kim Cooper, Danielle Argyros & Shannon Stacey.

Aunt Lisette, You look bee-yoo-tee-ful!

There are two more episodes and she’ll be in the finale too so that’ll be 5…6…episode 7. Yes, episode 7. I needed another paw to count that high. Aunt Lisette is not in episode 6. Apparently Aunt Lisette only works on odd numbered shows. (Note to self: Ask Aunt Lisette why she doesn’t like even numbers.) You should watch episode 6, but don’t look for her in that one. Aunt Lisette said the finale (episode 7 in case you weren’t paying attention) is hysterical. I can’t wait until it’s posted. She won’t give me any hints so don’t bother asking. You can “like” their page on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @notquitefab. It’s such a fun series.

Aunt Lisette comes from a very talented family. Anyone who went to Temple University in the past 40 or so years and majored in PR and/or journalism no doubt had the best professor in the whole department – Dr. Jean Brodey. Dr. Brodey won so many awards over the years and is so respected by all of her students that in 2002, the Philadelphia Public Relations Association named an award in her honor. The Dr. Jean Brodey Student Achievement Award is awarded annually to a college junior or senior who has exhibited outstanding professional promise in the field of public relations, has an excellent academic track record and contributes to his or her community.

Dr. Jean L. Brodey

Dr. Jean L. Brodey

Dr. Brodey just published a book of her poetry, which she wrote as a young mother and read to my Aunt Lisette and her brother Kenneth when they were children. My Way to Anywhere can be purchased on Spread the word. There are sooooo many former Temple PR students, including my mom,  who will want to have this book.

Now back to prepping for my job…..

No pushing….everyone will get an autograph. Single file please behind the rope line! Bribing the crowd control police with cookies will do you no good…..unless you have Oreos. But I didn’t say that out loud……

Love, Pugsley