I’m Baaaaaack!!!!

Hellooooooo everybody. It’s me, Pugsley, and I’m back from my vacation. This post is going to cover so many things. I hope you can follow along with me.

First things first. I had sooooo much fun at camp. I played so much and went shvimming and made a new friend named Flash. Some of the kids told me that I was hogging the shvimming pool. No I wasn’t………I love to shvim, especially the pug stroke. I left enough room for the little kids to shvim with me. Every time the big kids jumped in all the water splashed out and they had to refill the pool. Here’s my report card from Family Pet Resort.

Pugsley Report Card 2

My counselor was so great and I love my new friends. I just don’t know why I’m always IT when we play Hide N Seek.

Where did everybody go?

                              Where did everybody go?

Wait until you see this……..I spent two nights in the Deluxe Villa. One night my peeps and I planned to have Poker Night…..guys only. I told the concierge to let me know when my large extra kibble pizzas arrived. Gus wanted a Pup-peroni pizza so we added a small one to our order. I was finding a ballgame on my big TV for us to watch when my counselor came in to give me my nightly belly rub. I got so many belly rubs! I’m so spoiled when I go there.

Pugsley villa 2 Pugsley villa

The other kids all wanted belly rubs too so that was the end of Poker Night.

My mom picked me up when she returned from her vacation. She was in British Columbia. She went to Vancouver, BC and Victoria, BC. I think they’re near Washington, DC. Someplace, CC must be in between.

Mom said she went through Customs in Toronto. She said she was grilled by two officers and was expecting someone to search her cavities. What did they think she could hide in her teeth?

Mom went to Whistler one day, which seems to have been a waste of time because she still can’t whistle. She also went whale watching. I’m glad she didn’t bring one home. I’m not Goldilocks and I’m not sharing my bed!

Then she went to Seattle for Cousins Sammy and Jarred’s wedding.

IMG_3200 2IMG_3220

Mom said the wedding was so beautiful. Look at Cousin Sammy all grown up. I’m verklempt!!!

Mom said she has lots more wedding and vacation photos. We’ll be going through pictures for weeks.The girls went belly dancing one night. I can’t wait to see that giggle snort. I would do well as a belly dancer because I have a big belly. I hope that I get to choose who rubs it afterward. Just don’t put one of those coin belts on me. I like to dance au naturel!

Hey mom……..why do these cotton balls have faces?



My mom said they’re not cotton balls. They’re my Cousins Pink and Floyd. I know Pink Floyd.

We don’t need no edumacashun
We don’t need no thought control……….

Sigh……..mom just said they’re not the same Pink and Floyd. Oh well. Mom stayed with Cousins Cindi and Scott one night and got to snuggle with the cotton balls and then Cindi and Scott hosted a wedding brunch so mom got to see Pink and Floyd again.

Anyway, I no sooner got home from camp and unpacked when mom and I packed again to go to Harrisburg for our League of Women Voters board meeting. I was out of sorts all weekend because my allergies gave me an ear infection and the Benny Drill made me hyper. It usually  makes me loopy and groggy. Not this time….I was what mom called, oh what was that word again? Oh yeah – a LUNATIC. She promised the ladies that my behavior was no reflection on my home training.

I couldn’t help it. I didn’t feel well and the hotel had placed canisters of Hershey’s Kisses on the table. Of course I climbed up and walked all over the table and threw the canisters around to open them. Chocolate makes everything better. Except apparently doggie ailments. I should know. I’ve had my share of induced stomach heaving in my day. Needless to say I didn’t pawliament very well.


Jeez…..my mom doesn’t know English very well.

Auntie Rae brought me a toy to keep me occupied. All the ladies watched to see if I could find the treats. Of course I figured out where my little treats were hiding. I may be a lunatic, but I’m an intelligent lunatic.


After a while I played Hide N Seek like I learned at Family Pet Resort. I don’t know why no one came to find me. I don’t have to be IT all the time, do I?


On the way home, mom and I stopped in Reading to see our Vets Journey Home friends on their retreat. I was all set to circle up with them and they told me it was only for veterans.

HELLOOOOOO people……….what about the 600 canine active duty military and all the doggies who are now veterans?




This is the idea I had last winter and I had to see the retreat in action for myself. Who decided that canine vets don’t have PTSD or emotional issues from their service?

I’m starting Vets’ Pets Journey Home!

I’ll start my own circle. I’ll bet I could get a lot of my friends to join me. I’ll ask at Family Pet Resort the next time I go. I’ll bet Flash, Gus, Max, Boomer and Harley will staff with me. We owe it to our four-legged heroes too to make sure they get welcomed home properly. Who’s with me???????

Back to looking at vacation pictures. More to come………and hopefully I can persuade my mom to let me go to day camp. It’s the best time. If you want to go and need a reference, call or text me.

Love, Pugsley