Pawliamentarian Pugsley’s On The Job

Hey friends. I’m writing from the League of Women Voters of PA Board meeting in Harrisburg. Fourteen ladies and me. I’m a lucky boy.

I’m here to keep the meeting on schedule and on topic. Wow this is a long agenda. I’m still a little bit confused about the new motion slips so since I’m not making any motions today, I’m ignoring them.


We’re the first group to hold a meeting at the brand spanking new Candlewood Suites and I’m the first pet to attend a meeting here so the hotel management posted our picture on its Facebook page. I shared it to the League’s Facebook page….thanks Aunt Kate DeRiel for the shout out to mom and me. We got your message. I love this hotel; the front desk manager gave me a biscuit when we arrived.

Wow these ladies are smart. President Susan reported on the Voter ID trial and the board discussed ways to reach voters so they know they don’t need to show a photo ID in November’s election. Good thing…PennDOT still refuses to give me one.

Vice President Betty’s giving her report on fracking. HEY BIG OIL – DON’T MESS WITH MY DRINKING WATER!

Whooooooaaaaaaa I just got gaveled. You all know I do the filing in my day job, right? I just jumped into Susan’s file box to begin organizing all the folders I and got sent to timeout. The rules are so confusing.

Our new secretary, Sherry, proposed marketing, funding and grant plans. My Aunt Jody reported on plans for the Civic Leadership Reception in November. Supercool Carol Tamburino is this year’s honoree. The event sounds like so much fun and very fancy. I’ll have to make sure my tuxedo fits. Even though it’s not black tie, I like to dress up for a party. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I’M NOT INVITED? YOU’RE OUT OF ORDER AUNT JODY. TIMEOUT – 10 MINUTES!


OH NO YOU DIDN’T……………Aunt Jody just gave me the evil eye.



Now I’m stressed. I’m taking a break.

I just circled the room and as I went to visit each person, hoping to get a pat on the head and a snack, I jumped into everyone’s open bags to see what they brought. Ms. Betty had a great big bag and I almost fell all the way in. Oh well, no food in there. Nothing in Ms. Judy’s bag either. I snuck a peek at the table. Yum cheese. Mom is a riot. She’s eating Melba Toast and cheese. DO YOU THINK THAT NO ONE NOTICED THE 35 COOKIES YOU ATE BEFORE THAT MOM?



President Susan recessed the meeting at 7 PM. Yippeeee…………dinnertime!

Mom and I shared a one bedroom suite. It was really nice and modern. I didn’t mind sharing my bed this time. I would hope that next time we meet I’ll have my own bed. Boy was it comfy with lots of fluffy pillows.

Usually it’s the mommy who reads the bedtime story to the kids, but mom likes me to read to her until she falls asleep. My work is never done!


It’s Day 2 and I’m late. It’s 8:15. I had my breakfast and my stroll around the gardens and I’m supposed to be in the meeting room by now. Mom’s waiting for Aunt Jody to pick us up in our room.


FINALLY! When mom opened the door, I shot out of the room, ran down the hall across the lobby and into the meeting room. Thank goodness we were on the first floor. The hotel might be pet-friendly, but the elevator buttons sure aren’t.


There’s a lot of good discussion going on about advocacy. Ms. Carol is really strategic.  She’s going to teach me lots more Facebook tips.

There was so much to learn at this meeting and so many cool things happening. I hope I’m invited to the next one. I feel smarter just being in this room with these dynamic ladies.

I was just about to insert my photos when mom realized she lost her USB cord. HARUMPH! MOMMY, YOU WOULD LOSE YOUR HEAD OF IT WASN’T SCREWED ON. (My pop-pop used to say that to her all the time because she lost or misplaced everything!) NOW I CAN’T POST MY ENTRY UNTIL WE GET HOME.

Ladies, now might be a good time for the Pawliamentarian to take a nap. Carry on without me for a while. I appoint Ms. Sharon to take over my sergeant-at-paws duties until I return.

Is it 2 o’clock already? Time to go home, but not before a group picture. Wow – what a good looking board.


The awesome housekeeping staff found mom’s USB cord and I just realized that I lost my red, white and blue stars and paws bandana. It must have come loose when I was inspecting the premises. Uh oh…’s a good thing my head’s screwed on.

Until next time…..

Love, Pugsley

Oh No……..I was just eating some of my homemade treats that Ms. Rae  brought for me when I realized I forgot to publicly thank her for thinking of me. THANK YOU RAE. They are so yummy. I hid them under my pillow so that I can grab a midnight snack without getting out of bed. You are so kind Rae. At the next meeting I’ll set my watch back and give you extra time for your report. Don’t tell. It will be our secret. xo, PJG

Farewell to My Friend Ivory Bender

Hi everyone. What a tremendously sad day it is for me. I just found out that Heaven took my cousin and friend Ivory yesterday. My heart aches for Aunt Jody, Uncle Chuck and my other cousins – Ivory’s brothers and sisters Ebony, Alfie, Georgie, Chubs, Dingle, Berry and Wookie.

I saw Ivory Thursday night. She wasn’t feeling well. Aunt Jody thought she had a toothache. We dogs knew it was something more. When my mom sat with Ivory and stroked her face, I jumped on the chair too to sit with them. I wanted to say goodbye even though none of the humans knew how grave the situation was. When I first stayed at Camp Bender it was Ivory who was my BFF. She taught me how to catch frogs in the backyard and even though I refused to eat them, Ivory didn’t mind. We hung out together most of the time. She tried to teach me to swim. I’ll always remember her lining up on the raft with her siblings and diving into the pool. I was too scared to do that because I don’t know how to swim. Again, Ivory didn’t think less of me. She thought I was silly and said I was too cool to get my hair wet. At dinnertime, we would skulk around the kitchen and hone in on any leftover kibble in the other kids’ bowls when they went for water and then we’d share it before they noticed. Hahahahaha snort. That was so much fun.

Through our sadness we are so joyful for knowing you Ivory for the sweet girl you will always be in our hearts.


Here’s what Aunt Jody shared on her Facebook page. I’m not letting mom see it again because it keeps making her cry.

Ivory didn’t eat her breakfast yesterday. Unusual for her but the vet said “be prepared”. Even the fresh corned beef lay untouched next to her. A wave of nausea ripped through my stomach. I took her to an emergency veterinary hospital for an ultra sound. A “three hr. wait” they said.

Signs of a new season were all around outside. Ivory and I found a small patch of grass to camp out on until called… nestling on a blanket and her doggie bed brought from home. We sat side by side touching ~ leaning on ~ one another. Her whiskers twitching subtly as the sensation of fresh air grazed her soft fur.

Side by side for 3 hrs. Few words… yet more was said between us than any 3 hour conversation with a human being.

It was meant to be our last sunny day together. Ivory’s bright eyes tried to remain responsive to please me. I knew that she too was grateful to be spending precious time alone with her mommy. We both knew that what was to follow was by design. That she did nothing wrong to be feeling this way.

Her pack brothers and sisters cherished every minute of “Ivory” time and her exuberance and playfulness will be her legacy. She’s always been my HaPpY GirL… impervious to anything but joy. A 24/7 sweet disposition I only wish I could claim my own.

The 3 hours passed by like a leaf making it’s way to the ground on a windy day.

We were shaken out of our nest of love by a call to go inside. An ultra sound would confirm what the labs said…

My Ivory girl was suffering from an enormous inoperable mass in her belly. Her kidneys and liver severely involved.

I didn’t want to cry in front of her because she would feel she had let me down.
I don’t even remember the vets following words… only the line:

“it would be the humane thing to do.”

Emotional vs. intellectual thoughts bouncing frenetically in the heart of my mind like a pinball after being released…

Ivory’s life was for me… not about me. I knew not to prolong her discomfort and pain to sustain a life that beautiful memories will naturally suffice.

Yesterday, I gave my Ivory girl to Heaven. Her eyes told me she would welcome a carefree nap and when she woke she would find family and friends to play with. She promised to visit in my sleep and we will always talk through pictures and memories. I love you my dear sweet Ivory girl. Mommy is very proud of you and thanks you for finding us…

Ivory baby girlie, please know, I wouldn’t trade those 3 hours we had together for anything in the world. I can NEVER return the love you gave.


In Loving Memory of My Friend Ivory Bender

   In Loving Memory of My Friend Ivory Bender

My Community Service Projects

Hi FOPs (That’s Friends of Pugsley) in case you’re not on my list. And if you’re not, then you must be remiss in sending me your photo.

I can’t believe the summer’s over. It’s been nonstop around here – you know, getting ready to go back to school and shopping for my supplies. I don’t think I’ve written since we had our end of summer block party. That was lots of fun. Mom bought a new barbeque and she had to assemble it. My first act of community service was to post all the warning signs. Then I alerted the neighbors, the city’s Office of Emergency Management and the fire department, and then I hid in the house. You know all about my mom and tools right?



caution danger


hard hat area


It’s better to be safe than sorry. And what do you know….there wasn’t a part left over; not a bolt, a screw or even a washer. I think mom’s been taking classes behind my back.

Then came the fun part of the block party day.

I went swimming in my pool…………


Waited in line for the Moon Bounce with my neighbor Matt………….

IMG_2191 Cropped

And then I got to be the grill master, which was tons of fun……one for you, three for me………….

Grilling Pug

What a fun day!

I noticed on Facebook about a month ago that my former shelter, PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society), was in desperate need of supplies for the kids who are still there and haven’t been lucky like I have to find such a wonderful forever home.

PAWS is the largest no-kill shelter in Philadelphia and operates a high-volume, low-cost clinic serving pet owners and rescue organizations that lack access to affordable basic veterinary care. They are running extremely low on some of the cleaning and pet supplies they use, and they use a ton! They are in need of paper towels, laundry detergent, dish washing soap, and bleach.

For those of you in the Philadelphia area, donations can be dropped off at the PAWS adoption center at 2nd and Arch Streets or at their wellness clinic at 2900 Grays Ferry Avenue (that’s where I lived) any day between 10 am and 6 pm. Donations can also be purchased from their Amazon wish list and they will get delivered directly to PAWS. Items on the wish list are just suggestions; they are not picky about brands. Any and all help is appreciated.

You can also go onto the PAWS website at to read about them, learn about their community adoption events and special events like the Mutt Strut and Yappy Hours.  They have an online store in case you’re looking for a gift for a pet lover. All proceeds will help the shelter pets. You can also look at all the cats and dogs who need homes. Maybe when you drop off your donations you’ll fall in love with one of them like my mom did with me. It was love at first sight for us! Aunt Robin took care of me while I was there and she’s the one who found me for my mom. She can help you if you want to adopt a sweet four-legged kid.

Mom and I dropped off a lot of supplies generously donated by Tia Shari and Tio Jonathan, as well as our own.


Even though I was only there a short time, I recognized the place right away. “Hey mom, no returns, exchanges or refunds allowed without me waiving my no-trade clause and that’s not gonna happen!”

Mom would never give me away. I’m just too darn cuddly.

Neither of us wanted to go back to work so we took the rest of the day off and went to the park. There were so many kids there: Romeo, TJ, Rocky, two Bellas (what are the odds?), Boomer, Tiffany and some kids that I didn’t get to meet because they were in the little kids section. I know you’re thinking that I’m a little kid and I should play with the little kids. Frankly, I prefer playing with the big kids because they’re more challenging, but they can be bullies sometimes. We played tag for a while and the kids made me eat dirt a few times. I had to explain to mom that it was fun and I made sure that she didn’t embarrass me by wiping my face in front of everyone.

Hurry, Boomer's catching us

     Hurry, Boomer’s catching us

There was a really big girl named Sen there that day. She was afraid of us even though she’s twice our size. In my case, she’s about five times my size. She’s only 7 months old and hid between her dad’s legs.

Sen, we can still see you! Toddlers......

Sen, we can still see you! Sigh – Toddlers are all the same.

So you see I’ve been busy helping others and having fun doing it, just like my mom does. I’ll write more soon. I have so many more fun stories to share. Did I mention that I’m courting a lovely young lady? In fact, we’re going for a moonlight stroll before bed so I have to brush my teeth and comb my hair. Talk to you all again soon!

Pugs & Kisses, Pugsley

Management Unfair

Hi friends. In honor of Labor Day, here’s a tip…..Never work for family!

Lately, I’ve noticed some scope creep. My boss is involved in so many volunteer activities and the tasks are somehow falling to me. I went to a meeting the other day and was asked to edit articles for the League of Women Voters newsletter. I thought I was being treated to lunch out of the office, not going to work in a different office. I don’t mind being an executive on loan, but it’s nice to be asked first.

Here I am reading the outline of articles with my boss’s co-editor, Aunt Marita. I saw an email that asked me to write a few articles. I’M NOT EVEN A MEMBER OF THE LEAGUE!!!! I want an Assistant Editor credit on the newsletter!

Editor at Work

                     Editor at Work

Then Aunt Marita took me around the yard so that I could water the flowers to keep the rabbits away. After lunch, I decided to be proactive and water the white drapes in the living room to keep the rabbits from coming inside the house. I got docked my afternoon treats. Apparently initiative is not appreciated.

And the PA Leader Team from Vets Journey Home keeps requesting that I take minutes during their conference calls. If I’m going to have to attend all these meetings, when am I going to get my real work done? You know, important things like napping, snacking, playing?

I thought I was helping by bringing in and opening the mail. My boss received a package the other day and I opened it while she was out at a meeting. I got docked again because the contents got misplaced. What can I say; those styrofoam peanuts, while completely not environmentally friendly, were fun to play with.

Does it really matter if I don't open the mail neatly?

Does it really matter if I don’t open the mail neatly?

At home I’m being asked to do more and more household chores like dust, vacuum and mop when I shed on the floor and not nest in the pile of folded warm towels after they come out of the dryer. I can’t keep up with all these rules.

Being Labor Day, I called a representative from the Domesticated Animals in the Workforce Guild (D.A.W.G.). Duke said that the lines get all blurry when you work for your mom and once you do a few assignments well, the list grows and grows and more of her responsibilities inevitably become mine. Example: Cleaning up after me is mom’s responsibility as my mom not my boss and furthermore, I’m not supposed to carry around my own baggies. Duke thinks that’s an OSHA violation. Most importantly, if I have Direct Deposit for my paycheck, I should look at the stubs to make sure my pay is correct. Whaaaaaaaat? I’m supposed to get a paycheck? I’ve been working for treats. Ohhhhhh, my boss and I are going to have a talk about this.

So Duke told me that since I’m the only employee, it may not be beneficial to unionize. Nevertheless, he gave me a list of workplace demands to present to management. Here they are:

1. My start time is 9 am. Anything before that is sleeping and breakfast time.

2. I get a 30 minute break at 10:30 so that I can meet Jimmy, our mailman, and bark at him for a few minutes.

3. I’ll do the scheduling from 11 am – 11:30 am and then go outside until lunch time to see if my neighbors want to play.

4. My lunch break is noon – 1 pm during which time I can do whatever I want, including blog, watch TV or play with my toys.

5. 1 pm – 3 pm is siesta time. I’ll be in my bed with the Do Not Disturb sign visible.

6. At 3 pm I’ll go for a walk to clear my head and wake up for the home stretch.

7. From 3:30 pm – 4 pm I’ll do the filing.

8. I get my afternoon break from 4 pm – 4:30 pm.

9. I need some time to clean off my desk and prepare for the next day so that will get done from 4:30 pm until 5 pm.

10. Quitting time is 5 pm. Any assignments that can’t wait until the next day will require overtime at a treat and a half…….or time and a half when I start getting a real paycheck.

Note: I just checked with my boss. She’s deducting all the office equipment I’ve broken from my pay. I should break even in 38 years.

Then the rep talked to me about my vacation time.

Whaaaaat? I’m supposed to get vacations too?

I want a month off in summer to go to camp. No more of this two days here and there stuff. I want a week at Camp Bender, a week at Sacred Journeys to connect with my spiritual self, a week with mom away from the office and a week in reserve to see what arises. And I want winter vacations too to go snowmobiling (Thanks Aunt Karen for my new snow boots!) and then to an island to get away from the cold weather.

Here I am with Tio Jonathan relaxing by the Sacred Fountain during a quick visit to Sacred Journeys

Here I am with Tio Jonathan meditating by the Sacred Fountain during a recent visit to Sacred Journeys

I’ll take another few weeks off – to be determined depending upon the season.


Well what do you know…..

I submitted my list of workplace demands and the next thing I knew my boss took me to the spa. I had a shampoo, massage and blowout, a mani/pedi (maybe it was a pedi/pedi), and I got my ears cleaned and rubbed. Then I got all tied up with a nice blue bow. My boss even bought me a new squeaky toy. We especially checked the labels because I’m very rough with my toys. Here’s the label and here I am squeaking my new alligator. It lasted about a minute and a half until I killed the squeaker. I guess this is what they mean by false advertising.

IMG_2175IMG_2184Oh well, at least management is trying….

I’ll keep you posted!

Love, Pugsley